Is What You Are UNWILLING To Do Keeping You Broke?

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successAt the end of each year, I take a few days off and reflect on my successes and learning experiences (there’s no such thing as “failures”) over the past 12 months, and then lay out my plan for the next 12 months.

I call this my “goal setting retreat”, and I often will lock myself up in a hotel suite or resort somewhere and just focus on planning and high level strategy for several days.

In preparation for this year’s goal setting retreat, I’ve been reflecting on some of the key differentiating factors that account for my success (and the success of many others I associate with as friends and clients.)

While there are many common factors and habits I’ve observed in other successful people, there is one that I want to comment on that often gets overlooked in much of the “success literature”.

And that is the willingness successful people have to do things that normal people are not willing (or comfortable) doing.

Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.

So often I hear people in the audience or hallways at seminars I speak at saying things like, “I’m sure it would improve my conversion rates, but I’m just not willing to put in the time it takes to test.”

Or people who complain about low response rates in one breath, and then talk about how they are unwilling to hire an “expensive professional copywriter” or invest the time to study copywriting, in the next breath.

Successful people in any walk of life are the ones who simply don’t make excuses. They are willing to do WHATEVER it takes (morally and legally) to achieve their goals and dreams.

The only thing we as successful people are “not willing” to do is give up.


From time to time I get someone in one of my coaching programs that for whatever reason doesn’t follow through with the recommendations I make, or the plans I lay out for them.

(Fortunately this doesn’t happen too often, because I charge so much, most of my clients are ALREADY highly successful and have the proper mindset to begin with.)

But, it can be frustrating to spend a full day working with someone, pouring out my heart and soul, laying out a step-by-step detailed plan that I KNOW from experience and testing can double or triple their business, and then find out several months later that they didn’t follow through with it.

Or (actually worse) they did PART of it, but were not willing to actually follow all the steps in the plan.

I say that only doing part of it is “worse”, because occasionally it’s those people who come back to me and say that “your plan didn’t work”.

But, not being willing to do a critical component of a plan or system, is like not being willing to add a critical ingredient into a recipe.

If you hire me to teach you how to bake a cake, and I give you the tested and proven recipe and show you step-by-step how bake the perfect cake, then after I leave you turn around and add half the ingredients but decide that you don’t like eggs and sugar, so you’re “not willing” to put those into the mix, is it really MY fault when the cake sucks?

How is that different than when you write copy for somebody and they don’t even test it because they think the call to action is too aggressive or the headline is “too strong”?

Guess what? Timid marketers have skinny kids!

If you want people to buy your product, don’t water down your copy to avoid stepping on a few toes…


If you’re not willing to actually SELL stuff, go get a job!

Or another person says that the plan you laid out is great, but it won’t work for them because they are not willing or comfortable repurposing their content into video format?

If you are afraid (or not willing) to use video in your product creation, you’re not going to be able to charge as much as you should be.

Video = Higher perceived value, higher priced products and FASTER product creation.

What makes more sense, spending 3 to 6 months writing a $27 ebook, or 3 to 6 hours recording a few video modules that will sell for $97+?

If you are afraid (or not willing) to use video in your sales process, (in most cases) you’re not going to convert anywhere near as high as you could be.

To be blunt… It’s what marketers and business owners are NOT willing to do, try or test that keeps them broke.

So during this time of year, as you reflect on where you are in your business and life, take an inventory of those things that you know you “should do”, but for whatever reason have thus far been “unwilling” to do them.

It will be THOSE activities that will propel you to success in the coming year.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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