What Do Webinars Have to Do With Conversion Rates? (You’ll be surprised!)

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webinar.jpgIf you’ve read my blog lately you know that I’ve been doing a TON of webinars lately…

The 2 webinars i did with Michel Fortin were absolutely FANTASTIC! If you missed those, you should slap yourself… you missed out on something very special (and profitable.)

Well… Tonight (at 7:00 PM Eastern) I have another webinar that I am incredibly excited about with Jim Edwards.

Jim is going to give with us a behind the scenes peek into the exact system he has been using for over 6 months to generate over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in additional income and profits, just from webinars… (If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, you need some serious help…)


If you can only attend ONE webinar this year, tonight’s webinar is the one you MUST attend.

Why? (I’ll tell you in a minute…)

But, with all of my focus on webinars lately, I’ve been getting questions from a few subscribers and blog readers asking me “What in the heck do webinars have to do with Conversion, Copywriting and Testing?”

And that is a great question… After all, that’s why your here on my blog (or subscribed to my newsletter) in the first place. To learn how to improve your conversion rates, sales and profits.

Well… To answer that question let me share some test results with you… (This is the good part!) 🙂

Since doing my first webinar with Jim Edwards (yep… I learned ALL this “webinar stuff” from Jim) I’ve done well over a dozen webinars on my own.

These webinars have helped me create 3 new products (which will be released soon), DOUBLE the size of one of my main lists and rake in just under $35,000 in additional profits, directly linked to the webinars. All in the last few months.

Here are a couple of the conversion numbers I’ve tracked from my own webinars…

One one webianr (where I was promoting another marketer’s product as an affiliate) we converted 48% of the viewers into buyers of the product. 48%!

On another webinar (where my affiliate was promoting MY Website Evaluation Service to her list) we only converted 14% of viewers into buyers. But that was for a $997 service. Show me ANY other way to get a 14% conversion rate on a $1,000 price point offer… Simply amazing.

But here is what is interesting… The “affiliate webinar” I did for her list was based on a teleseminar I’ve done for my affiliates before. The webinar version of the exact same content converted TWICE as effectively as the teleseminar based event.

And, I’ve seen this same conversion jump happen in other markets as well. The conversion rates we are seeing from offers made during a webinar are double (or more) than the conversion rates from the same content delivered via teleseminar.


Products you create via a webinar can be sold for TWICE as much as an audio only product created via a telesemianr or recorded interview.

The added value (both perceived and real) that having a visual component to your message is tremendous.

Studies show that over 80% of the information that enters our brain comes in through the eyes. So why on earth would you want to miss out on the potential that webinars hold for boosting the sales and profits from your business?

I know I sure don’t!

So… If you want to learn the step-by-step, short-cut-secrets system Jim had developed (over the course of doing 100+ webinars) then you owe it to yourself to do whatever it take to be on tonight’s webinar!

Here are the details:


You are going to be given Jim Edward’s secrets for making MASSIVE money online by simply hosting using webinars.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007…

At 7:00 PM (Eastern / NYC time).

There is no cost…

And just watching it will get your mind racing… with fresh, new ideas on how to quickly build massive traffic, build huge responsive lists, create new, high value products in 90 minutes or less and (when you follow the easy, step-by-step system Jim teaches) COMPEL them to grab their wallets and buy your stuff.

If you only attend ONE webinar this year, you need to attend this one!

But you must register first. No hassles, no cost. Just go here to quickly and easily sign up and you’ll be sent the phone and website info for the event:


I’ll “see” YOU tonight on the webinar!


P.S. – Seriously… If you are not excited about the transformation webianrs can have for your business over the next year you need to check your pulse!


Lock in your limited spot right now… (Even if you can’t make the live call, register so you’ll get notified when the recordings are available.


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