Website Photography? Only One Choice! (Poor Quality Photo’s HURT Conversion!)

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seminar-photography.jpgAfter my earlier post on the results I’ve received from using high quality “action shots” on websites, I’ve had a few readers email me and ask me how to get good quality photographs to use on their websites.

My answer is simple. All of the photos used on my website (and many of my client’s sites) are all taken by the same person. (The ONLY person I trust for my sites photos.)

Mary Mazzullo from

In fact Mary has taken the pictures that just about EVERY top marketer or speaker I know uses on their websites.

As the “Conversion Doctor” I have ample test data that supports the fact that using high quality photo’s can dramatically increase the conversion rates of most websites.

In fact just ONE of the poses Mary took for me has improved the opt-in rate of the page it’s on by over 37%!

But… The flip side is also true. Poor quality photos can actually hurt conversion rates.

Your visitors will judge the trustworthiness and professionalism of your website and company, by the quality of the images that appear on your site.

So it’s critical to make sure that you only use top quality photos.

The good news is… if you need pictures taken for your site, you have the chance to get Mary’s top quality services at Armand Morin’s BigSeminar coming up next month in Atlanta.

(I actually got all my photo’s done at the last BigSeminar and plan on having a new batch taken again!)

Mary will have a booth set up all weekend, so I strongly recommend you stop by and get her to snap some “action shots” for you to use on YOUR websites.

A few poses I recommend (and have tested with great success) are…

One with you pointing to the right.

One with you pointing to the left.

One with you pointing up.

One with you pointing down.

One with you holding a blank white sign (which you can then photshop any copy you need onto it.)

One with you “peeking” out from around the side of something.

And of course a good head shot.

And, NO! I’m not an affiliate for Mary, I get not “cut” or commission if you buy a photo package from her.

I just love her and her work, and know from experience that the photos she takes can help sell more.

So I’ll see YOU at the BigSeminar!

If you haven’t already locked in your ticket for the event, simply click on the link below and grab you spot while they last. I’m sure Armand is going to sell out as usual.

Click Here Right Now to Grab YOUR Ticket!
And YES! That one IS an affiliate link! But here’s the deal…

When YOU go to the BigSeminar on my recommendation (and grab your ticket via my affiliate link), I’ll conduct a FREE Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluation of your site (normally a $997 value.)

AND… You will not only be covered by Armand’s fantastic no-questions-asked money back guarantee. But just like last BigSeminar I’ll personally cover your risk even further.

If you attend the BigSeminar and don’t agree that Armand puts on one heck of a show, the content delivered will significantly boost your online success and the networking opportunities are amazing, I’ll PERSONALLY hand you $1,000 cash on the spot out of my own pocket (in addition to Armand’s full refund to you.)

Yep! That’s right… If you get your ticket through my link and HONESTY think, the BigSeminar is not worth the trip, I’ll give you 10 clean crisp $100 dollar bills right on the spot.

(If you think I’m bluffing here just look me up on the first day of the event and say “Eric, Show Me The Money!” And, I’ll pull the “wad” out of my pocket and prove to you I have the cash on hand to back up this promise!)

So what are you waiting for…

Click Here Right Now to Grab YOUR Ticket!

I’ll see YOU at the BigSeminar!


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