Anatomy of a 76%+ optin rate! (Win a $1,000 consultation!)

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High Converting Video Squeeze PageI wanted to share with you an optin page format I’m using that is producing a 76.3% optin rate.

Typically my standard optin page format for my webinars converts at between 50% and 65%. (Which is pretty darn good.)

But a new, video based format I am testing has been converting at over 75% the last 2 times I’ve used it.

You can see an example here:

This is a page for a webinar I’m doing for one of my Platinum coaching clients and her list, targeted towards beginners to help them get started making money online. (How to go from zero to $500 a month.)

There are dozens of things going on with this page that contribute to the high conversion rates and in a few days I’m going to record a video detailing many of them.

But in the mean time, I’d like to run a little contest…

Who can identify the most conversion boosting techniques on this page?

Add your comment to this blog post and tell me ALL the different elements of this page or video that you think contribute to the super-high optin rate.

The commenter who I think figures out the MOST conversion boosters correctly will get a FREE 1 hour consultation with me! (And I charge $1,000 an hour… So this is a BIG reward!)

So go ahead and visit the page, take notes and then leave YOUR comment right now.

What makes this convert so well?

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33 comments to Anatomy of a 76%+ optin rate! (Win a $1,000 consultation!)

  • Number 1 I think would be using “Making Realistic Money”. It makes it believable. The video adds to the believability too as they see you are a real person. The video and the opt-in being above the fold probably has an impact as well. Next would probably be offering to teach them for Free, and finally scarcity with the limited number of seats.

    Pretty impressive numbers!


  • Jamison Herdrich

    First off, the video, which when you combine it with all the other elements on the page is the #1 reason this page converts to so well.

    Tons of conversion boosting stuff going on in the video, like:
    It’s you on the screen = personable. Your a real person, not just text or a voiceover.
    good video quality (audio, lighting, and a background that evokes wealth)
    You establish credibility by telling your story and the success you’ve had.
    You speak exactly to the target market and the conversation going on in their head throughout the video: (beginners who are looking for a step by step process).
    You emphasize with the viewer by telling stories of experiences and troubled times of people close to you.
    You list benefits they will receive when they attend webinar
    You give a very definite action step (opting in)
    I could elaborate on all of the above but you probably get the point.

    The opt in form is above the fold and very apparent on the page. It’s also set to the right which is the best place according to eye tracking studies.

    The submit button is huge with a call to action and has secondary feedback (red to green on mouseover)

    Headline is short, sweet, big and to the point.

    Scarcity and urgency is established right off the bat with the limited seating.

    Its free… doesn’t cost them a dime to attend.

    bullet points establishing multiple benefits of the webinar

    more scarcity and urgency throughout the bullets

    a second opt chance for them to opt in at bottom of page with all the same conversion pulling features of the first optin box

    testimonial at the bottom establishing social proof

  • Andy

    My money is on the actual optin box. It’s above the fold. The box really pops out. Its lined up to the right, and it was the first place I looked.

    And the action button actually says something that the prospect will do. “Lock In my Free Spot” instead of Submit – or even “Free Instant Access”

  • Hi Eric!

    1. Choice of colours (that draw attenion to important bits)
    2. Video sales message
    3. Opt-In form above the fold
    4. Plenty of white space (clean, un-cluttered)
    5. The “Alex” button (red to green – give ’em the finger)
    6. Social proof video (video testimonial)
    7. Second opt-in form at the bottom
    8. Liberal use of the word FREE
    9. Urgency (fear of loss) IE. How many lines left/time left).
    10. Detailed breakdown of what they get.
    11. Physical mailing address on the page (that’s not a PO Box).



  • Hi Eric,

    Great optin page 🙂

    I think the conversion boosting techniques are:

    – optin box is very big and above the fold – it is a clear call to action
    – the sign up button is surrounded by a thick red outline and it turns green when you hover over it
    – the message at the top of the page invokes some sense of urgency as there are only so many spots left
    – you have a video on the page explaining more about the offer
    – you have a note under the optin box saying that you are respecting privacy, making people feel safe
    – you are offering a free spot at a webinar if someone signs up
    – you have a very big and inviting headline
    – the optin box is on the page twice
    – you have a video testimonial on the page
    – you have all the legal stuff and a physical address at the bottom of the page


  • Geoffrey Moore

    Just a guess

    WARNING: Only 500 498 379 237 Lines Available!

  • Feeedback on Eric’s page – sorry about the not quite perfect outline format. My Word doc did not copy well. ;O)

    1. ‘WARNING’ message
    a. caps &
    b. RED color
    c. People are used to reading ‘Warning’ messages and to pay attention to them
    d. # lines available –
    i. decreasing amounts shown to cause action on the part of visitor
    ii. 1st 3 numbers are crossed out to show reduction in lines available
    iii. Last 3 numbers are in red to catch attention
    e. Directions given- ‘Please register immediately…’
    f. ‘FREE’ event – first instance of the word FREE and it’s in RED to catch the eye

    2. Pre-headline – ‘Register Now To Attend Your FREE Online Event…
    a. FREE again in red and underlined to catch attention

    3. Catchy intro video preceeding video message
    a. Audio music with intro at the beginning of video message – music is more attractive

    4. Headline –
    a. Key headline words in red vs. blue color
    b. 1st line ‘MAKE REALISTIC MONEY’ is in over-sized caps – key phrase (no over the top promises)
    c. 2nd line – ‘COMPLETE’ in red and underline – another key word/adjective to put things in perspective for the visitor & so it captures a larger audience.

    5. Video –
    a. is ‘above the fold’ (no need to scroll down)
    b. Eric gives his own background in Int Mktg
    c. Uses humor
    d. Describes his lifestyle and the benefits
    e. Stresses he’s helped lots of students and can TEACH others how to do this for themselves.
    f. Explains reason WHY he created this system – to help friends and family who were out of work, struggling, needed other sources of income.
    g. Reviews webpage content in video
    h. Identifies primary audience as beginners.
    i. Explains how ‘webinar’ works and what info will be sent to participant
    j. ‘Points’ to optin box ‘to the right’ and directs viewer to fill it in.
    k. Explains why it’s free – wants testimonials for future product
    l. Finishes with who might be interested in webinar (those who’ve been sucked into scam, MLM etc.) – tells them ‘this is for you!’
    m. Speaks to viewer very personally – invites them to join him at the end of message.

    6. First optin box to the right of video-
    a. is above the fold – opportunity to optin is readily available to even the quickest visitor
    b. Is surrounded by hashed line – sets it apart, more eye catching
    c. Is a contrasting color from the rest of page – more eye catching
    d. Words – ‘Claim your’ – used in optin box – directs the visitor what to do
    e. ‘FREE’ is again in red – eye catching color
    f. ‘Your FREE Spot On This Webinar’ – personalizes the offer to the visitor
    g. ‘Fill out the form below’-
    i. is in bold – more directions for visitor, eye catching, tells the visitor WHERE to look
    ii. ‘you’ll immediately receive (via email) full instructions on how to attend…’ – sense of urgency is increased
    iii. ‘…how to attend this limited space, income boosting event!’ – limited space increases urgency; ‘income boosting’ is a great adjective to describe event
    h. ‘Enter Your First Name’ –
    i. ‘Enter’ directs visitor,
    ii. ’First Name’ is in RED to catch their eye
    iii. Data field is in contrasting color to optin box – stands out
    i. ‘Enter Your Last Name’ –
    i. ‘Enter’ directs visitor,
    ii. ’Last Name’ is in RED to catch their eye
    iii. Data field is in contrasting color to optin box – stands out
    j. ‘Enter Your Primary Email Address’ –
    i. ‘Enter’ directs visitor,
    ii. ’Primary Email Address’ is in RED to catch their eye,
    iii. ‘Primary’ is specified to help visitor select the ‘best’ email address
    iv. Data field is in contrasting color to optin box – stands out
    k. Optin box button –
    i. Border is hashed line – more eye catching
    ii. Border is red which turns to green when mouse hovers over – red means ‘look here’, green means ‘GO’
    iii. ‘Lock In My’ –
    1. very directive words
    2. ‘My’ personalizes the ‘order’
    iv. ‘FREE Spot Right Now’ –
    1. ‘FREE’ constant reminder that it’s free
    2. ‘Right Now’ – invites action from visitor
    l. Privacy statement: ‘I respect your privacy. I’ll NEVER sell, rent or share your email address.
    i. Much more comforting than ‘ We hate SPAM as much as you do….’
    ii. ‘NEVER’ in caps and italicized is a very bold statement
    m. That’s more than a policy, it’s my personal guarantee!’
    i. Nice little padlock graphic – again comforting to visitor
    ii. ‘…it’s my personal guarantee!’ – very personal statement vs. standard legal-eze wording.

    7. Event logistics box –
    a. Box border is hashed line – more eye catching
    b. Box inside color is contrasting – eye catching
    c. ‘FREE’ – in red, caps, underlined – means eye catching
    d. ‘LIVE “Webinar”’ –
    i. caps catch attention
    ii. “Webinar’ in quotes identifies it as a word which might require explanation – the video explains what a webinar is and how to participate
    e. Logistic info-
    i. Detailed
    ii. Time zone included so there is no confusion
    iii. Highlighted in yellow so it is noted by visitor
    f. Live Countdown timer
    i. Invites visitor to take action because ‘time is running out’

    8. Text under logistics box:
    a. In this power packed 90 minute LIVE Webinar I’ll share my unique and incredibly easy system for making money on the internet. Once you master my simple 4 part formula, you’ll have the almost magical ability to create new streams of online income anytime you want or need.
    i. Key words are in bold (LIVE; simple 4 part formula)
    ii. Lots of attractive adjectives to inspire the visitor to start imagining themselves being able to accomplish what is being offered – e.g. ‘incredibly easy system’, ‘simple 4 part formula’, ‘almost magical ability’, ‘new streams of online income anytime you want or need’
    b. Just a few of the valuable, income producing nuggets of wisdom you’ll see and hear on this breakthrough LIVE, Webinar event are…
    i. Bold text draws visitor attention
    ii. ‘see and hear’ – presents offer as more experiential in nature (multiple senses for different learning styles)
    iii. ‘breakthrough LIVE, Webinar event…’ – sounds like it’s brand new, exciting – makes me think of Oprah’s way of promoting her webinars
    c. List of bullet points –

    -10 fast and easy ways to make money online. (And the ONLY 2 I recommend for beginners to get started with.)
    -My 4 part Online Money Making formula… (Miss any part of the formula -and you CAN’T make real money online. Get all 4 right and you’re GUARANTEED to succeed!)
    -The fastest ways to create your own product. (Often in 60 minutes or less!)
    -How to massive streams of targeted traffic to ANY website… (For FREE!)
    -5 steps every beginner needs to take to begin making money online… (In 30 days or less!)
    -The 3 most common traits of successful, full time online marketers… (And surprisingly enough they have NOTHING to do with “attitude” or “goal setting”!)
    -And much, much more…
    i. Check marks draw visitor attention – it gives the ‘DONE’ message
    ii. Bullets alternate between bold and not-bold – easier to read
    iii. Space between bullet items – easier to read
    iv. Most bullets have a number that makes results more quantitative /measurable as far as what to expect from the program
    v. Words that are attractive to visitor – e.g. ‘fast and easy’, ‘Money Making formula’, GUARANTEED to succeed’, ‘fastest ways’, ’60 minutes or less’, ‘massive streams’, ‘ANY website’, ‘For FREE!’,’30 days or less’
    d. Now this webinar is absolutely FREE (except for long distance phone charges) but you must register NOW to lock-in your spot and get the special phone number, PIN, and access link. We only booked 500 lines (and my assistant and I take up 2 spots), which means there are just 498 379 237 spaces remaining.
    i. Key words in BOLD for visitors who scan text
    ii. ‘absolutely FREE’ – important info
    iii. ‘you must register NOW to lock-in your spot’ – directions given, sense of urgency
    iv. ‘special phone number…’ – makes the visitor want to get their own ‘special’ info too
    v. ‘500 lines’- sense of urgency increased
    vi. ‘just 498 379 237 spaces remaining’ –
    1. urgency raised with decreasing number of lines listed
    2. Yellow highlighting draws attention
    e. We anticipate that this event will be completely FULL, so if you want in – please register immediately by filling out the form below to make sure you aren’t “locked out”. Here’s how…
    i. Key words are in bold – eye catching
    ii. ‘FULL’ is in caps – more eye catching
    iii. Directions given to visitor as to what to do
    f. Step 1: To lock-in your spot for the Webinar – simply fill out the short registration form below and click the “Lock In My Spot Right Now” button.
    i. ‘Step 1’ is in RED – eye catching color
    ii. Step text is in bold – draws attention
    iii. Succinct directions given
    g. Step 2: You’ll receive an email with the Webinar call & login information… so make sure you enter your primary email address in the box below. Print this email out and tape it to your wall! (You won’t want to miss this…)
    i. More directions/explanation given – succinct

    9. Text before 2nd optin box –
    a. (Find Out Why HUNDREDS of Top Marketers, All Over The World
    Turn to “The Conversion Doctor” to Explode Their Online Incomes… )
    i. ‘HUNDREDS of Top Marketers, All Over the World’ – first word in caps to draw attention – phrase increases Eric’s credibility as the presenter
    ii. ‘Turn to “The Conversion Doctor” to Explode Their Online Incomes…’ – again, increases Eric’s credibility as presenter

    10. 2nd optin box
    a. Gives visitor another opportunity on the same page
    b. No scrolling up required – makes it easy to fill in the blanks
    c. Same feedback as 6k above

    11. ‘More information’ link –
    a. reminds visitor if they want more info, they must give contact info first
    b. they are being reminded that they must give info to get info

    12. Video testimonial after 2nd optin box – per Eric (in another training), this has proven to increase conversion

    13. Click to lock in your FREE spot…
    a. Directs visitor back to 2nd optin box to provide their contact info – they are being directed to register no matter what they do

  • Liz

    Congrats on a great conversion rate!

    Here is what I think:

    The opt-in button (red that turns to green when you hover. red catches your attention, green means go)

    Using a video. Video connects with prospects. It’s more personal/real

    The headline tackles several objections (not believing it’s possible to make real money online, or believing it’s too difficult for a beginner to do)

    Location of the opt-in box plus the “coupon” looking dashed border

    Creating urgency via countdown timer

    The wording of the sales message (“master my simple 4 part formula”, “you’ll have the almost magical ability”).

    Lots of specifics and numbers in the bullets (3 most common traits, 5 steps, etc.). The bullets have a lot of benefits and create curiosity.

    Creating scarcity via # of spots available, plus the highlight and strike-through of how many spots there were to begin with and how many are left. Also warning of possibility to be locked out.

    Call to action (register immediately)

    3 things happening in a single statement – (find out why hundreds of top marketers all over the world..). That provides credibility (top marketers), social proof, and curiosity (find out why)

    Lots of power words being used. “Explode” “Magical ability” “simple” “power packed”

    Obviously pointing out it is Free

    Video testimonial proof

    Pointing out you will protect their information right under opt-in box. Won’t sell, rent or share email address. Along with the picture of the lock representing safety/security.

    The way the opt-in page is designed. Video on the left, opt-in on the right. Is a proven tested high converting opt-in structure

    Tells them exactly what to do (here’s how..), and what to expect when they register

    Possibly the blue color of the area surrounding opt-in. Not exactly sure on that one. Blue represents trust, so I’m thinking that color was chosen on purpose.

    Grey background has been shown to be a high converting background color

    That’s what I came up with. 🙂

  • The optin page has a high conversion rate for a combination of reasons.

    1) You’re not ‘overly pitchy’, but rather sincere and believable

    2) The seminar is ‘free’ except for long distance charges

    3) The page is tactfully done with trusting colors…it’s not SCREAMING at you

    4) People are looking for alternative income streams more than ever now

  • Lori Pirog

    Eric, I believe all of the items mentioned by the previous individuals are important factors in the successful conversion rates you have achieved with the sales page. However, something I see as being important that has not been adequately covered is the way in which you used the color red to lead the eye of the reader through the page and direct the potential customer to the desired action you would like them to take.

    Yes red is dramatic and eye-catching. What may be equally important is that many readers like to skim a sales page and the red color leads the eye through the page to the most important points including the call to action (which then turns green to signal go ahead and sign up now!) Artists often use color in a similar manner to draw the eye of the viewer through a painting.

  • Betsy Malloy

    I agree with Geoffrey. It’s the “Only 500 498 379 237 Lines Available!”

  • Robert

    Embedded commands.


    You used the emphasized words ‘Trust Me’ 3 times in the video.

    Once near the beginning, once in the middle, and once near the end.

  • Hi Eric!

    You use a lot of conversion boosters. Let me concentrate on the few you might wanna hear as the specific answer here.

    ** It’s a video opt-in form and you show a lot of empathy. You tell your story and the one of struggling friends and family, who are in a similar situation as prospects.
    ** You create interest and desire by using curiosity. 10 ways…only 2 beginners should start out with; 4 traits that have noting to do with…;creating products in as little as 60 minutes (how?)..; 4 part formula… miss any and you won’t succeed (which?); specific formula everybody can follow, traffic for free…
    ** Basically you address the major objections people might have and say trust me repeatedly.
    ** You explain what the webinar.
    ** You convey that everybody can make money, if they get some basic principles right. from zero to make $500 a month in 30 days or less. (sounds achievable)
    ** Clever use of scarcity.
    ** Call of action in the video, too. You point to the opt in form and say, “lock in your space now.”
    ** Opt-in at the bottom can help, too.


  • Will Riley

    You have ALL missed the most important thing here. The one thing that I am sure is helping the conversion rate skyrocket on this page is easy…

    1. The VIDEO AUTOPLAYS when you hit the page.

    2. Use of video and video testimonial.
    3. Positioning of video and optin above fold.
    4. Optin box at top and bottom allowing for different browsing patterns.
    5. Scarcity created in numbers at very top of page AND countdown timer.
    6. Use of bullet points and short, easily digestible paragraphs.
    7. Page background colors. Navy blue and light grey convert well.
    8. Contrasting colors used in headline to drive home important points.
    9. Legals, privacy oath, and physical address on page.

    They would be the things affecting your conversion rate the most – some a lot more than others, but they all work together to increase your overall conversions.

  • Well Eric,

    Just stopping by here give a try myself to challenge the oppurtunity that available as well..

    Here’s my thingking:

    1. Scarcity


    3.Solving a problem for a beginner.

    4. Benefit

    5. Testimonial.

    I think that’s all, means basic of copywriting.


    Juri Saragih


  • Mike M


    The reason that you have such a high conversion rate is because you are giving the right message, in the right way, at the right time, to the the right targeted audience.

    Your headline brings them in.

    You control the movement of their eyes.

    You keep the opt in box above the fold.

    Your message is simple.

    Your web page is clean & professional looking.

    You tell them what you can do for them & how it will benefit them in both your bullets & your video.

    You come across as confident, friendly & believable in your video.

    Your story gets them to identify with you & what you are trying to accomplish.

    You ask them for a single action.

    You personalize your message by using “you”, “your”, “you’re”, “you’ll”.

    You bold keywords including FREE for scanners.

    You use both scarcity & urgency.

    You offer a video testimonial as support for your sales message.

    You make signing up easy & non-threatening.

    You make it really hard for anyone to say no to your offer.

    I signed up for your webinar.


    Mike M

  • 1. Make Realistic Money in Red
    2. Optin Big and Above the Fold
    3. Starving Crowd

    Keep up the good work Eric

  • 1.Use of specific numbers throughout video that match written copy. o BS Make millions.. REALISTIC. Set off against crowd marketers without sophistication as Eric has.
    2.Colour choice in background and foreground of Johnson boxes and dotted border.
    3. Simple clear repeated instructions, in visual,and video. Only 1 choice! Multiple CTA
    4. Bullet point benefits.
    5. Live engaging, who Iam why should you listen to me,why I am doing it. Answering latent objections in video Building trust with your story. This is for you, draws people in; No distractions in video or clickable links like YouTube. Fast load
    6. Repeated calls to action that go through what to do in detail
    7.Johnson box and video above fold, and below the fold.
    8.Ask for two way communication, rapport in video story, video congruent story flow with page.
    9. Video on left side of page.
    10. Scarcity and fast action repeated top middle bottom; dynamic countdown clock reinforces.
    11. Complete risk reversal..It is FREE. conversation in the prospects mind I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Will learn on FREE webinar
    12. Subtle appeal to experienced marketers, highlighted and piqued interest while appealing to newbies created air of exclusivity for newbies
    13. More information button leads back to opt-in no escape from message of exactly what to do. More is on the other side implied
    14. Sans serif type faces . Headline colours and type size for scanning emphasis
    15. Privacy and other links included clickable and dont tke away from main page-(popup)
    16. Social proof by customer, not once but twice. Reinforcement on thank you page and continued description of what to do and what is next logical step.
    17. Prehead in box. Creme coloured and colour for impact.
    18. Stacking and repetion of up and then reinforcement.
    19. Contact info and address and telephone number reinforces credibility.
    20.Light blue congruent where used, matched colour of your shirt. Pointing to box linked you again to next action.
    21. Avoided submit used positive action Claim.
    22. Psychological red to green on mouseover.
    23. Continous repetion and reinforcement of reason why. Reinforcement of results and self image, that they can be and are like you. (The Kern effect) Your success can me theirs if they take the CTA. avoid the painof jobloss, take action to protect and earn extra appeals to insecurity.
    24.Thank you page what happens next and look for double optin email Then you will get phone number and link. Reinfocred thewir action with immediate gratification -with completed webinar rewards and reinfoces action to give them info to paste in their calendars.
    25. Forced readers of this blog post to engage with you and reinforce your message. Be there or be square

  • 26. the content colours link to the blog in headline colour and sidebar and after all you are the CONVERSION Doctor.

  • Ok Bro,
    You’re doing a lot of stuff right I think.
    You’re video is clearly expressed and spoken, shows simple processes, and you use scarcity and urgency, and make sure folks know exactly what to do to join up. Your videos are very real and believable too. 🙂

    (BTW be good if you could do a video walk around of your home some time!)

    The page itself has all the elements of a good opt in page… powerful ‘lock in my free spot right now’ button, scarcity factors (only X lines available), lots of ‘FREE’ emphasis, privacy policy — all above the fold for first glance.

    You also have bullet points for further reading, customer testimonial in video, use your own address etc.

    The headline is also powerful… especially the use of the strong red and impact font which when our eye looks at it seems to say “make money!” Then your eye travels down to the video and rests on the opt in box…

    You use all the right factors for a good opt in page. So where can I get mine then? 🙂

    Well done.


  • Toni Larsen

    Eric hi,

    Thanks for the chance to play.

    The pitch starts immediately by not having a header graphic.

    The top yellow Johnson box provides the warning, the scarcity factor, a call to action and the fact that attending the event is Free.

    The sub headline is another call to action and again states the event is Free

    Your main headline is a How To headline which speaks directly to the (Internet Beginner).

    Red headlines are used because they work in some markets.

    Placement of the video is in the best eye path and tells a compelling story. Video is also SEO and viral friendly. And you can optismise a video by using YTO – You Tube Optimisation.

    The blue optin box has a call to action headline and it’s Free. The text explains exactly what will happen and how. While re affirming the scarcity factor and the end benefit / result of attending the event.

    The red instructions indicate what needs to be entered into the boxes. So there is no confusion. The red border button changes colour to GO green and the pointer icon changes.

    The button text is also a call to action (not just submit) and again the event is Free.

    Your privacy statement includes a personal guarantee.

    The following yellow Johnson box provides the event details which is highlighted along with a counter so the reader eliminates procrastination. Register NOW the clocks ticking.

    The first paragraph of text has short sentences with the word LIVE bold for emphasis. The simple 4 part formula is also bold because using a number plus a formula is easier to digest.

    The second bold paragraph leading into the bullets includes the modalities and the use of a powerful word – breakthrough.

    The double punch bullets are alternating bold for readability and scanning.

    The third paragraph confirms the event is Free (with exceptions) a bold call to action (using the word special is a nice touch – everyone wants to feel this way). With the scarcity factor highlighted.

    The fourth paragraph takes the event away from the reader – (fear of loss) if they do not register immediately. The fear of loss is greater than the joy of gain.

    Step 1 – This short simple step is what to do next to join the event

    Step 2 – This step is what will happen when a reader registers correctly. Then the exact steps so they do not miss out on the event.

    The statement above the next blue optin box (double box approach) are the credibility and trust factors as to why the reader needs to listen to the Conversion Doctor. Because … he’s got a white coat and a stethoscope.

    All the other elements are the same as the first blue optin box except for the capitalised bold Italic NEVER and the icon which is included in the first optin box. The Doc maybe in the lab.

    The more information link is a second chance optin. Because the readers curiosity is aroused.

    The case study video is a real breathing person and not just plain text. Also a third party proof factor which is placed strategically before the last call to action.

    The call to action is a blue link and according to Tom Leung from Google … they work.

    And most importantly … there is only one function of this page and that is to achieve a Yes or No?
    In or Out? No Maybe.

    Toni Larsen

    P.S This contest is a great teaching tool. It clearly demonstrates how to spark interest and participation which in turn creates fresh quality user content with priceless feedback.

  • Hi Eric,
    So much of what has been said in the comments above are true so I won’t repeat them.

    My short list is:

    The economic climate – people are looking for “easy” ways to make money. Making money for beginners is a HUGE market.

    REALISTIC is a key word. $500 is a realistic number.

    The price is right to opt-in. The webinar is free.

    YOU are believable – your words, “TRUST ME” are not from a slick man in a fancy suit. You have personal integrity and it shows in your video. YOU have been doing this for 8 years.

    Sherrie Rose
    The Love Linguist

    P.S. Eric, how many versions of this opt-in page did you test?

  • […] Video Squeeze Page Produces a 76% Optin Rate I found a very interesting post by Eric Graham over at Conversion Doctor. According to Eric, this video squeeze page produces a […]

  • I am somewhat new to all this but, am learning fast and you seem to have agreat handle on making the ” squeeze ” work.

    Quite possibly, I will try similar styled pages of my own, thanks and best wishes.


  • Rufina

    The reason for the high optin is that you “Tell them what to do” at every step… with a few other converstion boosters thrown in at strategic spots:

    You’re promising “Realistic money” rather than some unbelievable claim that reads like hype and BS. So you set them up for a believable claim, and you set yourself up to be believable.

    You use Scarcity early on – “WARNING: Only 500 498 379 237 Lines Available!” – when they know there is a limited amount, it forces them to decide sooner.

    You’re telling them exactly what you want them to do on practically every line:
    Line 2: Please register immediately to lock in your spot…
    Line 3: Register Now To Attend …
    Line 6: Claim Your FREE Spot On This Webinar…
    Line 7: Fill out the form below …
    Line 9: Enter Your First Name…last name…
    Line 10: Enter Your Primary Email Address
    Line 11: Lock in…

    “Lock in” is also an action phrase that’s very graphic.

    Your strong Privacy Policy helps.

    The video of you speaking gives them a feel for you, shows you are credible and for real – it builds trust and starts a relationship. It’s not a fancy video, just you talking – and apparently, that’s the most important thing. And you tell them what to do right off the bat, “I want you to pay close attention…” At the end of the video, you tell them exactly where to enter their information.

    After the description and bullets, you once again tell them what to do:
    “We anticipate that this event will be completely FULL, so if you want in – please register immediately by filling out the form below to make sure you aren’t “locked out”. Here’s how… ”

    …And spell out the steps you want them to take and what to expect:

    Step 1: To lock-in your spot …
    Step 2: You’ll receive an email …

    … and repeat the optin form with all the previous “tell them what to do” statements intact.

    …Immediately followed by a testimonial where you again tell them what to do:
    Click on The “Play” Button…

    Just above the 2nd optin, you have a teaser stimulating their curiosity and greed:
    (Find Out Why HUNDREDS of Top Marketers, All Over The World
    Turn to “The Conversion Doctor” to Explode Their Online Incomes… )

    The page ends with “Click to lock in your FREE spot… ” telling them what to do for the last time.

    I’ve never seen anyone tell them what to do so many times! Nearly 20 times on one optin page. Amazing!

    Also, they have nothing to lose, the webinar is free (which you make abundantly clear) and their detailes are protected.

  • Rufina

    Let me also mention the great use of color, arrows, contrast and action/movement to point things out…

    Great use of color – attention-grabbing red contrasted with blue and black text – and green for “Go” in the submit button. Blue and yellow background in optin box and webinar announcement.

    Capitalizing important words for emphasis and easy readability: Warning, FREE, MAKE REALISTIC MONEY, complete, etc…

    Visually, your call to action is a clear, strong contrast. It’s also big, bold and obvious. The “Lock in my FREE Spot Right Now >>” button is really big and has high contrast – and has two arrows pointing forward for motion.

    When you tell people where to sign up in the video, you physically point to the side optin box and below.

    The page is easy to scan quickly.

  • Eric Looi

    The most conversion boosting techniques that I discovered:

    1. Urgent Message: WARNING: Only 500 498 379 237 Lines Available!
    2. Attractive Headline which will especially draw attention of the newbies.
    3. You put the video beside the opt in form which will make people sign up even before they finish watching your video.

    4. A button with message to call for action = get That Spot.
    5. You put the video and opt in form at the right place. People can sign up without scrolling down to the page.

    6. Date and Time, count down to remind visitors of the date.
    7. Testimonial from Cathi Adams to convince those who are still reading. This gives credibility to you.
    8. 2nd Opt in form Just above the testimonial video which allow visitors to easily sign up .

    9. One click link (Click to lock in your FREE spot… ) to bring visitors to the opt in form to enter the name and email.

    10. “Bullet point” to let visitors know what they will learn in the webinar.
    11. You mention free.
    12. You give instruction for visitors in the video how to sign up.
    13. You put text for those who have low connection / those who prefer to read than watch.

    That’s all I got! God bless! 🙂

  • Will Riley

    So then, surely that’s been long enough?
    Who then was the winner?

  • […] About Eric Conversion Doctor Home > Conversion Blog « Anatomy of a 76%+ optin rate! (Win a $1,000 consultation!) […]

  • WOW! Fantastic comments everybody…

    It was a VERY tough decision, but the winner has been announced!


  • Woow 75% conversion rate! I have a 24% rate on mine and I thought I was doing well….going to split test this information and see what happens.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • I looked through the video on that page and loved the explanation. You should charge for that kind of information.

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