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Thanks for taking the time to watch my Ultimate Conversion Booster webinar replay!

(If you’ve stumbled onto this page WITHOUT watching the webinar replay, just enter your name and email address in the boxes on the right to check it out…)

Hopefully you’ve got tons of notes and action steps for things you are going to test and use in your own business.

I’d love to get your comments and feedback about the replay.

Just enter your comments below right now and let me know what you thought.

Thanks and Happy Testing!


11 comments to UCB Webinar Feedback


    Thank you so much for this great content! I just started my first project online (started selling last week) and made about 800 dollars in sales but with an extremely low conversion rate (still managed to double over which is getting me REALLY EXCITED).

    Made about half the mistakes you speak about and will definately start using Google’s website optimizer RIGHT NOW!

    Wonderful webinar!

    Best wishes

    – David

  • G’Day Doc! (Eric)

    Wow I’ve learnt SO MUCH from you…

    CRO really should replace SEO for most companies for all the reasons
    you identify in this very generous video!

    When you’re next in Australia I’ll be sure to buy you a beer!

    Best wishes,
    Jonathan Crabtree
    Brain Teacher

  • Awsome, I had learn so much from your video seminar. Before I did not know what exactly conversion rate is. After watching your video step by step guide I am so glad I landed on your page. So much to educate myself such as loyalty to customers, testing and tracking getting free tools from googles. I am very much appreciated.

  • I have a store with many products (not unique products), which I might not do over again if I were starting now, but finally after a year Google hasn’t given me PR although I have many recently acquired high pr links (so that may change), but they (Google) have now indexed almost 900 of a thousand pages online, and suddenly the traffic is moving. I continue with onpage SEO (product pages) all the time, but I was/am VERY aware that I need now to go back to exactly what you are presenting with is video. When building the site, I didn’t have the knowledge or time to do ANYTHING well. Just get it running and tune it up later. For instance, I have written and incorporated the capacity to dim the page and display the squeeze page only once for when the surfer arrives no matter where in the site… but I haven’t made the squeeze page or implemented the idea. Now I will do that with your counsel. I already was preparing my thoughts on the subject, but you gave me a greatly expanded perception of this entire topic. Incredible! Thanks very much.

  • Dear Eric,

    thank you for this very useful information, I shall certainly instigate some of it on my site particularly the trustworthy bit and testimonials.

    I would have liked to see more on how to beat these ‘super affilliates’ given that my core business is selling downloadable golf lessons and golf instruction DVD’s as an affilliate.

    Many thanks,
    Joe Krarup

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your amazing video (and other videos and materials). We have used many of your great tips and tricks and recently achieved a 6.5% conversion rate on our sales website (up from 2%) and there still is room for more improvements.

    You are not only the conversion doctor, but also the conversion guru!

    Best regards,


  • Mary Segers

    Thanks so much. This is a subject that I’m really wanting to start delving into and become very proficient in. I LOVE learning and you’ve been my treat today.

    I shall return(after I fix my squeeze page)
    Mary Segers

  • Paseka

    Many thanks for availing freely the Ultimate conversion Booster Wenibar not the least, for people like myself who are challenged in driving meaningful, quality traffic to their websites. I’m thrilled in discovering and learning about the 3 approaches to increasing traffic. I now have a better handle of which of the three strategies is the best.
    I’m highly impressed with your advice on how to improve my conversion rate following your four-point formula. II is a challenge that I relish because my goal is to master it and use it with immediate effect on my existing sites.One thing I’m missing is, of course, the squeeze page.

    Paseka Khabele

  • Patrick

    Are you kidding? You talked about overdelivering. I couldn’t agree more. After watching I feel like I should buy something or leave a tip or something. The amount of value in your video is astronomical. I pray I can implement the things you talked about and finally move this business forward. I only hope my product is valuable as I just want to be a passionate marketer of it but I would never want to mislead or overmarket. Thank you so much. You’ll never know how much this video has helped.

  • WHile I’m a complete novice to the marketing aspects of websites and my focus has been more informational than sales oriented, I truly appreciate your training webinar. This is perhaps one of the most informative and easy to follow discussions of marketing websites that I’ve come across. Thank you.

  • Eric, this was absolutely amazing. You have told me the most critical things, which are basic however so few are mastering it.
    I am at the point to learn all these. Thanks for your valuable presentation.

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