To Build Trust Online You Must FIRST Be Trustworthy!

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trust-me.jpgOne of the core principles in my conversion rate optimization process is building trust with website visitors.

Usually in working with new clients, when I bring up the concept of online trust building, the questions I get are centered around logos and seals to add, copywriting changes to make and other trust building tactics.

And that’s fine… I have an overwhelming amount of test data to help identify the exact tweaks to make on your website to contribute to building trust with your visitors.

But, while the trust building tweaks and tactics are fine to an extent, the real fundamental way to build long-lasting trust online (or offline for that matter) can be summed up in two words…


Unfortunately, many (if not most) online marketers are simply looking for a quick fix or magic bullet, phrase of logo they can use on their websites that will make visitors trust them and buy from them. (Whether they DESERVE that trust or not…)

It often frustrates me when I see these same marketers spend far more time focused on building “perceived value” than actually building “REAL value”. Building perceived value is fine… But only when your REAL value overdelivers on the perceived value buildup!

Based on the questions and feedback I’ve received (some of it from very well know and prominent online marketers) about my recent Hacker Safe test results, I’m afraid many missed one of the major points I was trying to make with that post. (And looking back at what I wrote, I should have expanded on this a bit further…)

It seems that everyone (myself included) was focused on the boost that the logo gives to “perceived trust” and missed the fact that the Hacker Safe logo also increase your actual TRUSTWORTHINESS.

This is because the in-depth scan that the folks over at Scan Alert do on your website and server, actually patch almost every known vulnerability, making your customer data much more secure and safe. (Thus giving a REAL not just PERCEIVED benifit to your visitors, by ensuring their information is safer in your hands.)

So if you want to build trust online, the first step is to actually run your business in a way that is worthy of your customers trust.

Make sure that there is real integrity and trustworthiness in the way you do business.

Make sure your products or services provided REAL value to your customers. (If your product doesn’t deliver MORE value than the value of the money your customers are exchanging for it, you are stealing from your customers.)

Make sure that you are not misleading or dishonest in your marketing (it’s not only the law, but it also boosts your online sales.)

Make sure that you protect and do not abuse the information your customers entrust to you.

And… Make sure that you follow the “High Integrity Marketers Golden Rule”…

“Market unto others as you would have them market unto you.”

Anything you do to build “perceived trust” online will only produce a temporary improvement in sales, if you do not operate your business from a trustworthy foundation to begin with.

Being trustworthy, is not only the RIGHT thing to do, it’s also the most PROFITABLE thing to do!

Trustworthiness not only improves short term conversion rates, but it lays the foundation for long term growth by maximizing your potential for repeat, backend sales, and ongoing word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers and clients.

So if you want to build trust online…


Happy Testing!


P.S. – A fantastic book that I recommend every online marketer and business owner read is Terry Dean’s “Internet Integrity: The Truth About How Any Business Can Increase Profits Online“.

Terry is definitely one of the “Good Guys”… From what I’ve seen, like me he believes strongly in building your online business based on solid principles (not just tactics), and in achieving online success WITHOUT compromising your values.

You should also checkout his “Integrity Business Blog” here:

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