Thank You Tony Robbins! (Sorry Stephen…)

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closeup.jpgI should have blogged about this a month or so ago, but things have been so crazy and busy that I just have not been able to get to it yet but…

At Armand Morin’s most recent Big Seminar I got quite a surprise.

While sitting up in my room between speakers, answering emails from a couple of my email coaching clients I got a call on my private cell phone (the one that only a HANDFUL of A-List marketers have) from George Callens (George is Armand’s Operations Manager and all-around right hand man.)

George said, “Armand needs to see you RIGHT NOW!”

Of course my first thought was, “Shoot… What the heck did I do?”

After all I was out pretty late the night before with Craig Perrine and a few others and at times we can get a bit rowdy and “politically incorrect”. Perhaps a seminar attendee had been offended by one of our rants about “those stupid, lazy AOL users who just hit the ‘This is Spam’ button instead of the unsubscribe link in emails.”

But, in trouble or not I figured I needed to head down right away and see what Armand wanted to talk to me about.

In the elevator on the way down I ran into my buddy Stu McLaren (who was speaking at the event) and I actually joked with him about what Armand wanted. I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if Armand was going to tell me that one of the speakers got sick and he needs me to go on stage.” We had a good laugh about it.

You see for an internet marketing speaker, getting invited by Armand to speak at the Big Seminar is the equivalent of a baseball player getting called up to the major leagues. Armand literally gets bombarded by requests form speaker and marketers to speak at the Big Seminar, because they all know that 90 minutes on his stage can not only produce a very big payday, but if they do good it can propel their marketing and speaking career into orbit.

Well… When I got downstairs and found Armand sure enough the first words out of his mouth were, “Dude, can you speak tomorrow?”

To which I responded (about a half second later), “Absolutely.”

Of course I followed that with…. “I’m not being ‘punked’ here, right?”

After a few assurances from Armand that the offer was indeed real he explained that Stephen Pierce was not going to be able to make it to Atlanta to speak due to a “slight misunderstanding” with Tony Robbins.

Stephen was actually being sued by Tony so he had to pull out from speaking at the Big Seminar at the very last minute.

That opened up a spot in the lineup, and Armand told me my name was the first one he thought of to take Stephen’s place.

So, instead of hanging out and networking with my buddies and clients like I had planned, I spent most of the night working on my presentation. (Fortunately I’ve been doing a TON of speaking this year and had a presentation ready to go, but because this was the “Big Seminar” I did quite a bit of tweaking and refining to make sure everything was perfect!)

Well, the next morning on very short notice and about 2 hours of sleep I walked onto the stage and delivered (what I think was) the most power packed, content rich presentation I’ve given to date.


Here are a few actual comments audience members left on Twitter about my presentation…






But, if you missed the Big Seminar don’t despair… After continual and persistent requests (okay… downright badgering) from many of my friends and clients who missed the presentation, I’ve decided to do an encore performance via webinar tomorrow night.

The 90 minute webinar will be at 8:00 pm Eastern, so mark your calendar and lock in your limited spot right now by clicking the link below…

I’ll see YOU on the webinar!


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4 comments to Thank You Tony Robbins! (Sorry Stephen…)

  • Dave M.

    Hey Eric,

    I was actually at the Big Seminar and saw your performance. Based on what I saw you do from stage, your “baseball” analogy was not quite complete.

    You said that speaking at Big is like a ball player getting called up to the major leagues, but in your case it was more like your just sitting in the stands watching the game and then all of a sudden in the 9th inning with bases loaded the coach asks you to step up to bat.

    And then you stepped up to the plate and knock a grand slam home run straight out of the park!

    I’m not exaggerating here or trying to suck up to you when I say that your presentation was the absolute best and most content packed talk I’ve ever seen given from stage. And I am a seminar junkie, so I have seen hundreds of speakers!

    Armand is out of his mind if he doesn’t have you back again.

    Great job!


  • Thanks for including my tweets here, Eric! 🙂

    I really thought your presentation was brilliant at Ray Edwards’ Speed Money Seminar in Vancouver.

    I’m a total seminar ‘junkie’ and grad/former coach of T. Harv Eker, the master platform seller. And your presentation combined with your offer was for sure one of the best I’ve seen. You gave simple yet powerful tips that were *immediately* implementable. I was blown away by how generously you shared.

    You’re a true pro!!! (And I love that you fly planes upside down. LOL)


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  • Wow! I would have loved to hear that one! It seems that the Big Seminar is indeed the place to be, maybe I’ll see you there one of these years.

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