Paula Dirkes Wins!

WinnerI just wanted to take a quick second and announce that the winner of my “What makes this convert so well“, optin page contest is Paula Dirkes from

While we had some AMAZINGLY insightful comments, Paula’s comment was so incredibly detailed that she left me no choice but declare her the winner!

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback and comments.

If you have not already done so, go ahead and read through the comments that were posted, because there is some great conversion wisdom in many of the replies.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special video I’ll be releasing in the next day or two where I am going to walk through that optin page, step by step and reveal dozens of the conversion boosters contained in that page. (And I’ll even tell you about a few things I’m NOT doing on…


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Merry Christmas from the Conversion Doctor!

giftDespite the “recession”, 2008 has been my best year in business online ever. And nearly all my coaching clients, students and business partners have had a fantastic year too.

You see, when you understand how to persuade online visitors to take action and buy, and you know how to turn traffic into cash, external conditions no longer apply to you and your business.

When you know how to convert, you can create money on demand.

But, because the skills I teach are so valuable and in such demand, all of my products, courses and coaching programs are high ticket. I simply don’t have or offer anything at an “entry level” price.

In fact most of the products I sell (particularly from stage when I speak at events) are priced at $2,497 or higher. And while they are worth every dime, and I’ve had clients increase their business by literally MILLIONS…


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Rapid and Easy Product Creation Video Tutorial

tutorial monitorIt breaks my heart when I see people struggling to get their online businesses off the ground and begin making real money.

Most of the time, there is simply no good reason for them to have to work so hard to get started. Creating in-demand products and making money online is easy (at least once you know the simple formula.)

Yet, so many good, smart people struggle along for months or even years trying to breakthrough to the next level and begin really making money. They hit their head against the wall over and over trying to get to the other side.

(And often all they need is a guide who has been to the other side of that wall to simply tell them to “stop hitting your head against the wall, take 2 steps to the right, because there is the door!”)

What I’ve found is…

Most people who…


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Internet Marketing Can Be Fun! Just Ask AudioClaus!

audioclaus.jpgThis was just too fun to not tell you about! The other day Mike Stewart and I were setting at the “speakers table” during Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness event that I just spoke at, and Mike started telling me about a promotion he was getting ready to do that I think is simply brilliant.

Mike registered the domain name “” and is doing a “Holiday Special”. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Mike and what he does, Mike Stewart is known as “The Internet Audio Video Guy”. And he is THE person that all top Internet Marketers (including myself) turn to when we need to buy the top quality gear for creating our products.

Well… Mike’s AudioClaus video is a fantastic example of how you can combine selling with fun in the online environment.

You’ve just got to watch it…

(And no. That’s not…


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