Success in Testing (or in life) is Based on ACTIONS!

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action.jpgA question I’m frequently asked by my subscribers, blog readers and coaching clients is, “how many page views or unique visitors should my ad/page receive during a test before I can declare the winner?”

And, I’ve seen “gurus” throw out all kinds of numbers to answer these types of questions. In fact I was speaking at an online retailing event a few months ago when a well known web analytics expert (who I will not name, to protect the guilty), said “once a test reaches 5,000 page views you can be confident that your results are valid.”

Uhhg!! I wanted to barf!

I couldn’t believe this guy was paid $7,500 to total DECEIVE and MISLEAD the audience!

Fortunately I was the next speaker in the “line up” and was able to (tactfully) set the audience straight.

It’s not page views, it’s not unique visitors, its ACTIONS that determine the “winner” in your testing.

If after 5,000 page views version A has 249 actions and version B has 251 actions, are you really going to be confidant that you’ve found a “winner”?

I don’t think so…

But if after only 1,000 page views version A has 1 action and version B has 27 actions, do you really need to wait until “5,000 page views” to declare B the winner?


Now there are other “guru’s” who understand that it’s the number of actions that count. But, they are teaching a “false doctrine” that is just as harmful.

You’ll be able to recognize their crap teachings, because they throw around “laws” and “rules” like “The Law of 40”. (Or other such nonsense…)

The “Law of 40” states that when a test has reached 40 actions, you pick the version with the most actions and call it the winner.


Again… What is version A has 19 actions and version B has 21 actions? Your results are not even close to statically valid.

To pick a winner you need to wait until the DIFFERENCE in the number of actions is great enough to identify a statistically valid “winner”.

The same principle holds true in life.

To tell the “winners” from the “losers” in testing (or in life) you just need to look at the DIFFERENCE in the number of ACTIONS.

“Page views” don’t make you rich. I know plenty of broke, job trapped people who view a whole heck of a lot of pages online every day!

While reading and learning are important, the ACTIONS you take based on that reading and learning are far more important.

Too many “internet marketers” spend hour after hour mindlessly surfing forums and blogs deluding themselves that they are “building their business”, when in fact they are just wasting their time.

Not to keep using James Brausch’s blog as an example, but he made an offer to pay one of his blog reader’s way on a cruise. All they had to do is TAKE ACTION and make a post to their blog. (He even told them where to get a FREE blog if they didn’t already have one.)

Guess what? As I predicted in my last blog post, the VAST majority of them did nothing.

As of a few minutes ago, out of thousands of daily blog readers only 1 person had taken action. (Guess who? 😉 )

Come on! It’s a free friggin’ cruise!

I knew I was a 2%er… I knew action takers are a rare breed. But like James’s says here, are you guys really going to let me wind up being a 0.04%er? (The 1 out of 2,500 readers who actually took action!)

Go get a blog and make a post! Tell him why you want a free trip!

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