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microphone.jpgOne of the most effective (and profitable) ways I’ve found to build and expand my client base is via public speaking.

I’ve been a professional speaker for about 5 years now and I can tell you from experience there is no faster or better way to establish yourself as an expert or build your credibility in your marketplace than public speaking.

And, I can’t think of many activities that pay more “per hour”. I’ve been paid as much as $7,500 to deliver a 60 to 90 minute talk. (And that’s just the speaking fee. It doesn’t include “back of the room” product sales or new consulting, copywriting and coaching clients!)

Top “celebrity” speakers can command fees as high as $80,000+ for a one hour keynote.

Now, when you are just breaking into the field you’re not going to make 5 figures per event. But it is very common for a new speaker to break into the business at $2,500 to $5,000 per talk.

In fact, for MANY reasons, I don’t recommend charging less than $2,500 per talk for paid engagements, regardless of how “new” you are. In fact just like raising your prices often increases online conversion rates, charging a higher speaking fee can often result in MORE bookings than charging a “bargain” price.

Most meeting planners, event coordinators and associations will simply assume that a $500 or $1,500 per talk speaker simply doesn’t know his or her material well enough (or can’t present it well enough) to charge a higher rate.

Don’t get me wrong… When you are first getting started I DO recommend giving “no fee” talks. (Notice I said “no fee” NOT free… There IS a difference.)

Giving no-fee talks to your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or other service organizations can be a fantastic way to gain new clients or sell your products. And it provides you a wonderful training ground to master your presentation skills.

Speaking is a GREAT way to build your business.


If you are new to speaking, there are MANY, MANY pitfalls and frustrations you will face if you “try and go it alone”.

You may find it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to break into the business without the guidance of an experienced mentor to take you under his wings.

That’s why I was so excited when I spoke with my friend and wildly successful speaker JP Maroney.

For the last year or so, JP has been conducting a special closed mentorship program with a select group of handpicked protégés.

JP’s coaching students have had such amazing results that he has finally decided to “open it up to the public” and set up a website explaining in detail how his coaching program works.

He also recorded an OUTSTANDING teleseminar exposing “The Pitfalls & Profit Potential Of Public Speaking“. I’ve probably spent well over $10,000 on my own speaking education over the years and this FREE teleseminar recording packs more value than some products and course I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to buy.

It’s THAT good!

So if you’ve ever even considered speaking (or even if you haven’t) I strongly recommend you do 2 things right now:

1. Click here and Go download and listen to JP’s terrific teleseminar. (Even if you don’t join his program, you need to hear this.)

2. Once you download the teleseminar, you will be taken to a special letter where JP spells out exactly what you will learn if you decide to join his coaching program. (Devour every word of this masterfully written letter… I’ll explain why in a second.)

Plus, if you join JP’s coaching program (as long as you let him know I sent you) you’ll get a FREE Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluation of your website (or area of your website) selling your speaking services!

As you know I normally charge $997 for these power-packed evaluations, but because I’m so positive JP’s program can help you launch or expand your speaking career, I want to give you a little extra shove off the fence.

Click Here For More Details.


JP is using a very smart and effective tactic on his letter that will DRAMATICALLY boost his ability to convert those who speak with him on the phone.

Can you find it?

The first person to post a comment to my blog with the RIGHT answer will “win” a FREE 30 minute, one-on-one Gotomeeting based conversion boosting consultation with me. (I normally charge a MINIMUM $350 for Gotomeeting based consultations.)

So go scour every inch of JP’s letter and let me know if you find this great tactic!

Click Here Now. Download the teleseminar. And see if YOU can find this hidden response booster.

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10 comments to SPEAKING of Conversion…

  • He is using a form of risk reversal. Not the 30-day money back guarantee type but the “pay half first and the other half only after you have profited” type.

    “You’ll Make An Additional $20,000.00 Before I’m Fully Paid For The Training!”

    If someone knows he is going to earn 20k (That’s just for starters), the he definitely wouldn’t mind paying 10k to learn it.

  • Martin,

    This is very close. Very, very close…


    PS – Here’s a hint take from my question:

    “…boost his ability to convert those who speak with him on the phone.”

  • Fred Black

    Are you talking about the list of questions that he wants answered before the call?


  • Fred,

    That’s an excellent guess too…

    He can use the answers to better understand his callers needs and more persuasively explain HOW his coaching program meets those needs.

    But… There is another detail on the page that helps him be more effective on his calls than even that one.


  • Let me try again.

    He already addresses all the common objections that people might face.

    “So, let me take a few more lines to answer questions that may be on your mind…”

    So, those who end up calling him are people who are very close to the signing up stage.

  • Martin,

    Good job again…

    You keep hitting around the edges of it. But there is ONE specific thing JP is doing on that letter that will improve his ability to “close” his callers even more.

    (You were REAL close in the first reply…)


  • He qualifies the people who are going to call him by putting 10k as the price, which means that (most of) the people calling are those who can afford to pay 10k.

    Then he offers them an irresistible offer by asking for only 5k, a price which the callers can well afford to pay.

    So on the calls, he will more be dealing with course content issues, rather than with affordability issues.

  • Martin Wins!

    You got it.

    Often on big ticket sales it pays to hide the price. But when your time is limited and you want to make each follow-up call as effective as possible, by addressing the price issue front and center, you dramatically narrow the callers to only the most serious buyers.

    His biggest objection in offering this service would be price. But by addressing it head on in the copy, he virtually eliminated that as a possible objection on the phone.

    Either they can afford it or they can’t.

    Great job Martin.

    I’ll email you with your consultation details.

    Talk to you soon!


  • Thanks Eric! Guess it was 3rd time lucky for me. 🙂

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the insightful review of my site. I have already made a couple of changes as you suggested and I’m pretty certain they will give a good bump to my optin rate. Certain things can be quite obvious but without a professional giving you feedback, it can be easy to miss those.

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