What on earth is the “O-Report”? (Even though it has a strange name, if you are interested in Joint Ventures you need to read it!)

I just stumbled across a report that I felt was important enough to let you know about.

Let me get right to the point…

The secret to rapid and lasting business success is in creating partnerships and strategic alliances… also known as Joint Ventures.

And, if your business needs immediate access to…

* More customers
* More traffic
* More revenue
* More profits
* Or all of the above…

Then, you should download, print and devour the following free report just posted by my two friends, Marc Goldman and JP Maroney.

Title: The “O” Report


It’s 28 pages in length…

And, absolutely cram-packed with THE TRUTH about how to build your business with joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, cross promotions, host-beneficiary relationships, and parasite marketing.

It’s 100% content — not a single word of “sell” or “pitch” in it.

You’ve never seen…


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Copywriting is NOT the most important skill for online success. Heresy?

Copywriting is the SECOND most important skill to master for online success.

What is the most important skill to master if you want to make a fortune online?

Many online marketing experts and gurus say that copywriting is the most important skill you need to learn to build a profitable online business.

And while I agree, copywriting is a critically important skill to master. There is another skill that is even more important and profitable.

In fact this skill is so powerful that if truly mastered, it will make you a great copywriter by default.

So what is this powerful skill?

Simple. It’s testing.

I am not aware of a single world-class, millionaire marketer who is not also a fanatical tester. If I had to choose one skill that differentiates those who make millions of dollars per year online and those who struggle to make a few thousand dollars each…


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I am sick and tried of “Internet Marketing Gurus”…

If you have been selling your products or services online for any length of time you have no doubt run across many of the popular online marketing “gurus”.

(I personally hate the word “guru”. I prefer “expert” or “advisor”, but “guru” is used so frequently online I’ve decided to use it in this post”…)

Unfortunately many of the self-proclaimed “gurus” found online have never sold ANYTHING online other than their information products about how to make money online selling information products.

One of the main reasons that 95% of my business and websites target niches far removed from the “how to make money online” crowd is because, much of the marketing I see in the “Internet Marketing” niche is almost incestuous in nature.

You have internet marketers hyping products to internet marketers on how to hype products to other internet marketers. It would be almost laughable if good, hard working…


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Tracking The Online Results of Your Offline Advertising.

As you know, tracking conversion rates by individual traffic source is critically important. Different traffic sources can convert at vastly different rates.Tracking the conversion rate of online traffic sources is fairly easy and straight forward. Simply use an adtracking program or service, or use one of the many server side options available.

However, for some reason many online business fail to effectively track the ROI from their offline marketing efforts.

This is unfortunate, because tracking the performance of your offline markting efforts is actually a simple process.

I frequently help my clients track the online results of their offline ads.

For tracking offline ads, I always recommend using a separate URL. (Domain names are cheap…)

The reason for this is simple… Testing has shown that in most cases if you use a tracking URL, such as a folder (www.mysite.com/newspaper) or a sub-domain (www.newspaper.mysite.com) your visitor will usually just strip off…


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What’s your refund rate? Are too few refunds a problem?

Earlier today I had an interesting conversation with a new coaching client.

We were discussing the refund rate on his DVD course (which is only 2%) and he thought I had lost my mind when I told him that 2% was TOO LOW…

I explained to him that I typically view too low of a refund/return rate (under 5%) as a sign that you are not making a strong enough effort in your copy and follow-up sequences to sell the product.

In most cases if you have a refund rate of 5% or less, you are probably leaving a ton of money on the table.

For example:
If you are selling $5,000 per month of your product and have a 2% refund rate, is it a bad thing if you boost your conversion rates to the point that your refund rate jumps to 7%, yet you are now selling…


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