It looks like Seth Godin is looking for me…

Earlier today Seth Godin posted a all points bulletin on his blog (click here for the full post) looking for small companies or experts who specialize in evaluating and tweaking websites to optimize performance and conversion.

(I don’t know about you… But that sounds just like what I do.)

While most experts will tell you that you need to test and tweak your websites, few if any will tell you WHAT to tweak and HOW to test it.

But that is exactly what I give you in my Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluations.

Here’s exactly what Seth said:

If I want my car to go a bit faster, there’s a garage in town that will tweak it for me.

If I want my stereo to sound a little better, there’s a guy who will install cables and such and upgrade it.

There are more than


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The Shocking Reason Why Cheating Your Affiliates Costs YOU Money!

Recently I stumbled across a Clickbank merchant who was using a very sneaky method to cheat his affiliates. The checkout on his main salesletter correctly linked to Clickbank, so affiliates got paid for people who bought on the first visit.

However, he was using several aggressive name capture techniques (which is great), but in his post opt-in autoresponder sequences he sent all of the traffic to a different sales letter with a 1shoppingcart checkout. (Thus avoiding paying affiliate commissions on sales generated by his follow up sequence.)

What this guy doesn’t understand is that he is not just cheating his affiliates… He’s cheating HIMSELF!

I’m always astounded by merchants, publishers and retailers who try and weasel out of paying their affiliates a fair commission. This is one of the dumbest and most shortsighted things that online merchants can do.

They are missing the most fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing… The…


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3 Mistakes That Kill Copy (and Conversion!)

Copywriter and marketing consultant Ray Edwards posted a short article on his blog listing “3 Mistakes That Kill Copy“. I’d suggest you give it a quick read.

Ray points out the three following copy killers:

1. Focusing On You, Not Your Customer.

2. Using Cliche Language.

3. Speaking Inappropriately. (Using language patterns that cause your audience to disagree with you on some minor subject.)

Most websites would see measurable boosts in conversion by correcting these three mistakes.

Particularly the first mistake… Focusing On You, Not Your Customer.

Far too many websites commit this cardinal sin. It’s all we, we, we and me, me, me…

A great way to determine whether you site is focused on you or focused on your customer, is simply to count the number of times you use words like “I”, “we”, “our”, “my”, and your company name and compare that to the number of…


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Podcasts are a great way to “repackage” your content for maximum results!

Well”… I’ve finally made the jump and begun recording my own Podcasts.

You can see the results here:

Basically these initial “Podcasts” are simply me reading (and elaborating on) some of my articles. (I am a big believer in recycling my existing content into multiple formats!)

But in the future I am going to record topic dedicated shows and do some interviews. (Let me know who you want to see me interview…)

You should develop multiple formats for all of the content you create too.

When I write and article, I get maximum mileage out of that darn thing. I send it to my newsletter, post it to my blog, add it to my content sites, turn it into a PDF, compile multiple articles into free reports and ebooks and now I record it as a podcast.

I also like to cross link to all of my…


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Jim Edwards and the “ATTACK of the Clones!”

Jim Edwards recently posted one of his famous “Friday Night SmackDown” videos on his “I Gotta Tell You” multimedia blog.

And he touches on some great points about the proliferation of second rate knock-off products that seem to spring up in responses to just about any successful and profitable product in most niches. (This is particularly true of products that grow in popularity at Clickbank.)

In classic Jim Edwards style he doesn’t hold back anything as he blasts the lazy “clones”. But if you watch and listen closely he also shares a hyper-profitable method for creating new products in the same niches that are innovative and compliment the existing “leader” in that niche so well that the owner of the product will gladly partner with you and promote your new product to his or her list!

You can view the video here:


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