Can Listening To One 52 Minute Interview Boost Your Conversion Rates?

jimpeake.jpgThe other day I was a special guest on Jim Peake’s Podcast series.

Jim regularly interviews top online marketing experts such as Mark Joyner, Randy Gage, Michael Senoff, David Frey and many others.

In this powerful, 52 minute unscripted interview Jim got me to spill the beans about parts of my business background and some of my conversion strategies that I usually only share in my $3,500+ full day workshops.

So I strongly recommend you give this interview a listen.

You can either click on the link below to go directly to the interview page at or you can simply hit the play button below the link, to listen to the interview right here.

Happy Listening!



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The SECOND Winner of The Ask Michel Fortin Your Question Contest is”…

questionmark.jpgI had intended to post this yesterday. But after learning the news of Gary Halbert’s passing, I decided to wait.

As I mentioned in my other “Winner Announcement” post, Michel Fortin generously offered to answer the top 3 questions asked by my blog readers.

Even if you’re NOT a musician, I hope you still got some great ideas from Michel’s first answer to Fred Black’s question.

If not… Go back and read Michel’s fantastic answer one more time. There are nuggets of gold in there for marketers of ANY product. Not just music CDs.

Anyway… The second winner of the Ask Michel Fortin Your Question Contest is”…

Mark Williams (No URL provided.)

Mark’s question was:

How have you been able to cope with procrastination?

Too many times, I have known what I needed to do, and I ALWAYS end up waiting weeks on end to do it (like


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Marketing Legend Gary Halbert Has Died…

gary-halbert.jpgIt is with a sad heart that I make this post. I just learned from John Reese that one of my mentors has passed away.

Gary Halbert was without question one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

Whether you agreed with his style of teaching or not, the results his letters are undisputed.

Gary’s death will leave a big void in the marketing community for years to come.

However, his teachings and his life’s work will live on. Just a I did, legions of new, young copywriters and direct marketers will forever have Gary’s teachings, and letters to study and learn from.

If you never had a chance to meet or learn from Gary, you missed out on a valuable (and profitable) experience. However, you still have the opportunity to learn from this true master of persuasion.

Take some time and visit Gary’s site, The Gary…


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The Winner of The Ask Michel Fortin Your Question Contest is…

fortin2.jpgLast week I gave you the chance to “Play With My New Favorite Toy” (Michel Fortin’s Brain), and ask my friend, mentor and million-dollar copywriter Michel Fortin any question you wanted.

In that blog post I promised that I would pick the best single question and that one person would get their question answered right here in my blog, by Michel himself.

The response was fantastic! That post received 17 comments/questions.

And… As promised, I’ve picked one of those questions to be answered right here, today, by Michel himself.

But wait there’s more… 😉

As you know I’m a BIG believer in over-delivering. (And, I like to reward those who actually take action.)

Well… Michel ALSO believes in over-delivering. So I was thrilled (but not surprised) when he offered to answer not just one, but the top THREE questions you asked. (I told ya’ 3 was a


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Under Promise and Over Deliver. (Another blog post about steak…)

steak.jpgWe’ve all heard (or read) the advice, “sell the sizzle and not the steak.” And this is good advice to follow, as long as you’ve got a great “steak” to sell.

But, I think many online marketers are misinterpreting that saying to mean that as long as you “hype the sizzle”, the meat isn’t important. That kind of thinking will get you in trouble.

Sure, you can fool people into buying (for a while.) But, you simply can’t build a healthy, long term business around the “all sizzle and no steak” model. After all, even if you sold them the steak by focusing on the sizzle, they are still eventually going to try and take a bite and discover that you ripped them off.

As a copywriter I’ve heard other, well respected copywriters say things like…

“The cure for a bad product is good copy.”



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