Michel Fortin Did It Again! (But this time we didn’t break the webinar…)

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michel-white.jpgWOW!   That’s all I can say…   WOW!

Well…   Okay, I can say more than that…

If you missed Part 2 of our webinar, you missed something very special.

I thought Michel over-delivered on the first webinar (and he DID) but WOW…   This one ROCKED!

There were a few points during the webinar where I was so busy taking notes myself I almost forgot to advance the PowerPoint slides.

(And I NEVER take notes during my own webinars, but a few things Michel said had me diving across the room for the nearest pen and paper.)

Don’t even get me started on the website critiques we did.   I was kicking myself that we didn’t charge $97 per person to get onto this thing!

All total, between the two webinars Michel shared over 4 solid hours of some of the best copywriting information I’ve ever “seen”.   This stuff was better than products I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for.

For those of you who were not able to join us on the webinars, I’m currently editing the recordings and Michel should have them ready to go up  on his Copy Doctor site (http://www.JoinCopyDoctor.com) in a few days.

If you’re not already a Copy Doctor member, it will be worth joining just to watch these 4 hours!

Seriously…   Go to http://www.JoinCopyDoctor.com  right now and join right now.   It’s the best investment you can make in your copywriting education.

Here are what a few of the viewers on tonight’s webinar had to say:

Very specific, very helpful — My website, is currently under construction, and I will be using much of your knowledge to make it sell 10’s thousands of Sleep Waves Music CD’s.

It reinforced much of my thinking and increases my confidence to stop striving for perfection, and to get it up there. I now see that editing is essential to the process. The OATH acronym is very useful — one wants a “hurting” market — which I have, but I will now be more conscious ot this and find ways and words for my copy to make use of this.  

Substantial, useful information.

Thank you,
David Abramson New York City  

I only heard the second one, but I thought it was very helpful.  

I see myself getting more in touch with my clients–asking more questions, digging up more information.  

Meredith  Montgomery  

They are extremely generous with their knowledge. It was such a pleasure to watch 2 real professionals at work.  

Rhonda    Gruber  

The content shared was extrememely valuable and I thank both participants. I was only able to be in the second webinar, but I learned more than I could have imagined! The seminar made me want to immediately go and discover every little thing I could about the market I’m currently promoting my latest product for!

Aaron  Brandon  

I’ve learned how important it is to understand my market from my clients’ perspective, using their “code” and symbolic language in writing headlines and text. My tendency is be formal rather than conversational in my copy.  

Ceci  Tognotti  

Thank you for hosting the webinars! I love the information you shared and took five pages of notes. I especially enjoyed the website critiques and received some valuable tips I can implement into my own website.  I will revise my website and sales letters using the recommendations of Eric and Michael. My sales letter has a weak offer, it doesn’t have a smooth flow, and the testimonials are placed in random places. I was not aware of these problems until Michael pointed them out. I anticipate higher conversions once I fix them.  

Mike  Snyder  

Excellent information –   I took a ream of notes,though I only caught the second hour of the webinar – I have branding website, but it never occurred to me that on that kind of site I should still have a call to action of some kind; “copy should contain the conversation that’s ALREADY going on in the mind of the prospect” – genius. Finally, the conversation about offering discounts vs. building value (and HOW to build value and how to OFFER that value) is probably the best thing I’ve learned to date about selling online.  

daivd  jacoby  

And of course my favorite…

HOLY CRAP!   YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE CHARGED $1,000 FOR THIS STUFF!!!!   I’m glad you didn’t but HOLY CRAP!!!

Alan Weis  

(I  get the impression that Alan liked the webinar…)  

Thanks to Michel for sharing and thanks to everyone who joined us (and who asked such outstanding questions during the Q & A.)


PS – I’ve had a few people ask me about how I do my webinars…   To be honest, I didn’t figure any of this out on my own.   Just about everything I know about doing (and profiting) from webinars I learned from my friend Jim Edwards.

So…   While I was at Big Seminar last weekend, I convinced Jim to do a special “webinar  ON webinars” for my blog readers.

Jim and I (along with Jim’s partner Chris) will be hosting that webinar this Tuesday.   I’ll be posting more about this webinar with Jim tomorrow, but for those of you who couldn’t make it on the webinar tonight, you know first hand how fast these things can fill up!

Because we will only have 400 seats on this event, I’m posting the sign-up page a day early (don’t tell Jim 😉 )


That way you can lock in your spot for this powerful event.

If you don’t learn how to use and profit from webinars you are going to be left in the Web 2.0 dust!

So visit the link below and lock in your spot:


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6 comments to Michel Fortin Did It Again! (But this time we didn’t break the webinar…)

  • […] Michel Fortin Did It Again! (But this time we didn?t break the … Finally, the conversation about offering discounts vs. building value (and HOW to build value and how to OFFER that value) is probably the best thing I?ve learned to date about selling online. daivd jacoby. And of course my favorite? … […]

  • Tom Jones

    I stayed up till 2am to hear the webinar.

    Thanks, it was worth it.

    I think you both complement each other well.

    Those great insights made for an eventful 2 hours.


  • Anybody that’s serious about learning the craft of copywriting should hang their hats with you and Michel. Michel did the teaching, but you, Eric, did a splendid job of setting him up to respond to certain questions. Also–some interviewers butt in and talk too much. Not you. You added comments that were valuable and relevant to the subject. This was such a content-rich program that was presented in a vibrant manner. I’m still reading and editing my notes from the

    Two years from now, the copywriting community will still be buzzing about this four-hour gem.


  • Rob,

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Michel and I put a lot of time and effort into making sure this went smoothly, and it makes all the hard work worthwhile wen we get comments like yours!

    The important thing is that you go out and take action, based on those notes.

    For me that is the most rewarding part… Seeing my friends and clients take their businesses to the next level.

    Happy Testing!


  • Dear Eric and Michael,

    Thank you for hosting the webinars. I really enjoyed them, great work! I took many notes which I am implementing today. I feel honored to receive a website critique from two Masters! I am excited to participate in the upcoming webinars. Have the best day ever!

    Take care,

    Mike Snyder

  • Mike,

    Glad the critique helped you. Let me know the results you get.

    And, make sure you catch my webinar with Jim Edwards!


    Happy testing!


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