Jobs Are Filthy Habits That You Should Kick As Soon As Possible!

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jobs suck!Okay… I’ll warn you up front, this post LOOOOONG and is going to piss some people off! I’ll be touching on the “big 3”, Money, Politics, and even Religion!

But I’m fine with that, because the people it’s going to piss off are not in my target market anyway!

And the people that are NOT pissed off by this post may very well have their lives changed if they really take its message to heart.

So I’ll gladly risk stepping on a few toes, even losing a few readers and subscribers in order to reach and help those that need to hear this message…

That means if you are a whiner, complainer, socialist, atheist, communist, liberal, or anyone else who refuses to take personal responsibility for your own success and wants an employer or some government agency to “take care of you” or give you “job security”, then you had better leave now before I make your blood boil!

Still with me?

Good. Let’s get started…

As someone who has been happily unemployable for nearly a decade now, it breaks my heart when I see so many good, honest and hardworking men and women spending the most productive years of their lives running around like a rat in a cage, working as slaves in soul crushing, dead end jobs.

They work 40 to 60 hours per week or more, day in and day out, for 40+ years and in most cases every single dime they “earn” in their lifetime simply slips through their fingers being paid out to the government, mortgage companies, credit card companies, and for the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing.

At the end of their working lives, putting in all that time and effort for their employers, government and creditors, 98% find themselves broke with almost nothing to show for an entire lifetime of effort and struggle.

Somewhere along the line the “American Dream” became having a “good job” that pays enough to be able to afford to “buy your own home”.

But guess what?

Most people with those “good jobs” that think they “own their home” are simply slaves and indentured servants who serve their boss, mortgage company and the IRS.

If they are like most “modern slaves”, they foolishly spend and borrow more than their masters pay them and the government allows them to keep.

And even if they THINK they own their home, in reality it’s owned by the bank and government. Their “American Dream” job simply allows them to scrape together a small down payment, and barely qualify for a loan they probably can’t afford, for the privilege of renting their home from the bank!

And even for those of us who don’t have mortgages, at the end of the day we are simply “renting” our homes from the government.

In the country club community in which I live, some of my neighbors pay as much as $24,000 per year or more in property tax on their homes.

So even if they “own” their home free and clear of any mortgage, they still are basically renting it from the government for $2,000 per month. Because even with $2 million in equity in their home, if they stopped paying that $2,000 per month to the government, it wouldn’t take very long for them to discover who REALLY owns their home when the sheriff shows up to kick them out.

I’m sorry but having a “good job” that pays enough to be able to afford to “buy your own home” is NOT the “American Dream”…

It’s a deliberately crafted, cleverly packaged LIE!

Historically the REAL “American Dream” used to be to owning your own business and becoming financially independent, while working for yourself, controlling your own destiny.

Society, the media, politicians, and even misguided parents have brainwashed most people into thinking the formula for success is “go to school, get a good job and work hard.”

While I have nothing against education and hard work (I credit both of those things to my success), what I take issue with is the TYPE of education you get and the VEHICLE in which you invest your “hard work”.

The current educational system is simply a relic of the early 1900’s that is specifically DESIGNED to churn out obedient, mindless, employees.

Most schools are like assembly lines that spit out future factory workers.

And higher education isn’t any better…

Over 98% of college degree programs are geared around specific “employee focused” career paths.

And here is the big dirty secret about college degrees that employers won’t tell you…

(And, trust me. As a business owner and employer, I know this to be 100% true.)

Most employers that require a college degree in the job description (outside of certain “professional degree” areas like law, medicine and engineering) are simply using the degree requirement as a screening tool, as an indicator that a prospective applicant can actually follow through and finish something.

In most cases it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the area of your degree or the “skills” you learn in college, because most employers know that they are going to have to re-train you and re-teach you what you need to know to actually do the job.

That’s because most of what is taught in traditional college classes is pure theory, and it’s being taught by professors who have never actually DONE what it is they are teaching, in the real world.

This is particularly true in most business and marketing curriculums, where you have professors teaching about business and management that have not only never owned and run a successful business, in many cases they started teaching right out of Grad school so they’ve never even WORKED in a successful company.

Or you have marketing professors teaching a bunch of worthless crap about “image advertising”, who have NEVER sold a single product in their lives.

While going to college and getting a degree does have some value, don’t fool yourself into thinking that a “degree” is an “education”.

Real education is ALWAYS self-education.

It comes from studying books, CDs, DVDs, attending seminars and workshops that were written, recorded and taught by people who have actually DONE what they are teaching.

And the BEST education comes from working 1-on-1 with a mentor or coach who has actually achieved what you want to achieve. (Experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t always have to be YOUR experience.)

The deliberate changing of the “American Dream” from being “owning your own business and becoming financially independent”, to “getting a job and buying a home” is just one example of the way those in the media and government (who have secret agendas) are trying to make people begin believing the EXACT OPPOSITE of the truth is so many areas.

And it’s not just in selling people on becoming slaves to jobs…

The opposite of the truth is being pushed on people in multiple areas of our lives from health care and education, to “environmental issues” and national security.

Of course for those of us of faith, this should come as no surprise.

In Isaiah 5:20 we learn that in the last days, “Good will be called evil and evil good.”

Isaiah 5:20 – “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Of course in one blog post or video I can’t correct ALL the areas where lies are being promoted as truths, and evil is being called good.

But, I can at least try and do a bit of “re-education” on the widespread misconception that “having a job is a good thing”…

The first big lie about jobs that I want to shatter is the myth of “Job Security”. And this is a BIG ONE!

Most people who stay at a job and don’t go out and start their own business say that it’s because they want security. They have bought into the big lie that owning your own business is risky and having a job is safe.

And even banks and lenders buy into and perpetuate this lie.

We’ve all seen the stories of the business owner who goes to his bank to apply for a loan and is turned down because he is “self-employed” and thus (in theory) too risky.

Yet his secretary goes down and applies for the same loan and gets it with no problem because she has a “stable job”.

Guess what bank morons? It’s the EXACT SAME BUSINESS that is paying them both!

If the owner of the business is “too risky” to lend to because his business might go under, then the “safe and stable job” that the secretary has will be gone too.

But in reality the business owner has FAR more security and stability than the secretary.

The reason why is because, IF the business gets into trouble, the business owner has the CONTROL and ability to make changes to improve the situation. The secretary has almost zero control over her future.

And one of the first changes the business owner is probably going to make when things get tight is cutting expenses. Guess what his biggest expense probably is? Payroll!

So the secretary’s “safe job” is one of the first things that is going to go.

Who then has more security, the employee or the employer?

The answer should be obvious…

As the OWNER of the business, you have the one thing few if any employees ever have and that is CONTROL. You have the ability and control to make changes and adjustments to your direction, destination and success.

Security comes from having control over what happens to you. And employees have the least amount of control of anyone.

As an employee, you are simply going along for the ride, at the whim of your employer. Two little words control ALL of your family’s future and financial security. “You’re fired…”

The other area where business owners have far more security than employees is the ability to develop multiple streams of income.

Most people locked into or brainwashed by “employee mentality” think their only way to earn income is by trading time for money.

If an employee wants an additional stream of income, he or she has their spouse get a job or gets an additional job on the side. They simply trade more of their available hours for a few extra dollars.

The only other option for an employee to make more money (unless you are in a commissioned sales position) is to go hat in hand and beg your boss (master) for a raise.

Or worse yet, if you are locked into a union contract, regardless of how hard you work or how much value you add to the company, all you can do is sit around and wait for “seniority” to accrue to get paid more. There is absolutely no possible way for you to EARN more money.

In that type of system, there is zero incentive for hard work and performance, because even if you work three times as hard as the guy or gal next to you, if they have been there longer than you, they earn more money REGARDLESS of the value they contribute.

All you can do is wait, and hope the company doesn’t go out of business or your union doesn’t go on strike and put you out of a job while you are waiting for your “seniority”.

I guess in the union job you can try and work a little “overtime” if it’s available (and the higher seniority guys don’t want it), but again it’s just more “time for money” nonsense.

The big problem with “time for money is… From Donald Trump to a homeless guy on the street, we all are limited to only 24 hours per day. So the number of hours we have to trade for dollars is finite.

Business owners know that money does not come from HOURS it comes from VALUE.

That is all money is… A measure of exchanged VALUE. The more value you give and create, the more money you make. It really is that simple.

So while someone with an employee mindset looks for ways to “work more hours” or perhaps (if they are smart and ambitious) even “earn more per hour”, the person with the “business owner” mindset simply looks for new ways to add and create value.

This could be by developing new products, tapping new markets or starting new businesses.

So while the employee’s financial future is 100% dependent on the health of just 1 business, a smart entrepreneur is continually seeking out, building and creating new areas of value that result in multiple income streams.

Again… Who has more security? The employee with a single job, or a business owner with 10 streams of income?

Having multiple streams of income gives you REAL security. Income security!

At this point I’m beating a dead horse, because if you still believe that you have ANY security staying in a job over starting your own business you are probably beyond hope.

But EVEN IF you had security in a job, what you trade for the (very little) security you get from your job is the worst trade-off of all, and that is your FREEDOM.

“The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither.” – Thomas Jefferson

For me that was the biggest single benefit to self-employment… Freedom!

The freedom to do what I want, when I want, the way I want, with whom I want.

I wouldn’t trade that freedom for all the cubicles and corner offices in the world.

The other area where business owners have a big advantage over employees is in the arena of taxation.

But unfortunately because the government has brilliantly (in an immoral, controlling, manipulative, evil genius sort of way) set up the system so employees don’t actually SEE how much is really being taken from them, most people working jobs have no idea how deeply the IRS, State and local governments are reaching into their pockets.

To keep the average tax payer in the dark, businesses and employers are required to withhold large chunks of most employees pay and send it to the government directly. Additionally there are countless other taxes, fees employers are required to pay that employees never see, yet significantly reduce the amount the business or company can afford to pay the employee.

Things like unemployment insurance, workers compensation, medicare, taxes on insurance premiums, and an additional 7.65% on top of what you are already paying into Social Security (yes Social Security is ACTUALLY costing you 15.3% of your paycheck!)

But even though you don’t SEE these additional costs your employer has to pay to keep you on the payroll, you better bet he factors all of that into YOUR total cost to the company when you go hat in hand to beg your “master” for a raise!

The government deception of employees goes even deeper, because rather than having to cut a check to pay their taxes, at the end of the year most employees get a “tax refund” that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.

They never stop to think that all they are getting is their own money back. Money they just lent to the government interest free for an entire year!

But even though the IRS pays you zero interest on the money it owes you, heaven help you if you owe the IRS money! Do you think since you’ve lent them money at zero interest for so many years they will show their appreciation?

Nope. You’re going to get slammed with interest and penalties that would make any loan shark blush…

The media can marginalize and make fun of the folks who attend “Tea Parties” and rallies for smaller government all they want, but if employees actually got paid 100% of what they earn, and then had to cut a check every quarter to pay their “tax bill” like us business owners do, the political landscape in this country would be VASTLY different.

The estimated total tax burden of the infamous “Navigation Acts” that sparked the Boston Tea Party and American Revolution was about 2% of a person’s annual income.

Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves to know that many of the most productive earners in America now have a combined tax burden of over 60%!

Ryan Healy had a great post on his blog a few days ago titled “How Taxes Kill Business”.

But, even with the full out, confiscatory frontal assault on business and wealth under the current administration and congress’s “War on Prosperity”, there are still many tax advantages to being a business owner rather than employee.

The biggest of which is WHEN you are taxed.

Employees are taxed on what they have BEFORE they spend their money, business owners are taxed on what is left AFTER we spend our money.

This is a huge advantage… Of course I’m not an accountant or tax attorney, so you need to consult with a qualified adviser to explain how to structure this properly. But once you really wrap your mind around this advantage, and experience the tax savings you’ll never be able to AFFORD to go back to a “paycheck” again.

Another common and related lie that is keeping people slaves to their jobs is the concept of “benefits”.

People believe that employees are “entitled” to “benefits” from their employer.

Things like health insurance, vacation time, sick days, retirement plans and other “benefits”.

Again, because most employees, like bad chess players, can’t see 2 or 3 moves ahead, for whatever reason they don’t seem to understand that they themselves are actually PAYING for all of these “benefits”. Not their employer!

The cost to the business of all these “entitlements” and “benefits” is actually coming out of what the company could afford to pay the employee.

And in many cases because of all the additional layers of taxation, lawyers, accountants, red tape, paper work, governmental regulation, inefficiency and bureaucracy required to offer these “benefits” it would actually be cheaper and better for the employee if they paid for most of these things out of their own pocket.

Try it! If you work for a small business owner who has the freedom and ability to do it, ask him or her if they would be willing to give you a raise in the amount they are paying for your health care premium or retirement fund management, if you handled your “benefits” on your own.

I can tell you right now most employers would LOVE to be able to give the cost of your benefits directly to you. But in most cases government regulations and laws actually prohibit businesses over a certain size from doing this.

If they give something to one employee, they have to give it to all employees. (Even if the employee doesn’t want it or would prefer the actual money to the “benefit”!)

Of course right now many socialists and others on the left are trying to push for a complete government takeover of the entire health care system.

In true entitlement mentality, they contend that health care is a “right” and like all other “rights” the government should control it.

Of course, this interpretation of the government being the source and giver of our “rights” is 180 degrees opposite of what our founding fathers intended when they created our constitution.

Or country was founded on the belief that our “rights” came to us from God (Yes… They actually said God!) And the constitution was originally designed to LIMIT our government from infringing on, controlling or doling out/taking away our rights.

So again we have an area where things are getting turned upside down, and what is false is being called true and what is evil is being called good.

As I’ve pointed out, as an employee your “health care benefits” are really simply an inefficient deduction from your paycheck just like taxes.

So if the government takes over your health care, increasing taxes to your employer… Guess what? You will still be paying for it all!

But it will just cost you much, much MORE to pay for all the added layers of government bureaucracy, departments, and agencies required to run the “free health care” system.

The end result for employees will be less income, fewer choices, longer wait times, higher taxes, and less job security in exchange for the “benefits” and “entitlements” the government is doling out.

Fortunately, as a business owner you are not locked into picking just the one-size fits all health plan your employer (or Uncle Sam) offers. You can pick and choose from dozens of health plans and pick the one that is right for your family or situation.

Or you can even do the unthinkable, socially irresponsible thing of actually paying CASH for your medical bills! (*gasp!*)

(This one is REALLY going to piss some people off…)

Guess what? Depending on your finances, health of your family and your situation being “uninsured” isn’t the worst thing in the world as politicians and the media would have you believe.

Some people do a very bizarre thing and actually pay MONEY for their medical care. I know it sounds crazy, but stay with me here…

When you actually pay with real money for the medical care your family receives, a strange thing happens. You get a few “benefits” I’ve already talked about in this blog post…

Freedom, choice and control.

You get the freedom to pick and chose the doctor you want to see, you and your doctor (not some accountant or bureaucrat) gets to decide what tests should be run, and what treatment options are best.

(Yes… I know all this stuff about paying actual money for what you receive, and you and your doctor deciding what is best for your health sounds like just plain crazy-talk, but keep reading and the Media, HMO, Socialist Medicine and Medicare brainwashing will start to go away…)

When you pay cash you can even look into alternative treatments and medicine. You can do whatever you want and can afford, because YOU are in control.

There are even a few smart doctors and dentists out there who are so fed up with insurance red tape, slow or partial payments and government bureaucracy that they are changing their practices over to only accepting ACTUAL MONEY from the ACTUAL PATIENTS.

It’s called a cash-only or direct-pay medical practice.

And guess what? Because of all the money and hassle they are saving by refusing to accept or deal with Medicare, HMOs or billing health insurance companies they can actually offer BETTER, more personalized health care at lower costs, while making more profit themselves.

Of course if you are afraid of something major happening like cancer an accident or a heart attack, that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can always do what I’ve done for my family.

You simply get an excellent rated health insurance plan, with a $5 million per person lifetime payout, with a very high ($10,000+) annual deductible, that is linked to a Health Savings Account. The monthly premium for a family on a plan like that is very affordable.

This way, you can get the best of both worlds. You have the freedom and choice to pay cash (tax free from your HSA) for your minor, everyday medical issues, yet you have the “stop loss” coverage if there is ever the need for a major surgery or other issue.

If you are scared of the $10k deductible, all you need to do is add a little extra to your HSA each month until you have the deductible set aside, and then it’s there if you ever need it.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Les Brown in person. I’ve read all his books, seen him speak multiple times, but never had the chance to actually spend some time with him.

Well one of my favorite “Les” stories (and he has a ton of them), was one he told about what happened when his “Momma” went into the hospital. During the check-in process the issue of insurance and payment came up and the staff began giving them a hard time about who was going to cover his mother’s medical expenses and treatment.

Les told them that he could afford whatever treatment she needed because he had an MBA.

A “Mega Bank Account”!

That’s exactly what I encourage YOU to develop as you build your own business… A Mega Bank Account.

Because with an “MBA”, you can afford all the “benefits” you’ll ever need.

And if you think that sick time and vacations are a “benefit”…

As a business owner, as long as you set up the right systems and procedures for your business to run without your direct involvement, you are free to take as much vacation time or sick days as you want.

And best of all you don’t need ANYONE’S permission to take the time off.

When it comes to your retirement planning, being your own boss has its advantages too…

You can contribute whatever you want (up to the big-brother imposed maximums) to your retirement fund. Or even better, build your business into an asset you can sell for millions when you are ready to retire.

Employees incomes go DOWN when they retire, smart business owner’s incomes often stay the same or even go UP when they retire.

You are in control, and THAT is the ultimate “benefit”!

In addition to security, control, freedom and tax advantages, another massive benefit to self-employment is lifestyle.

We’ve talked about having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want, with who you want, without having to ask for permission. And what that freedom does for you and your lifestyle is incredible.

But another lifestyle benefit you get if you structure your business properly is the ability to not only work WHEN you want, but WHERE you want!

For me that means doing most of my work (actually play) from home. The commute from my bedroom to my office is exactly 29 steps.

On a very rare occasion when traveling, I have the misfortune of finding myself stuck in rush hour traffic (which usually only happens if I’m on my way to the airport to catch a morning flight to go to a speaking engagement or work with a client.)

However, rather than getting frustrated or angry as most people do, I actually find myself expressing gratitude for the decisions I’ve made and the blessings I’ve received that allow me to avoid this daily, frustrating and life stealing ritual so many people engage in twice a day.

But my feelings of gratitude are in sharp contrast to the pity I feel when I look at the faces of the other drivers. The looks of boredom, frustration and despair on the vast majority of their faces tells me they would probably rather be ANYWHERE else at that moment than where they are.

What a sad place to have to live twice a day…

I know this is going to sound harsh, but at the end of the day if you are an employee, you are simply a slave!

Even the word boss itself comes from the Dutch word baas, which means master!

The only reason you have a job is because you are doing the “crap work” your employer doesn’t want to do himself.

As I mentioned earlier, I look at my “work” as play. For me it’s fun. And it’s fun because I’ve structured it that way.

As a business owner, I have a rule that I follow…

If it’s not fun, I never do it more than once!

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get done. Somebody has to do it, but it sure as heck isn’t going to be me!

The first time I do something I don’t find fun, I put a system, procedure, checklist or person in place to handle the undesirable task in the future.

And most smart business owners do the same thing. The boring, unpleasant, repetitive or just plain “not fun” stuff in any company or business gets handed off to an employee.

And as an employee you’ll ALWAYS get paid less than the value you provide to the company. In fact for your employer to actually make a profit they have to pay you less than your services are worth.

(I know most employees could care less if their boss makes a profit or not but they should!)

You get paid only a fraction of the value you generate, and the owner and shareholders get the rest. (As they should!)

If you get paid MORE than the value you contribute to your employer, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your “safe and secure” job. Either because your employer figures out you are dead weight or the cumulative financial blood loss to the mismanaged business you work for will kill it.

Another way employees are basically slaves is that most “employee mentality” people live paycheck to paycheck. They allow their expenses to expand to match their income, so they typically earn just enough to pay for food, clothing and shelter (and usually borrow to buy more than they can afford.)

This means they spend all their time working to pay food, shelter, clothing, taxes, and debt and have nothing left over. Worse yet they have somebody else telling them what to do and when to do it. (Some employees have to literally ask permission to go to the bathroom!)

And if they DON’T do jump when their boss says jump (or forget to ask “how high”), they get fired.

How is that different than a slave whose master provides food shelter and clothing, then takes the food, shelter and clothing away to punish the slave for not working hard enough?

Sure your boss can’t break out the whip and beat you, but he can cut off your financial air supply and threaten your ability to provide food and shelter for your kids.

Personally as a father if I had the choice of my kids starving and being on the street or taking a beating, I’d say bring on the whip!

Fortunately I’ve made decisions in my life that now give me the choices, freedom and control to prevent ever being placed in that position.

And that is the decision I’m encouraging you to make right now if you haven’t already…

Who do you want to be responsible for your life, your success and your well-being?

The government? A boss? Or yourself?

If you are one of those rare souls who actually enjoy your job… Good for you! But I’d still suggest you figure out a way to get out of it, and continue doing what you love, just do it for yourself.

But if you are an employee who DOESN’T enjoy your job, I urge you even stronger to make this year your FREEDOM YEAR!

Set the goal, pick the date, make your plan, draw a line in the sand…

And stand up and declare your independence!

If you’ve always dreamed of having your freedom and independence, then stop dreaming and start doing!

(If you’ve really got balls, put some mistletoe on your back belt loop, walk into your bosses office and tell ‘em what they can do!)

Take the leap on faith… The net WILL appear!

Use the following declaration or goal statement as your foundation.

My Personal Declaration of Independence:

“I, YOUR NAME HERE hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now FREEDOM DAY, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $xx,xxx per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

Once you’ve written your personal version of this declaration, I challenge you to also post it as a comment on this blog!

(You can leave the income figure out in the blog comment if you’re not comfortable sharing that, but make sure to post your target “freedom day”.)

You will be amazed at the power a PUBLIC “Declaration of Independence” will have to motivate you to achieve your goal by the date you set.

Please… I urge you to actually take action on this. Don’t just read this blog post and get fired up or think “that’s a good idea.

Actually take action right now in this moment. At a minimum write down YOUR version of the declaration above, post it where you will see it multiple times a day, carry a copy of it with you in your purse or wallet, and write it out by hand at least once every day until you are free.

Make the decision right now. A real decision…

You see a real decision is transformational. Once you make a REAL decision, you are permanently and forever changed at a deep level.

The Latin root of the word decision means “to cut off from all alternatives”.

That’s exactly what our Founding Fathers did when they signed their names to our National Declaration of Independence. By publicly signing their names, they knew that the penalty for not winning the Revolutionary War would be death. They truly cut themselves off from any other alternative.

That is what you need to do right now.

Make the commitment to yourself and to your family that before this year (or even this month, week or DAY) is over you will seize the freedom, choices and control working for yourself gives you.

Jobs really are filthy habits. Make the commitment to quit yours cold-turkey right now!

Happy Freedom Day!
Eric Graham

PS – Please share this blog post with as many people as possible, via Twitter, Email, Digg, Facebook, your own blog or any other way you can. You never know if this might be the exact catalysts they need right now to change their life and declare their freedom!

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52 comments to Jobs Are Filthy Habits That You Should Kick As Soon As Possible!

  • Amy Harrington

    Oh my goodness this was the best, most inspiring thing I’ve read this year!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This is exactly what I needed at this point in my life!

    Here is MY Declaration of Independence:

    “I, Amy Harrington hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now July 4th, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $15,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

    I can’t thank you enough for this inspiring post!


    • Amy,

      Thank YOU for being a reader.

      I’m glad I could inspire you to set your goal.

      Looks like come July 4th, you are going to have a lot to celebrate along with the fireworks and hot dogs!

      You can do it!


  • Steve Parker


    I don’t know where to start.

    First, thank you for having the courage to post something so bold and opinionated!

    You are right that your post will piss a few people off, but just because they get mad doesn’t mean you are any less right!

    On New Years day this year I set the goal to quit my job and run my lawn care business full time.

    I’m not sure if you’ll even remember, but I saw you speak at an event in Las Vegas a few months ago and you sat down Saturday afternoon with me and my friend and talked to us for over 2 hours!

    What you shared with me during those 2 hours and the ideas you gave me for re-positioning my lawn care service to target more affluent neighborhoods has resulted in me tripling the number of annual contracts I have signed, while doubling my prices.

    And that was just from the offline stuff you talked to me about. I still have 3 pages of notes on what to do with online marketing and my website when I get it up and running.

    Based on my 2 hours with you in Las Vegas, I’m actually making more each month from my side business than in my day job, even right now during our slow months. I can’t wait to see what happens when our busy season starts!

    But this blog post just pushed me over the edge.

    Even though I’m making more from my business than at my job, and even though I set the goal to jump ship this year, I’ve been afraid to pull the trigger.

    I need to talk it over with my wife when she gets home from school tonight, but based on what I’m feeling after reading your post I’m ready to make the leap and give my 2 week notice.

    Here is My Personal Declaration of Independence:

    “I, Stephen Parker hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now February 1st , 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $7,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

    Holy crap! I can’t believe I just wrote that. It is terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I’ve got goose bumps here dude!


    • Hey Steve!

      Actually I do remember you and your friend.

      He was the Veterinarian right?

      I’m so glad to see you went out and took action on my recommendations. (You’d be surprised how RARE that is…)

      Let me know what your wife says!

      If she’s not 100% on board, let me know and I’d be willing to talk to you guys on the phone for a couple minutes and see if I can help swing her over to “our side”. 😉

      I believe in you buddy!

      If you think your business is doing good now, just wait and see what happens when you have 8+ hours a day to devote to building it.

      Just remember to keep working ON your biz, not IN your biz.

      You rock!


  • Jennifer Harris

    Great post Eric!

    You already helped me get rid of my job.

    Thanks to you, (as you know) my freedom day was October 12, 2009.

    But my husband still has a job, and I just called him at work and read your entire post outloud to him!

    When we got done reading it together, he and I both cried on the phone as we wrote this for him:

    “I, George Harris hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now November 3, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $25,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

    (November 3rd is his 45th birthday.)


    PS: He wanted me to give you a big Former Marine Corp Captain “Hell Yeah!” about the political stuff you wrote!

    • Jenn,

      That is fantastic!

      What a great way to spend his 45th B-Day.

      Thank your husband for his service. As an Air Force Vet, I’ve got nothing but respect for Marines.

      (But I have to correct something in your comment, that I’m sure he is going to get after you about. From my understanding, there is NO SUCH THING as a “former Marine”! Once a Marine, always a Marine!)

      Is he going to be working with you on your niche publishing business or does he have something of his own he wants to build?


  • Darren

    This would have been a wonderful blog post if you had left out all the right-wing, Christian, Fox News propeganda.

    But I guess you warned me you would piss me off, so I should have paid attention! LOL

    Even though I disagree with you politically, the stuff about business and jobs was right on the money.

    Between the political garbage you at least inspired me enough to declair my freedom!

    I hate my job with a passion. I litterally despise every moment I am at work and would sometimes like to beat my boss to death with my broken stapler he is too cheap to replace!

    I’m not going to post my full name or website URL because I don’t want my boss finding this comment.

    But here goes:

    “I, Darren X hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now May 1st, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $5,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

    This is more for me than the public.


    BTW – I loved the “mistle toe on the belt loop” remark! I’m so going to do that for real!

    • Darren,

      I can see why you wouldn’t want your boss to find your comment! 😉

      I’ll have to remind myself to either hide the staplers from my employees or at least make sure they actually work…

      Sorry the “political rants” offended you. Bet like you said, “I warned you!” 😛

      The great thing about this country is that because we have the freedoms that patriots like Jenny’s husband (from a previous comment) have been willing to defend, you and I don’t have to agree on everything and we can still help each other set big goals, take action and succeed.

      But although I proudly stand by the “right-wing Christian” label (actually a bit more Libertarian than straight “right wing”, but the Christian part I fully embrace), I actually don’t watch much Fox News. Not that I think there is anything wrong with Fox, I simply don’t watch much TV or pay much attention to the news at all.

      I’m a strong believer in protecting my mindset and attitude and 98% of everything on TV and in the news is either negative or a big time waster.

      A big part of your success in working towards your Freedom Date goal is going to be protecting your mindset. Although your hatred of your boss and job can be very POWERFUL motivators, try and build up your vision of how amazing your new freedom will be until it is just as motivating of a “moving towards goal” as your current “moving away from” goal.

      You’ll find the combined force of the 2 motivators much stronger than simply the, “I wanna get out of here before I commit manslaughter with my office supplies angle.”

      And who knows… As your mindset begins to change, you become more successful and begin making some serious money in your business you just may find that writing those big checks every quarter to the IRS makes it harder and harder for you to vote for the “tax and spend crowd”!

      (Sorry… I just couldn’t resist!)

      Keep me posted on your progress,

  • Amen!

    I usually don’t post comments if I can’t think of something to add, but this time, in spite of the fact that you’ve said it all, I have to add my “amen”! It drives me nuts how people just don’t get the stuff you’re saying about entitlements, “benefits”, etc.

  • Darren

    Wow! Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response to my coment.

    It’s obvious from your reply that you actually do care about my success and that means alot to me.

    You must be more “Christian” than “Conservative”.

    Who knows you are probably right about me voting different when I’m rich like you.

    That is a problem Im looking forward to having!

    Thanks for your kindness and inspiration.


  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eric Graham, Eric Graham, Eric Graham, Eric Graham, Paul Wood and others. Paul Wood said: Read article, declare your freedom…RT:@conversiondoc Jobs Are Filthy Habits That You Should Kick As Soon As Possible! […]

  • Steve Parker


    My friend was the veterinarian, you’ve got a great memory!

    Thanks for your support and encouragement.

    By following your advice I actually am working on not in my business.

    Since our brief meeting, I no longer do any of the actual yard services myself. All I am focused on is marketing and customer relations.

    No call with you will be necessary, because after about 5 minutes of explaining my goal to her, and allowing her to read your blog post (when she raised concerns about “security”) she is 100% behind my decision to give my 2 week notice.

    But thank you so much for the generous and kind offer.

    I came close to having my wife pretend to be unsuportive, just to get the free phone time with you but I figured that wouldn’t be right.

    Now it’s official. In the moring I’ll be giving my notice that January is my last month at my job.

    On February 1st I’ll officially be a free man!

    And to think, I woke up this morning with no idea my life could be changed so drastically from 1 single blog post.

    I’ll forever be in your debt Eric!


  • Jennifer Harris


    You are right about the “Former Marine” thing.

    George wanted me to thank you for your service to the country as well.

    To answer your question about if he will be helping in my business or starting his own, it is going to be a combination of both.

    He is going through the videos in your Zero to 500 program and will be using the system, just like I did to create his own info products. But we will be running everything through the existing niche publishing business you helped me setup.

    This is so exciting!


    • Jenn: Fantastic! You’ll have to let me know the niches and topics he picks for his products (in private) because I’ve got products and email lists in dozens of markets, so when he is ready to go let me know and I’ll be glad to send out a couple emails to help jump start his new business.


  • Although we only see each other once a year at some event, I hold with me all year long that you are a “successful Internet marketer” who is also “in the faith” and that BOTH can be possible at the same time.

    • Hey Marty!

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Actually I think it’s EASIER to become successful in business when you DO have faith.

      Plenty of examples in IM of people with strong faith who have made it big.

      Kirt Christensen, Ray Edwards, David Frey, Terry Dean, Willie Crawford, Jimmy D. Brown and a whole bunch of others!

      (To all my “guru” buddies reading this, if I didn’t mention you by name don’t get bent out of shape… You’re included in the “whole bunch of others”! LOL…)

      Take care Marty!

  • Mario Bianchi

    You obviously wrote this post to an American audience, but it was inspiring even to an Italian like me.

    I don’t have an online business yet, but I’ve been studying IM for a couple years now.

    Guess it is time for me to get started.

    “I, Mario Bianchi hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now December 31st, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over 6,000 EUR per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”


    • Mario,

      Sorry for the American-centric content of the blog post. But those of you in Europe have an even bigger challenge with tax and spend socialism than we do. So I feel for you!

      If you have been studying for a couple years but don’t have anything started yet, then you are making the right move.

      Start taking massive and focused action, right now and I’m sure you’ll hit your goal by the end of the year.

      One thing I’ll caution you about if you are just getting started with your online business is to avoid distractions!

      Make sure to pick 1 thing and stick with it until it is built and making you money.

      I’ve seen so many Internet Marketers who jump from one thing or one opportunity to another, and never stick with one idea until they get it built and making money.

      But if you stay focused, and stay consistent your Freedom Day is right around the corner.

      Ciao back at ‘ya,

  • Eric,

    Great post. The “job security” issue is dead on. There is none. The only security is what you know and what you learn to provide for your family. If you aren’t making the hiring decision, you don’t have security. you are at the mercy of your boss.

    The most valuable investment we can make is in our brain.

    I started internet marketing full time in 2002 when the company I worked for was sold. Even more ironic – as VP Marketing, part of my job was to help sell the company and put myself out of work. I never looked back and am so glad I took this path.

    Jeff Mulligan

    • Thanks Jeff!

      I agree 100% that the biggest investment we can make is in our brain. You are right on the money!

      Our knowledge and experience are basically a couple of the ONLY things that can never be taken from us.

      Make a large enough investment in your mind, and you can build or re-build a profitable business almost overnight.


  • Eric, I’m with you every step of the way. You didn’t hit upon the 144 banks that have close and the destruction of the U.S. dollar. Freedom is not a spectator sport we all need to vote and attend rallies.

    • Earl,

      Your absolutely right that “Freedom is not a spectator sport!”

      Figured I’d leave out the “banking and dollar” stuff, since the post was already getting pretty long. 😉

      And don’t even get me started on the FED…


  • Eric,

    Thank you for creating this post.

    You’ve hit the nail on so many things
    the media and government are always trying to
    stick into our heads. (and which make me sick!)

    It makes me crazy to see how many people
    keep passing their lives while believing
    everything they see on TV… is the “truth”.

    TV (or even journals and magazines) these
    days are nothing more and nothing less than
    … an INDUSTRY.

    And at the end of the day each industry will
    live and survive based on the laws of economics.

    1- How many people watched TV on a given day of the week?
    2- And how much advertisers will pay for that TRAFFIC?

    So, just because they are TV it does not mean they
    will always present good content, good interviews or
    good news… since they have TRAFFIC or market constraints
    which they must meet at the end of the day!

    And this single factor alone will always compromise
    the TRUTH!

    EXCELLENT post!


    Frederico Vila Verde

    • Frederico,

      Thanks for your comments and kind words.

      One of the biggest benefits I’ve found from gaining my freedom from the “rat race”, is the ability to associate with like minded entrepreneurs.

      When you work at a job, you are surrounded by people who (even though they are good decent people) just don’t “get it”. They spend their time complaining about and making excuses for where they are at in their lives.

      And the media and government programs simply reinforce the “victim mentality” that many folks live their lives under.

      But it’s not until you step up and take responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in your life (the good and the bad) that you can finally begin to change your circumstances.

      This difference in mindset between successful, full time entrepreneurs and job-slaves is very evident by the strange looks I get from people on occasion who tell me about how they “Just lost their job.”

      My reply is always, “CONGRATULATIONS!”

      You can tell in an instant where their mindset is, by the look on their face. 98% of them think I’m crazy or a jerk, but about 2% of them “get it” and begin to realize that losing their safety net and being FORCED to dig deep and get creative about alternative ways to bring in income can often be the greatest thing that could possibly happen to them.


  • Eric,

    Great post and as a former Naval Aviator it’s great to see former military men and women starting their own businesses.

    When I was in the service, my squadron set up a “millionaire’s club” which helped service members get their financial houses in order.

    What left an imprint on me was the number of Sailors who worked second jobs in the mall or at fast food places to make extra money, not to mention spouses who had a hard time finding good paying positions because of the frequent moves.

    IMO starting an internet business is ideal for these two situations. For the service member its something that can bring in money that doesn’t require a constant time commitment above what’s required to learn and implement systems.

    For the spouse, it’s a business that is location independent. Additionally, fulfillment houses allow you to create physical products and have them shipped anywhere. So imagine, a spouse stationed in Japan, can create a physical guide (including cds and dvds), take orders, and ship those products across the U.S. —truly game changing.

    Thanks for the post,


    • Kevin,

      Thanks for your service. What did you fly in the Navy?

      I couldn’t agree more about online marketing and information products being the PERFECT business for service members and their spouses.

      I started my first online businesses while I was still on Active Duty in the Air Force.

      And one of my favorite clients and good friends (who is now a full time online business owner) started working with me on his business while he was deployed to the Middle East.

      Watching him get his Freedom Day before he had to deploy away from his family again was a very special moment for me.

      As a fellow pilot, you’ve GOT to watch this video:

      Happy flying!

  • Jack

    Great post Eric. Your comment to Darren is very interesting that he might switch voting styles once independent and wealthy. I have found alot of discrepancy with what people think they are politically and what they really are deep down inside. I think the media is partly to blame for that too.

    Case in point Darren said

    “I disagree with you politically, the stuff about business and jobs was right on the money”

    I think Darren is halfway there already.
    Please don’t take that as an attack Darren, I am just saying that as an additional step to becoming independent like Eric is suggesting takes a bit of getting in touch with our beliefs rather than the media try to influence you toward their agenda.
    My post is actually not about politics but about getting in touch with yourself and being independent and strong because the opposite is dependent and weak and I think that is in alot of ways what Eric is trying to say here.

  • You make me wonder how you would react if you felt strongly on a subject. 😎

  • Hey Eric,

    Awesome post, I would have to say I agree with you 100%. I’m not a big fan of where our nation is headed so I am trying my best to prepare for what’s coming. I’ve been self-employed for a few years now running a roofing business. I’m 26 so I’ve still got some time before my body starts giving out on me. (I don’t have employees)

    What I really want to do though is get my online business off the ground. I’ve been pretty guilty of getting distracted and half-trying a bunch of different things. But I’m doing something now that I’ve decided to stick to and actually see if I can get some income rolling in (Roofing is slow atm).

    The biggest problem I’ve been having is getting traffic. I know you focus mainly on conversion, but where do you get most of your traffic in the first place? Or rather where did you start? It seems there’s so many differing ideas out there I get kind of lost where the best place to start would be.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Tyson,

      To get your online business off the ground, all you need to do is find your focus. Pick 1 product, niche or opportunity, make sure there is a hungry market of buyers, and then hit it hard (without distraction or letting up) until you are up and making some money. Only then should you begin looking at adding additional products and income streams to the mix.

      As for traffic, the “dirty secret” nobody tells you about traffic is that there is NO 1 size fits all approach. Your best traffic sources are going to depend on the market you are targeting.

      In some markets PPC is your best bet, in others it’s CPA traffic, in many markets you can drive a ton of organic SEO traffic and in others 90% of your traffic will come from affiliates and JV partners.

      It all depends on your niche, your offer and how well you convert.

      But in most of the markets I play in, my “Big 7” highest converting (and volume) traffic sources are:

      1. PPC
      2. Articles
      3. Video Marketing
      4. Blog posts
      5. Web 2.0 – Facebook, Twitter, Social Bookmarking, Squidoo, WetPaint, etc.
      6. Affiliates and JV’s
      7. Press Releases

      Hope this helps!

      Set your Freedom Day!


  • Great post. You’re preaching to the choir here. I must admit I didn’t have time to read it all. Nothing new for my ears — but I applaud everything syllable I had time to read. The level of brainwashing, manipulation and mind control going on in most areas of “society” is shocking. The more I dig the more I am surprised to see what I find.

    E.g., I will not be sending my son to school. Homeschooling or possibly a very good private school if I could find one.

    Yes, the education system, medical system, political system… but don’t forgot the agricultural system. Lots of corruption there. Big time. People are paying deflated prices for fake food. Genetically altered, denatured, chemically sprayed, refine junk that’s only creating more health care costs (e.g. more drugs to sell). Long ago my family stopped catering to big box superstores with their frankenstien and stick to supporting local organics who provide real food for my family — while essentially supporting business people (e.g. small family farms) and not these factory food systems and junk food chains and frozen excuses for food. We actually pay for a cook to make us real food (costs $10/hour) or do it ourselves.

    Then there’s the whole area of sweat shop labour… There’s a sad one. You article correctly cites how we are slaves… but even worse, look at the slaves of the slaves. Workers from the slums of Beijing as young as 12 working 16 hours days, 7 days a week, without even a washroom break so developed countries can buy cheap, pathetic looking Christmas decorations for $2 and more cheap plastic junk toys for their spoiled kids. Gerald Celente had it right when he said something like just buy your kid one really nice, expensive gift from a local artisan that he’ll treasure for his entire life… skip the sweat shop junk.

    Then we wonder where all the good jobs factory jobs have gone? Why small towns shops have been replaced by ugly big box depots.

    Whether this is the ends times predicted in the Bible… personally I doubt it. On the whole, I think things have been worse or at least more or less the same. I suspect those Bible quotes referred more to an inner conquest going on inside of each… and the final days refer to when people give up their material consciousness and begin to embrace spiritual consciousness and begin to realize the unreality of the material plane.

  • Lori

    Great Post and I couldn’t agree with you more on all fronts! Here’s my dilemma, I did declare my Freedom and started a business in 2009.

    Here’s the rub: I took my 15 years of experience in Recruiting and started an online business helping people get back to work faster and not relying on a Recruiter to do it.

    Now what do I do? 🙂 I am part of the problem! I’m just now starting to make money. Now I’ve read this post and I’m feeling a little ashamed!

    Keep up the great work. Some day I aspire to be one of your clients and maybe you can help me fix my mess! 🙂

    • Lori,

      Don’t worry. You’re not part of the problem, because in reality most people will never be able to break out of their job mentality no matter what happens to them.

      As passionate as I am about helping people gain their freedom, the fact remains that only a small portion of us really have the right mindset to be our own boss.

      My post (rant) was targeted to connect with THOSE people and prod them into action.

      So don’t feel like you are making the problem worse. Particularly if you are making money at it.

      Regardless of the level of re-education, there will always be FAR more people looking for a “better job” than looking to start their own business.

      That’s just the reality of the market. So if you have a solution to those peoples problems, sell them what they are looking for and don’t be ashamed about it!


      • Lori

        Thanks for that Eric! I’m all for the Big Party and Masterminding Idea!

        This whole post has prompted me to add an additional part of my business! So I’m re-declaring my Freedom and Independence and going to help others do so as well!

        I’ll keep on the lookout for the PARTY :)!

  • larry brown

    Outstanding Eric! Every word truth. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you so much for a no nonsense post about what truly matters! I agree with you 100% and am very glad you are willing to spread the message! It’s so refreshing! Thanks for making my day!

    Money is tight for me right now, but I am thankful everyday that I don’t have a J-O-B and I am blessed to work at home and spend valuable time with my young son.

    Take care Eric!

    • Glad to “make your day!”

      Even if money IS tight, one hour spending time with your son adds FAR more real and lasting value to your life than 40 hours working at a J-O-B! 😉

      Take care,

  • Randy

    The fact that you actually had the audacity to mention GOD, gives me renewed hope in the future! I’m glad that someone isn’t afraid to admit that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, by people who believed in GOD.
    I took the time to read your entire post, and I TOTALLY AGREE. Each of us needs to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for our lives.
    I have a business at the present time, but it is not financially self-supporting now. I have DECIDED to change that, and so I hereby post My Personal Declaration of Independence:

    “I, Randy hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now October 1, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $15,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. This or something better.”

    • Randy,

      Great “Declaration of Independence”!

      You can do it! Particularity BECAUSE you recognize the value and importance of mentioning and giving credit to GOD.

      Keep me updated on your progress towards your Freedom Day.

      Perhaps if we get enough people taking me up on the challenge to declare their independence, I might throw a big party at the end of the year and invite everybody who hits their goal to come hang out (for free) and do some masterminding with me and a few of my millionaire buddies!


  • Eric, my personal declaration is intrinsic; coming from my gut, which no amount of keyboarding can explain and only few can understand. But I’ll give it a feeble try.

    I served twenty years in the United States Army Infantry of which four of those years were in combat and hot zones. After I retired I returned to college and grad school and went to a ‘job’. I was disgusted at the end of the first day. My colleagues were nothing more than politically correct, touchy-feely excuses for being unproductive. That was thirteen years, ago.

    I immediately began penciling out my own company. In spite of all the bone-headed, asinine mistakes I’ve made then, and continue to make to this very day, I’m a free man who’s enjoying the freedom I earned too many times over, and I absolutely love it.

    There were times when income dried up and times that it was flowing so much that I was giddy with stupidity. But you know what? Those tough times were on me and were more enjoyable than any one minute filling a slot on an HR’s board.

    Unfortunately, one inescapable fact remains; self-employment is not for everyone. If an individual thinks that The United States of America owes them something other than their personal pursuit to happiness, then they need to be enslaved to clock-punching and order-taking till eternity. The rest of us will make the decisions for them.

    They are completely clueless of the sacrifices America’s veterans made for their freedom to be self-employed, among many other liberties. To refuse those gifts is not only rude and disrespectful to our country’s veterans, but is emblematic of an individual with an I.Q. that’s somewhere between a rock and an ashtray.

    Pete Alexion
    North Pole, Alaska

  • Bob

    Your post was very inspirational. I am currently one of those people living with a paycheck-to-paycheck job. However, at the end of this month I will be out of that job. I have been trying to figure out how to start my own business, but the paycheck-to-paycheck existence has left us with no savings to speak of to start a business. I’m not trying to start a big company that would attract investors, just a small catering business that I could grow into something. I wouldn’t even have to worry about the “benefits” right now, because my wife is currently employed and can cover those concerns until my business was up to speed. When even the small business groups want to see how much you are willing to invest in your own business before they will even consider allowing you to get a loan, how can seome like me get a business started?

    Thank you for the inspiration, but I am still having trouble getting beyond the job.

  • Hi Eric,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed the article to my business partner and he absolutely loved your post. 😉


    Frederico Vila Verde

    P.S. And thanks for the reply earlier in this conversation!

  • Amy

    I loved your post and read every word of it. I totally agree with you 100%. As someone who voted for Ron Paul I think it is sad where our country is going. Did you know that in biblical times a 50% tax was considered slavery? I guess we are slaves to the government.

  • Hi Eric,

    I loved this article! It takes reading and article like this or a book that jolts you out of your comfort zone, and kick-starts your inherent desire for freedom. That happened for me some years ago and I’ve been on that path ever since.

    I just took a leap of faith this year and invested in my own web traffic website. It is so new I have one member right now – ME, lol! But here’s my declaration:

    “I, Tracy Austin hereby declare my freedom and independence from the slavery of a job. It is now FREEDOM DAY, 2010 and I am so happy and grateful now that I have an income from my own business of over $10,000 per month giving me the freedom to be my own boss. I allow this or something better.”

    Thanks for the great article!


  • Leo

    Thank you so much for this inspiring, informative and enlightening post. I just got released from a nightmarish cubicle prison (got fired from a job I hated) and I don’t intend to look for another cubicle trap. I am working on generating multiple streams of income (both online and offline), working on a few projects.

    Being an employee is not secure at all, and there is such thing as job security. I got laid off twice and fired once during my corporate cubicle prisoner career. It doesn’t matter how good you are and how much value you add, when the executives screw up and the quarterly statements look bad, the axe comes swinging and they have to cut the headcount. They laid off some of the most skilled and experienced folks at both times I went through a layoff.

    I am actually happy to lose my job, I didn’t have the guts to quit and work on my marketing/business projects full time. I had only a couple of hours to work on them after exhausting workdays. I feel happy, energetic and most importantly FREE. I will do my best to create multiple streams of income and do everything in my power not to ever go back to the awful cubicle again.

    As for health insurance, if you are in decent health and just want to insure yourself for unexpected major illness/injury expenses, you can get a good plan for less than $50/month. There are many options.

    And you have a tax advantage as a small business owner. You can also write off all the meals you eat out, office furniture, computer and printing equipment, your automobile expenses, phone and internet, even the vacations (it’s a business trip to meet prospective clients) and a myriad of other things ant a huge tax return check. As an employee, you get taxed to death with those expenses. You can put your kids and family on the payroll (such as using them as print ad models) and reap even more benefits that way.

    If you have a 6 figure income as a small business owner, you are far better off than the 6 figure employee.

    People are just scared into slavery and cubicle imprisonment with the ‘job security’ and ‘benefits’ lies. It’s just sad and depressing that the people lose their independent will and chose to rot away in a dismal cubicle.

  • WhoIsBenjamin

    You hit the nail on the head with this one Eric!

    When people ask me what it’s like to have your own business vs a job, I tell them, “you know how people make comparisons like apples and oranges…or the difference between night and day?” They say,”Yeah…” I go, “The comparison doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s so far apart that if you had to make a comparison, it would be the difference between the earth and the sun – and I don’t just mean in distance alone, but in it’s massive size”

    I know this for a fact, because I’ve worked both a job and business at the same time, and I would ALWAYS look forward to going home and applying a new method that will add to my bottomline.

    And even if it DIDN’T, there’s far greater satisfaction in knowing that I have the CHOICE to apply it without answering to anyone. And you know what, alot of the things I try out DO work and build multiple streams of income…

    It got to the point where I would have ideas to help increase the sales of the company i worked for, but I always have to remind myself that my role is to stock shelves or ring customers and nothing else. I get severe claustophibia sitting in a “little box” at the cash register.

    Another thing is that I weep when I can’t play my guitar when I want, when I can’t draw or paint when inspired, when I can’t get out and go to the movies or play video games or date the women I want when I want…in other words, when you own your own business, you can BE creative, artistic, and do many things you have to force yourself not to imagine while your at a job.

    It’s a freedom unlike anything most human beings will not have the great fortune to experience…It’s a GODLY experience…and it’s not because they can’t, it’s because they either don’t want to, don’t know about it, or to brainwashed to see it’s there.

    If you structure your business right, you can just up and go to Cedar Point, bungee jump, or jump out of an airplane if your inspired (or as bold and adventures as I am)

    At a job, you need to ask for time off to do that…and there’s nothing more degrading than asking for your own time to do things you want.

    This post inspired me to plan out and start hosting free seminars about the benefits of starting a business and practical steps I personally take to create the well-oiled cash machines I have.

    God Bless you Eric!

  • thanks you Eric this really is a well written article, having just gone into self employment after 10 years of working for peanuts for some good and some really bad employers I can just say that the freedom is amazing even though the pay is less right now I expect top be better off financially in the long run. Thank you for an inspiring read.

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