Is The Conversion Doctor M.I.A.?

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question-head.jpgAs you can see the last post to my blog is dated almost a month ago. I’ve actually had blog readers e-mail me asking if I was okay or if I was suffering from some kind of health issues.

Well to set the record straight, my health is good, I’m doing fine, I’ve just been INSANELY busy over the past month or two.

You see… as generous as I try to be with my test results and conversion knowledge, unlike many “experts” I actually spend 80% of my time DOING and only 20% of my time TEACHING.

As a result I’ve been so busy writing copy and conducting tests for my own and my clients websites I simply haven’t had the time to slow down and share the results.

In addition to that, the number of requests I’ve been receiving to speak at various events has more than tripled. And I’m in the middle of joint venture projects with several high profile online marketers.

To top it off, for some reason 4 of my clients decided to launch new products all within a 14 day window of each other (and a couple of these were MAJOR product launches in their particular markets.) Of course all 4 hired me to develop their launch strategy and write their e-mail campaigns. In fact three out of the four asked me to write their sales letters as well.

Here’s an e-mail I got from one of these clients who launched her product last Tuesday…


I have to tell you – I have never seen (or for that matter even HEARD of) conversion rates this high before!

On my product launch day, two of my joint venture partners experienced 26% and 32% conversion rates!

The average conversion rate for 5 of my biggest jv partners was 18%!

On the squeeze page we’re using, almost everyone is seeing 60%+ conversions. And a lot of them are actually getting 70, 80, even over 90%.

Obviously these numbers are great for my business, but what’s important is that they’re great for my jv partners. Which means they’re going to continue to promote my product long after the initial launch.

And the funny thing about it is at first when you presented your marketing plan for my launch I actually didn’t want to do it! Thanks for insisting that we follow through with it!

Ann Sieg

Hehehe… That’s WHY they call me the “Conversion Doctor” Ann! 🙂

If you’ve ever coordinated and written the copy for a major product launch you know how much work is involved. So as you can imagine with 4 launches happening at almost the exact same time, I’ve been a busy boy!

Normally I would NEVER accept 4 major projects like as this all at the same time. In fact I don’t think I’ve put in such a long string of 12 to 16 hour days since I left my J.O.B. 6 years ago!

But because all 4 of these clients happen to be members of my private, $2,500 per month Platinum Elite Coaching Program, and I just believed so strongly in their projects and care about each of them so deeply on a personal level, I just couldn’t say no.

Also, as I’ve discovered repeatedly in my own business, sometimes “too much” conversion can be a bad thing. This is particularly true when you are selling services as I often do. Currently more than half of my business (at least in THIS market) comes from services such as website evaluations, copywriting, coaching, consulting, speaking and of course my testing services.

This is why I’m currently undergoing a major restructuring of my business. Switching from a time for money, service based model to more of a product and group coaching based business model.

Many of my ultra-successful clients, friends and JV partners such as Jim Edwards, Michel Fortin, Armand Morin and James Brausch have been urging me to do this (and share my secrets, test results and strategies in course or workshop) for quite a while now.

So I’ve begun working on the lesson plans for my “Conversion Rate Secrets” course which I’ll be conducting later this year. But in order to free up more time to work on this (long overdue) course, I have to take some drastic measures.

As a result…

Over the past two months I’ve turned away 90% of new clients who’ve approached me for written, phone or on-site consultation. And I’ve actually “fired” a whole handful of existing clients for a host of reasons. (Time vampires, slow payments, lack of follow through/action on their part, etc.)

Over the next few months I plan on making one-on-one access to me MUCH more difficult (and expensive.)

While I will continue to work closely with my top coaching clients and the elite handful of world-class marketers who outsource their split and multivariate testing to me, I will be eliminating or significantly raising the price for many of my entry level services.

One of those services that will either be going away or become significantly more expensive is my Conversion Booster Website Evaluation Service.

While I absolutely love conducting these evaluations (and I really love watching the tremendous impact these evaluations have on my clients businesses), the fact of the matter is… these website evaluations are VERY time and labor intensive for me.

I typically invest anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of my time in each and every evaluation. And this does not count the half-hour follow-up call and 14 days of unlimited e-mail access each website evaluation client receives as bonuses.

When you consider I value my time at between $500 and $1,000 per hour (and based on the results of a couple recent projects I’ve done, that is probably too low), you can quickly see how investing 4+ hours for only $997 just doesn’t make sense for me any longer.

So if you’ve ever even CONSIDERED getting a website critique from me, I would say now is the time. Because once my “Conversion Rate Secrets” course is released, I’ll have no choice but to discontinue (or significantly raise the price of) my website evaluation service.

To apply for your evaluation simply visit the link below:

Happy Testing!

Eric Graham,
“The Conversion Doctor”
(Still alive and well!)

P.S. – Keep an eye on my blog for some additional changes I’ll be making to my business soon that will give you an unprecedented level of access to my test results and conversion boosting arsenal.

After briefly speaking on the phone the other day to my friend Armand Morin, I’ve decided to follow Armand’s advice and accelerate my plans to share my battle tested conversion strategies (the same strategies my top clients pay $500 per hour and over $2,500 per month to learn) with you. So stay tuned…

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