Is $34,825 Per Hour Really Possible?

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microphone.jpgI charge $500 per hour for one-on-one consultation. And, as I mentioned last week, I’ll probably need to raise that fee soon (or end 1-on-1consulting altogether) because demand for my time and services is so high I have to turn away 90%+ of the new potential clients that inquire.

I can pick and choose the clients, websites and projects that I WANT to work on. Because honestly… I don’t NEED to accept anything simply for the money.

But as busy as I am at $500 an hour, there is one activity in my business that earns me more money per hour than any other single activity.

In fact, I’ve earned over $34,825 in a single hour from this activity. (And that’s nothing compared to what a few of my friends earn doing this. It’s not uncommon for a few of my friends like Armand Morin to earn over six-figures in just 90 minutes doing this…)

The activity I’m referring to is of course public speaking.

I’ve been a professional speaker for over 5 years now and I can tell you from experience there is no faster or better way to establish yourself as an expert or build your credibility in your marketplace than public speaking.

And while it’s possible to make great money in fees for speaking (I personally charge up to $7,500 for a 90 minute keynote), the MASSIVE money is often made by selling your products or services from stage or at the back of the room.

This is the method that the top paid professional speakers in the world use to earn 7 figures per year in this business.

And “how to sell from stage” is only ONE of the many, many income streams my good friend and wildly successful professional speaker, JP Maroney can show you in his brand new Speaker 101 training program.

Once you’re armed with the powerful strategies JP gives you in this 6 part training program you can…

  • Sell $32,000 to $110,000 of your products or services in less than 90 minutes
  • Gain instant expert status with your market
  • Build your list quickly with prospects who ADORE you
  • Enroll high-paying clients in your coaching programs
  • Attract highly profitable consulting clients
  • Sell thousands of copies of your information products, books, reports, audio or video programs
  • Attract and work with elite joint-venture partners
  • And so much more.

    So follow the link below to head over to the special page JP created to explain everything you get in this great program:

    Join JP for Speaker 101…

    I look forward to seeing YOU on stage!

    Eric Graham

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