I’ll Take MY Girls Over The Rich Jerk’s Girls Any Day of The Week…

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erica-face.jpgWe recently had a family emergency that has helped me keep things in perspective..

My 3 year old daughter was playing with her big sisters and wound up getting a rather bad head injury.

In fact it was so bad that we had to take her to the hospital emergency room. She had a large gash in the top of her head that was so long and so deep I could actually see part of her skull. (Take it from me… As a father, if there is ANY part of your child you never want to see it’s their skull!)

Fortunately she is doing just fine (except for a few STAPLES in her head!)


But the entire ordeal just reminded me how blessed I am to be financially free.

There was no call from my wife (or worse a babysitter or daycare) telling me about the injury. I was right there in my home office when it happened, so I was able to come to her aid immediately. There was no boss to explain things to or ask permission to leave. There was no worries or fear over “how much is this going to cost” at the hospital. And (thanks to a couple very understanding clients who were rescheduled) I was able to drop everything and focus on 100% my little girl for as long as she needed me.

In light of my “invitation” a few weeks ago to attend and promote the Rich Jerk’s “charity networking event” at the Playboy Mansion, this incident just served as an additional reminder to me of why I politely (well… okay so maybe it wasn’t exactly polite) said I wasn’t going.

You see… One of my friends and clients (a VERY well known marketer who shall remain nameless) asked me to go to this with him (for free) and promote it on my blog and I must admit I was surprised he even asked me.

My faith and Christ/family centered life is no secret to my clients, so he should have known better than to even ask.

He and I had a long conversation about whether or not he wanted his name associated with this event. Unfortunately he is still going. And I’m still disappointed.

But, his invitation made me curious enough to take a look at the “Rich Jerk’s” sales letter for this event and while the “uncensored version” was simply too offensive to even stay on for a few seconds, on the “toned down” version I was highly disappointed to see several other marketers (again a couple of who are friends, clients and claim to be Christian family men) who I had respected, proudly attending this event.

Some have told me that they are going just for the networking… But even if I could take that at face value, I still have to question the wisdom of associating your name and personal brand with pornography or any “morally questionable” event.

A couple recent blog postings about this subject are…

Why I am NOT Attending RJ’s Party at the Playboy Mansion by Paul Galloway

Is Internet Marketing Just a Millionaire Boy’s Club? By Terry Dean

Morality aside… Just from a business standpoint, with “trust and credibility” playing such a critical factor in the online selling process (and my test results indicate it’s becoming more and more important all the time), you would think that some of these guys would want to avoid ANYTHING that would tarnish their reputation.

But that’s the great thing about having the financial freedom that can come from a successful online business… You are FREE to make your own decisions (of course you have to live with the consequences of those decisions as well) and you’re FREE to position your own personal brand in any way you see fit.

For me the decision is always easy…

I simply look at the following picture (to remind me of what is most important) and ask myself, “would what I’m doing (or promoting) be something my daughters would be proud of?”


Jacquelynn (12), Allison (11) and Erica AKA “Little Miss Staple Head” (3)

Making the “right” decisions about you business is easy when you keep the reason why you’re building it in the first place clear.

I have 3 “reasons why” and they are all pictured above. They influence EVERY single decision I make, about every single business I own.

So what is YOUR “reason why”?

Do you want to boost sales on your website simply to put more stacks of green paper in your bank account so you can party like a rock star with a porn king?

Or do you have a more meaningful reason for seeking your financial freedom?

It’s like James Brausch says, “How can you leave home every day when you could be with your family instead?

I know I sure can’t…


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5 comments to I’ll Take MY Girls Over The Rich Jerk’s Girls Any Day of The Week…

  • Hey Eric,

    I have to agree with you. Too many, especially those in my age group, would love to go to such an event. Actually, the whole 98% would like to do so. Imagine posting images on MySpace taken from the mansion… it would probably get an amount of attention, but, for what? To impress a few friends? Not worth it in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂 I’ll stick with the 2% in this case.

    – Aaron

  • Fred Black

    A very good post. I’m glad your daughter is going to be OK. We have 2 13 year olds, a 10 year old, and a 2 ½ year old. I know how easy it is for one of them to get hurt just playing around.

    I was just telling someone the other day that the Devil does not usually show up on your doorstep wearing his red suit and carrying his pitchfork… he usually shows up looking like Catherine Zeta-Jones whispering an offer in your ear that’s pretty hard to refuse. I know from personal experience how easy it is to justify that something is OK, even though deep down you know it’s wrong. This particular issue, and how various Internet Business gurus have handled it, has really shed some light on thing. In my book, you, Terry Dean, and Paul Galloway have earned a lot of respect.

    Fred Black

  • Ryan Healy

    Hey Eric – Excellent post, and I agree with you completely. Reputation is extremely important in marketing. And guys who compromise for a shot at a few extra bucks need to reconsider their priorities.

  • I think it was this type of degradation that led to the fall of Rome, and all it’s “rich jerks.” Gives Internet Marketing a bad name. To bad, some of the big names decided to jump in.

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