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webinarkingcomlogo1.gifFor the past few months I’ve been testing something that has produced a massive jump in sales, conversions and profits for my business.

Because you’re a valued reader, I’m inviting you to a completely free Webinar I’m doing with Jim Edwards and Chris Zavadowski, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm Eastern.

If you had a chance to participate in the webinars I did with Michel Fortin, you already know the tremendous power webinars have to communicate with your audience.

(And, you already know that I can get experts to pack an absolute ton of content into a webinar when I interview them!)

After my first webinar with Michel, and I received many questions from viewers asking me HOW they could do webinars themselves.

Because of the massive interest you expressed in learning how to conduct (and profit from) your own webinars, I cornered Jim Edwards (the world’s top webinar expert) at the Big Seminar and convinced him to conduct a very special “Webinar on Webinars” with me for my subscribers.

This webinar is going to show you how to quickly and easily host and make money from your own webinars. Even if you have absolutely no prior knowledge about them.

This cutting-edge technology is hands down the future of creating content, new products, and selling online. Anyone (in any market) who learns how to use webinars to grow their business will have a devastating advantage over their competition.

I did my first webinar with Jim a few months ago, since that time I’ve conducted over a dozen webinars for myself and for my clients. Those webinars have brought in an additional $32,821.00 of income to my business in just the past few months.

Pretty good… Right?

Actually that is NOTHING compared to the massive amount of money Jim Edwards has been generating using webinars.

During this powerful event you will learn, step-by-step how Jim generated over $418,262.00 in less than 5 months using nothing but webinars.

Visit the site below to get the full story and discover why many of my top clients (who represent some of the most elite and successful marketers on the planet) are frantically clearing their calendars to make sure they can participate in this amazing event.

I’ll “See” you on the webinar…


P.S. – If you’re sick and tired of all the latest “flavor of the month” ways to make money online…and if you’re looking for the simplest, proven way to create your own products, generate a non-stop flood of traffic, make killer sales, and build a fat, responsive list easier than you ever dreamed possible…then register now for the most important Webinar you’ll watch all year!

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