Do THIS before you write ANY copy! (And you’ll make WAY more money…)

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free-vid.jpgI recently recorded this video for one of my email coaching clients (along with a couple others that I’m NOT going to share.)

But it turned out so good that I thought I’d share it with you too!

In this video I walk you through a pre-copywriting worksheet I fill out every single time I am going to be writing any kind of sales copy.

This includes writing full salesletters for my own business or for my clients, creating sales videos, webinars and even live speaking engagements where I have an offer at the end.

Now, some people know that I’m almost obsessive about creating checklists and procedures for just about EVERYTHING I do in my business.

But if you want to achieve maximum results in your own business you need to develop checklists and procedures for everything YOU do as well.

By going through this pre-copywriting procedure, the quality of your copy, your connection with your target audience and your resulting conversion and response rates will be EXPONENTIALLY better than they would otherwise be.

Also, if you are a charter member, you have access to the PDF of this procedure in the members area, along with a couple other videos, PDFs and templates I created for this same email coaching client.

And if you are NOT a charter member… Sorry, the site is not officially launched yet so you’ll have to wait another couple months to get access. We are not accepting new members right now.

Also, I should probably point out another lesson here…

As you can see, although I recorded this video (and the others) specifically to help one of my email coaching clients, I am actually leveraging that content in several different ways.

I’m using some of it in my membership site, I’m using some of it in an upcoming product I’m creating and as you can see here, I’m using some of it as valuable content for my blog.

Anytime you create content in your own business, you should take a hard look and think about all the different ways you can repurpose that content to get you maximum results for your efforts.

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11 comments to Do THIS before you write ANY copy! (And you’ll make WAY more money…)

  • Mike M


    Great video.
    Lots of excellent content.
    I’ve paid lots for similar information.

    Will you be making a pdf of the pre-copywriting worksheet available for us to use?



  • Mr. Graham,

    every word of your customers is true: This is by way the most valuable video I ‘ve ever seen on copywriting as a topic. I am a copywriter myself and I could not think of something you had not covered. and you cover more than just the “research phase”.
    With luck, a lot of people will see what work is behind good quality copy, so not everybody will try to write her own copy!

  • Your Pre-Copywriting Worksheet really streamlines the preparation work that goes into a project. Thanks for the great video and I would love to use this template. You mentioned a downloadable PDF in the video but I cant seem to locate it. Please let me know were I could get a copy of this – Thanks

  • Thanks Eric,

    boy you covered it all, no wonder so few people do that kind of work… which is great for the people who are willing to.

    your video clearly lays out the 90% persperation – 10% inspration, quote i have heard. i will be filling out today on my relationship saving system.

    thanks again,
    Paul Sterling

    ps i couldn’t find the pdf link?

  • Tammy

    This is a really great learning tool which I know will help me so, so much.

    Thanks for laying it all out and making it more understandable for those who are just starting.

    I need your help with the PDF. I am not getting a link to download anything.

    I want a copy of this really bad. Do you know any reason I would not see a link to download the PDF?



  • Eric, all I’ve got to ask you is: where can I get a copy of your worksheet? LOL.

    And I don’t know why, but sometimes when I look at your picture, I think of Jay Abraham. Weird. He was the FIRST business related author I ever read from (Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got).

    Anyway, good stuff. I’ll have to come up with my own worksheet… or I’ll just duplicate yours, hehe.

  • Wow, Eric this so cool, I attracted your material, this morning I was cleaning my inbox, saw your e-mail and Bang! Actually before that I planned to start working on my sales letter for an event in 2 months, many thanks,
    looks doable now by ME!

  • Art Derfall

    Hi Eric,

    The video was extremely valuable. I’ve never seen these details added to the usual “state your features, benefits, etc.”

    I can’t find a link on this page or the video page for the PDF.


  • Procedures and lists are essential for running a home business – or for anything that gets a bit complicated (this year I juggled 6 university papers each semester and I had to really keep on top of it with different due dates for different assignments etc).

  • […] going through this video (and the PDF I created for it) as well as the pre-copywriting procedure I released a few weeks ago, the quality of your copy, your connection with your target audience and […]

  • […] 6. Do THIS before you write ANY copy! (And you’ll make WAY more money…) […]

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