Checkout page split test results… (Product descriptions matter!)

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If you’ve read my blog or newsletter for any length of time you know that I am a fanatical tester.

Yesterday the results of a test I’ve been running came in and I though I would share those results with you.

One of the variables I recently tested was the “product description” that appears on the checkout page for based carts.

This was for a special promotion I did for one of my affiliates, offering his subscribers special Live (GotoMeeting based) 1-on-1 website evaluations and conversion rate improvement consultations for only $97…

The control simply said:
“Half Hour Consultation $97.00”.

The test version was more benefit focused:
“Live 30 Minute 1-on-1 Conversion Boosting Website Evaluation $97.00”

This was the only difference between the two versions. The salesletter copy and calls to action were identical. The only variable was the checkout page version visitors were taken to when they clicked my order link.

And the only variable on the respective checkout pages was the “Product Description” wording.

(Click on the links to view the actual pages tested.)


Test Variable:

The results of this test were a pleasant surprise…


(Screen shot from testing software.)

The control version generated 48 sales (from 2,079 unique visitors) for a conversion rate of 2.31%.

The test version generated 56 sales (from 2,052 unique visitors) for a conversion rate of 2.73%.

So… The more descriptive and benefit rich product description in the shopping cart or checkout pages improved response by 18.2%.

Now, I understand this is not an earth shattering increase. But, for a single, small variable that few (if any) people ever test, this is a nice little boost.

(And… when you combine this small boost with a couple dozen other small, incremental improvements, it adds up to a significant increase in sales and profits.)

But… An 18.2% increase in response and sales can add up to a nice chunk of change over time.

For this particular promotion, an 18.2% increase in conversion would generate an additional $407.40 per 1,000 visitors.

1,000 unique visitors at 2.31% conversion = 23.1 sales * $97 per sale = $2,240.70
1,000 unique visitors at 2.73% conversion = 27.3 sales * $97 per sale = $2,648.10
= +$407.40

Your takeaway from this test is this…

The variables you can test are limited only by your imagination, and seemingly small details can be optimized to produce big improvements in conversion, sales and profits.

(But don’t take my word for it… TEST IT YOURSELF!)

Happy testing!

Eric Graham,
“The Conversion Doctor”

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