2008 Presidential Candidate Website Evaluation Results… (They all FAILED!)

pres-seal.jpgOn Tuesday (before my webinar with Jim Edwards) I hosted a special webinar with Jim Peake where we evaluated the websites of the 6 major presidential candidates.

We were specifically looking at how the candidates addressed and communicated their stances on several key issues, including small business, veterans and senior’s issues (particularly social security.)

We evaluated the websites of 3 democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. And 3 republicans, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

And as you will see in the recorded video of our webinar, all six candidates’ websites FAILED miserably in addressing these key issues.

While a few candidates are making limited use Web 2.0 methods such as social networking, RSS feeds and online video, their websites leave a great deal of room for improvement in many, many areas.

To view the full video recording of our “2008 Presidential Candidate Website…


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What Do Webinars Have to Do With Conversion Rates? (You’ll be surprised!)

webinar.jpgIf you’ve read my blog lately you know that I’ve been doing a TON of webinars lately…

The 2 webinars i did with Michel Fortin were absolutely FANTASTIC! If you missed those, you should slap yourself… you missed out on something very special (and profitable.)

Well… Tonight (at 7:00 PM Eastern) I have another webinar that I am incredibly excited about with Jim Edwards.

Jim is going to give with us a behind the scenes peek into the exact system he has been using for over 6 months to generate over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in additional income and profits, just from webinars… (If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, you need some serious help…)


If you can only attend ONE webinar this year, tonight’s webinar is the one you MUST attend.

Why? (I’ll tell you in a minute…)

But, with all of my focus on webinars lately,…


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FREE Webinar, Shows YOU How to Host and Profit From Your OWN Webinars…

webinarkingcomlogo1.gifFor the past few months I’ve been testing something that has produced a massive jump in sales, conversions and profits for my business.

Because you’re a valued reader, I’m inviting you to a completely free Webinar I’m doing with Jim Edwards and Chris Zavadowski, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm Eastern.


If you had a chance to participate in the webinars I did with Michel Fortin, you already know the tremendous power webinars have to communicate with your audience.

(And, you already know that I can get experts to pack an absolute ton of content into a webinar when I interview them!)

After my first webinar with Michel, and I received many questions from viewers asking me HOW they could do webinars themselves.

Because of the massive interest you expressed in learning how to conduct (and profit from) your own webinars, I cornered Jim Edwards (the world’s…


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Eric Graham, “The Conversion Doctor” Speaking at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar?

Okay… So Armand didn’t exactly ask me to give an entire 90 minute keynote at the Big Seminar last weekend.

BUT… I did take the microphone for a few minutes during Jim Edwards presentation to share some information about a topic that I am fiercely passionate about (and a topic that has made me well over $32,000 in the last few months.)

And that topic is WEBINARS!

(During this short video I share the results of some of my own testing and tracking webinar conversion rates!)

So take a look at this short clip highlighting “The Conversion Doctor’s” first “speaking engagement” at the Big Seminar…

(Armand, you and I need to talk about giving me a bit more “stage time” at Big Seminar 10… 😉 )

If you want to join me in learning more about how to harness the power…


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The Conversion Doctor Goes to The Big Seminar…

eric-armand-250.jpgLast week/weekend I had the chance to attend Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 9 in Atlanta.

It was a fantastic event, the speakers were great and the food was the best “hotel/convention” food I’ve ever eaten. Seriously!

Armand knows how to put on one heck of a show.

I also had a chance to meet, network and share ideas with some of the top online marketers in the world.

And I was pleasantly surprised on a couple of occasions when Armand mentioned some of my test results and from the stage. (When I finally had a chance to speak with him later, Armand told me that he is actually a regular reader of this blog! So… Hi Armand! :-))

Of course I also


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