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Eric Graham,
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Website Photography? Only One Choice! (Poor Quality Photo’s HURT Conversion!)

seminar-photography.jpgAfter my earlier post on the results I’ve received from using high quality “action shots” on websites, I’ve had a few readers email me and ask me how to get good quality photographs to use on their websites.

My answer is simple. All of the photos used on my website (and many of my client’s sites) are all taken by the same person. (The ONLY person I trust for my sites photos.)

Mary Mazzullo from www.SeminarPhotography.com.

In fact Mary has taken the pictures that just about EVERY top marketer or speaker I know uses on their websites.

As the “Conversion Doctor” I have ample test data that supports the fact that using high quality photo’s can dramatically increase the conversion rates of most websites.

In fact just ONE of the poses Mary took for me has improved the opt-in rate of the page it’s on by over…


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Taking the Hacker Safe Conversion Boost to the Next Level…

distract.jpgIn yesterday’s post I shared with you some of the outstanding results my clients and I have been seeing by using the Hacker Safe Logo.

The logo is a huge trust builder, gives you a PR 7 backlink and actually helps make your server more secure.

However, even though the logo does give a nice conversion boost in most cases, one thing that has always bugged me is the fact that the logo opens in a new window, with address bars, links bars, tool bars and all the other distractions.

I have ample test data that shows that by removing the address bar and other bars from a new window you open, you can reduce the potential for visitor distraction and improve conversion rates.

Further, during the usability testing I regularly do for my clients, I’ve watched time and time again visitors click on something that…


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Does the Hacker Safe Logo (or McAfee Secure Seal) Help or Hurt Conversion Rates? (Test results revealed…)

trust.JPGUPDATE: After several more years of testing and some MAJOR changes with Hacker Safe (now the McAfee Secure Logo) I have updated testing data to share. Click Here to read the new post!

Building trust is a critical part of the online selling process. You can have a site with good usability, fantastic copy, a great product or offer and tons of highly targeted traffic, but if your visitors do not trust you or trust that their information is going to be secure in your hands they simply will not buy from you.

According to a recent report from Jupiter Research, assurances of security influence the purchasing decisions of 62% of online shoppers.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to build visitor trust online is by displaying third party logos and trust seals such as Better Business Bureau Online logos, SSL Certificate seals and privacy seals…


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2008 Presidential Candidate Website Evaluation Results… (They all FAILED!)

pres-seal.jpgOn Tuesday (before my webinar with Jim Edwards) I hosted a special webinar with Jim Peake where we evaluated the websites of the 6 major presidential candidates.

We were specifically looking at how the candidates addressed and communicated their stances on several key issues, including small business, veterans and senior’s issues (particularly social security.)

We evaluated the websites of 3 democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. And 3 republicans, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

And as you will see in the recorded video of our webinar, all six candidates’ websites FAILED miserably in addressing these key issues.

While a few candidates are making limited use Web 2.0 methods such as social networking, RSS feeds and online video, their websites leave a great deal of room for improvement in many, many areas.

To view the full video recording of our “2008 Presidential Candidate Website…


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