Give and Ye’ Shall Receive…

ship.jpgI’m a firm believer in giving. I give of my time, I give of my knowledge and expertise and I give of my money.

As I mentioned in a blog post a while back (why do I blog), my belief in giving is one reason I share many of my test results here on my blog. While most other testers guard their data like it is gold. (Which it is!)

I’ve found, almost without exception that the wealthiest and most successful individuals are some of the most generous and giving people you will ever find.

A great example is my friend (and fellow 2%er), James Brausch. He is going on a cruise in March so what is he doing? He is offering to pay the way for one luck blog reader to go on the cruise with him. No strings attached. What a guy!

But, that’s why…


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Why Do I Blog?

My friend and a brilliant business growth strategist, best-selling author and award-winning speaker, JP Maroney just “Tagged” me on his blog.

When I saw Michel Fortin get tagged a few days ago, I figured my time was coming.

So here it is…

Why Do I Blog?

1. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money!

Initially my motivations for starting a blog were pretty selfish. (Yes… I’m a greedy, money grubbing capitalist and proud of it!) I wanted to expand awareness about my consulting, speaking, copywriting and website evaluation services. Starting a blog was simply another marketing and publicity vehicle to generate leads, clients and revenue.

And looking back… It has fulfilled that “selfish” purpose exceptionally well. I can directly attribute several hundred thousand dollars worth of speaking engagements, usability testing projects, consulting clients and website evaluations to leads generated from this blog.

2. Build Awareness About Conversion


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