Jay Abraham, Armand Morin… (and a darn good dinner!)

If you were not on the BigSeminar preview call tonight with Armand Morin and Jay Abraham, you missed out on something special.

Jay shared a ton of great tips, advice and strategies!

The best part about the call for me was that I had the privilege of sitting about 3 feet away from Armand in his house while he did his thing on the call!


For the past few days I’ve been here in Raligh, NC hanging out with Armand and about a dozen other top marketers at a very special, closed door mastermind group.

Tonight a few of us headed over to Armand’s house to have dinner and “talk shop” before his call with Jay.

But if you missed the call with Jay, there still may be hope.

Head over to the BigSeminar website and sign up for the notification list and you may be able…


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Living The 4 Hour Workweek…

img_0819.jpgAlthough he was already part of the NR (New Rich) before he even read the book, my friend James Brausch has done what probably 98% of the people who have read “The 4 Hour Work Week” have not done.

He has embraced the concept of “mini retirements” and has moved his entire family down to Costa Rica for the next two months.

(You can read about his adventures at his blog here: JamesBrausch.com

And rather than do the tourist thing and stay in a hotel in the “Americanized” part of town like most visitors, they have rented a nice little villa right in the heart of a “Tico” (the term Costa Ricans usually refer to themselves as) neighborhood.

Now, I’ve recommended The 4 Hour Workweek to dozens of friends and clients over the past few months. But James is the ONLY one that I know…


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25 Ways To Increase Conversion by Terry Dean

terryd.jpgTerry Dean posted a great list of 25 Ways to Increase Conversion on his blog.


I recomend everyone give it a read.

Happy testing.



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I’ll Take MY Girls Over The Rich Jerk’s Girls Any Day of The Week…

erica-face.jpgWe recently had a family emergency that has helped me keep things in perspective..

My 3 year old daughter was playing with her big sisters and wound up getting a rather bad head injury.

In fact it was so bad that we had to take her to the hospital emergency room. She had a large gash in the top of her head that was so long and so deep I could actually see part of her skull. (Take it from me… As a father, if there is ANY part of your child you never want to see it’s their skull!)

Fortunately she is doing just fine (except for a few STAPLES in her head!)


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To Build Trust Online You Must FIRST Be Trustworthy!

trust-me.jpgOne of the core principles in my conversion rate optimization process is building trust with website visitors.

Usually in working with new clients, when I bring up the concept of online trust building, the questions I get are centered around logos and seals to add, copywriting changes to make and other trust building tactics.

And that’s fine… I have an overwhelming amount of test data to help identify the exact tweaks to make on your website to contribute to building trust with your visitors.

But, while the trust building tweaks and tactics are fine to an extent, the real fundamental way to build long-lasting trust online (or offline for that matter) can be summed up in two words…


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