Help The Children and Grow a $10k per Month Income at the Same Time!


Several of my best friends and over a DOZEN top marketers (like Armand Morin, Stu McLaren, Michel Fortin, Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, Joel Comm, Mike Stewart, Craig Perrine, Ray Edwards, Tom Hua, Bret McFall) are getting together to raise money for a wonderful cause.

(And no… This is NOT some kind of stealth affiliate promotion, or pitchfest there is no “hidden continuity”, I’m not making a dime recommending this.)

The cause is called World Teacher Aid, and it helps to educate underprivileged kids in 3rd world countries.

See ->

To help raise money they are putting together a very special training call.

It’s called, “How To Go From Zero to 10K A Month Days In 90 Days!”

While helping the children, on this 100% content call you’ll get hear practical, actionable steps to take your business to the $10k per month mark in the next…


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Is “Matt Bacak Retires” a Scam?

Matt Baccak Scam?Yesterday I told you about how my friend (and fellow pilot) Matt Bacak was giving away his $5,500.00 business building seminar for only $1 as an act of revenge against a student who ripped him off and was selling his info.

While many, many subscribers and blog readers emailed me and thanked me for recommending this amazing offer, there were a handful that were “less than enthusiastic” about the way that the continuity offer for Matt’s newsletter was handled on the landing page.

This is my fault… I did not look at the landing page close enough to see how the forced continuity and upsells were described. And after taking a closer look, I’m glad some of my subscribers brought it to my attention.

The bonus for a free month of Matt’s Internet Marketing Dirt newsletter does put buyers into a $29.95 per month subscription. And those who emailed…


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Matt Bacak Retires! (Is Matt Bacak a quitter?!)

Matt Baccak RetiresA couple months ago I was hanging out with my good friend (and fellow pilot) Matt Bacak, and right in the middle of talking about the new plane I was buying Matt said…

“Eric I’m so pissed off right now I could kill somebody!”

He went on to tell me in depth how sick he was becoming at how many of the students and clients that went through his outstanding $5,500 training workshops had gone on to actually steal and teach his system.

One of them was even selling stuff PHOTOCOPIED out of Matt’s own workbooks!

We talked for nearly an hour about ways he could deal with this (and even get revenge), and Matt finally said…

“Screw it! I’ve had enough… If they want to sell it, I’m just going to give it ALL away!”

And guess what?

That is EXACTLY what he is doing.

Matt is…


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Glyphius… After 181 Test Rounds How Does it REALLY Stack Up?

GlyphiusAt the beginning of each year I like to look back on the testing I’ve done over the previous 12 months and see what information, trends and surprising results I can discover within the data.

Now… I usually reserve sharing the results of my annual review with my $2,500 per month Platinum Coaching clients and the small group of world-class millionaire marketer buddies who subscribe to my closed circulation, printed “Conversion Doctor Letter”. (Both programs are by invitation only, and currently full. So please don’t ask…)

But, one of the data groups I stumbled across was surprising…

While I’ve done FAR more than just 181 different headline test rounds over the past 12 months, I did 181 rounds where I was specifically testing a higher Glyphius score as the primary differentiating factor in the headline.

For those of you who are not familiar with Glyphius, it is a piece of…


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Internet Marketing Can Be Fun! Just Ask AudioClaus!

audioclaus.jpgThis was just too fun to not tell you about! The other day Mike Stewart and I were setting at the “speakers table” during Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness event that I just spoke at, and Mike started telling me about a promotion he was getting ready to do that I think is simply brilliant.

Mike registered the domain name “” and is doing a “Holiday Special”. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Mike and what he does, Mike Stewart is known as “The Internet Audio Video Guy”. And he is THE person that all top Internet Marketers (including myself) turn to when we need to buy the top quality gear for creating our products.

Well… Mike’s AudioClaus video is a fantastic example of how you can combine selling with fun in the online environment.

You’ve just got to watch it…

(And no. That’s not…


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