How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Conversion Rates By Downselling…

You’re probably familiar with up-selling and cross-selling. Perhaps you even employ these profit boosting tactics in your marketing.

But how about downselling?

After reviewing and evaluating hundreds of websites, I would have to say that less than 1% of all online sellers are using this powerful conversion booster.

And, that’s too bad, because in every single instance where I have tested a strategic and related downsell offer, I’ve seen an improvement in conversion rates. Often a big one!

Also… Downselling is a great way to capture new customers that you would otherwise have lost.

So what is downselling?

Downselling is simply presenting a related, yet lower priced offer to prospective customers who pass on your main offer.

A few ideas for downsell offers include:

  • “¢ Offering a mini version or light version of your product.
  • “¢ Offering a digital only version of your physical information products.
  • “¢ Offer


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Podcasts are a great way to “repackage” your content for maximum results!

Well”… I’ve finally made the jump and begun recording my own Podcasts.

You can see the results here:

Basically these initial “Podcasts” are simply me reading (and elaborating on) some of my articles. (I am a big believer in recycling my existing content into multiple formats!)

But in the future I am going to record topic dedicated shows and do some interviews. (Let me know who you want to see me interview…)

You should develop multiple formats for all of the content you create too.

When I write and article, I get maximum mileage out of that darn thing. I send it to my newsletter, post it to my blog, add it to my content sites, turn it into a PDF, compile multiple articles into free reports and ebooks and now I record it as a podcast.

I also like to cross link to all of my…


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Jim Edwards and the “ATTACK of the Clones!”

Jim Edwards recently posted one of his famous “Friday Night SmackDown” videos on his “I Gotta Tell You” multimedia blog.

And he touches on some great points about the proliferation of second rate knock-off products that seem to spring up in responses to just about any successful and profitable product in most niches. (This is particularly true of products that grow in popularity at Clickbank.)

In classic Jim Edwards style he doesn’t hold back anything as he blasts the lazy “clones”. But if you watch and listen closely he also shares a hyper-profitable method for creating new products in the same niches that are innovative and compliment the existing “leader” in that niche so well that the owner of the product will gladly partner with you and promote your new product to his or her list!

You can view the video here:


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