Michel Fortin Did It Again! (But this time we didn’t break the webinar…)

michel-white.jpgWOW! That’s all I can say… WOW!

Well… Okay, I can say more than that…

If you missed Part 2 of our webinar, you missed something very special.

I thought Michel over-delivered on the first webinar (and he DID) but WOW… This one ROCKED!

There were a few points during the webinar where I was so busy taking notes myself I almost forgot to advance the PowerPoint slides.

(And I NEVER take notes during my own webinars, but a few things Michel said had me diving across the room for the nearest pen and paper.)

Don’t even get me started on


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The THRID Winner of The Ask Michel Fortin Your Question Contest is…

question-book.jpgThe third person to get a question answered by Michel Fortin is, Stephen Davies.

Stephen asked a great question, that I am sure is on the minds of many who read this blog.

His question was…


If you had to start all over again from scratch (knowing what you know now and given the tools now available), what would be your step by step strategy be for creating a money-making business online? (bulleted points are ok for the answer).

Thanks Michel.

And for the answer, here’s Michel…


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Can Listening To One 52 Minute Interview Boost Your Conversion Rates?

jimpeake.jpgThe other day I was a special guest on Jim Peake’s MySuccessGateway.com Podcast series.

Jim regularly interviews top online marketing experts such as Mark Joyner, Randy Gage, Michael Senoff, David Frey and many others.

In this powerful, 52 minute unscripted interview Jim got me to spill the beans about parts of my business background and some of my conversion strategies that I usually only share in my $3,500+ full day workshops.

So I strongly recommend you give this interview a listen.

You can either click on the link below to go directly to the interview page at MySuccessGateway.com or you can simply hit the play button below the link, to listen to the interview right here.



Happy Listening!



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The ULTIMATE Submit Button REVEALED! Putting all the Pieces Together…

puzzle.jpgIf you’ve been following my recent posts exposing the results I’ve observed from a few of my submit button testing rounds, you’re sure to love this final post in the series.

I’m going to bring all of the elements together and show you the submit button that smashed my initial control. (And the exact HTML and CSS code for doing it yourself!)

To recap the other post in this series…

Give Them Another Reason to Click!
(Providing “secondary link feedback”, such as a color change, can help users know that your link or button is “clickable”.)

You need to give your visitors the finger!
(Make sure your buttons provide “primary link feedback” and change the cursor arrow into a pointing finger.)

Size Does Matter!
(Bigger buttons often produce bigger response rates.)

Well today we are going to put all of these pieces together to create what I…


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Usability Split Test Results: Link Appearance Matters More Than You Think…

blue-links.jpgAs I mentioned in an earlier blog post, most Usability experts don’t conduct actual split testing.

Usability testing is important, but if you want to optimize your landing page for a particular ACTION, then split testing or multivariate testing is necessary.

Over the past few years I’ve put MANY usability “best practices” to the test in an effort to ensure that the popular usability dogma is indeed accurate.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing the results of some of these tests here on my blog (but many of my findings are simply too good or controversial to share with the “general public” so those will still be reserved for my paying clients/audiences.)

Today I want to share some data on link appearance that actually DOES support conventional usability wisdom.

(Although as you will see, many if not most web designers routinely ignore this wisdom.)

For several years…


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