First This Comment Made Me Laugh! But Then it Made Me Think…

prove-it.jpgIf you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably seen that I won a free cruise from James Brausch.

Well, I’ve received several warm and pleasant emails and comments congratulating me (and to those who have sent them… Thanks!)

But one of the comments took me a bit by surprise.

It was posted by “Dave”, using the very creative (and obviously fake) email address:

Usually I just delete worthless comments left by people who provide fake contact information, but this one was just so absurd that it actually made me laugh out loud.

(Perhaps you’ll get a chuckle too…)

“Dave’s” comment in response to me winning James’s promotion was:

Apparently James’s oferr to sponsor someone on the cruise was just a popularity stunt for his blog. It was a scam to get more trackbacks, just like when he shut off comments.


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Everyone needs mentors…

Earlier this week, my friend and mentor Michel Fortin, sent me an outstanding complement/testimonial.

Here’s what Michel wrote:

When Eric Graham Speaks,
I Not Only Listen. I Take Notes.

fortin2.jpg“There are few people who fully understand the intricate process of converting more browsers into buyers, and the in’s and out’s of turning more people into profits.

Eric Graham is one such person. When he speaks, I not only listen. I take notes. I learn from Eric. Always. And if you want to learn how to take your web business to the next level and beyond, you should, too.”

-Michel Fortin,

I’m sure over the years I’ve taken far more notes from what Michel has said that he has taken from what I have said. But, I am deeply touched by his glowing endorsement none the less.

I’ve studied Michel’s work and considered him…


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I can improve the conversion rate of ANY website… Guaranteed! (…or I’ll pay YOU $250!)

I’ll Bet You $250 I Can Improve
Your Website’s Conversion Rates”…

Smart marketers and savvy business owners understand the profit boosting power of measuring, knowing and optimizing every step in their sales and conversion process.

Unless you’re continually improving your ability to persuade your visitors to buy, you’re losing ground. With the rapid changes in the eCommerce arena, you’re either growing or you’re dying”… “There just ain’t no third direction!”

The fact that you are even reading my blog tells me one important thing about you… You already understand even a small boost in your conversion rates will produce a huge boost in your income and profits. And… You just know, your website can sell more effectively with right changes here and the right tweaks there.

The question is, do you know which changes and tweaks you need to make?

To help website owners just like you…


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Jim Edwards and the “ATTACK of the Clones!”

Jim Edwards recently posted one of his famous “Friday Night SmackDown” videos on his “I Gotta Tell You” multimedia blog.

And he touches on some great points about the proliferation of second rate knock-off products that seem to spring up in responses to just about any successful and profitable product in most niches. (This is particularly true of products that grow in popularity at Clickbank.)

In classic Jim Edwards style he doesn’t hold back anything as he blasts the lazy “clones”. But if you watch and listen closely he also shares a hyper-profitable method for creating new products in the same niches that are innovative and compliment the existing “leader” in that niche so well that the owner of the product will gladly partner with you and promote your new product to his or her list!

You can view the video here:


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