My Friend James Brausch Recently Turned Off Comments on His Blog…

Due to an overwhelming amount of comment spam, my friend James Brausch recently turned off the ability to post comments on his blog.

However, he just tipped his hat to a brilliant and positive “side effect” that not allowing comments will produce for him.

Increased link popularity!

You see… The only way to leave a comment on his blog now is to add a trackback post on your own blog (as I’m doing right now.)

So now, when he posts one of his though provoking challenges (such as his current “guess what this graph is“) post, he will have dozens of other bloggers giving him links, via trackbacks while informing their readers about his blog at the same time.

I know that this was not the main reason he turned off comments. I really believe that he did it due to the amount of spam he was getting.…


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Convert Your Visitors into Believers and You Will Convert Them Into Buyers…

World class copywriter Michel Fortin says that next to proper targeting and good copy, providing PROOF is one of the most critical keys to converting browsers to buyers.

Fortin says:

…the reality is, everything readers see is suspect right from the get-go. It gives new meaning to the word “conversion.” People never believe anything the moment they read your copy, so you need to “convert” them not into buyers but into believers.

I couldn’t agree more!

Check out his full article here:


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Repent Ye Sinners! Marketing God, Jim Edwards Proclaims “The Ten Web Site Commandments”!

My friend an mentor Jim Edwards has done it again with a great post to his blog in which he identifies the “The Ten Web Site Commandments”.

I loved this post so much I’ve reprinted it in it’s entirety below.

“What makes a good web page?”

People ask me this all the time, though they often encounter
difficulty boiling the question down to so few words.

You, like any serious website operator, want to know how to
create and maintain the best possible website that nets you
the most sales and subscribers.

The following “commandments” represent the ideals towards
which every new or existing website should aspire.

1. Thou Shalt Have Purpose
– Clearly define the site’s purpose and ensure all content,
graphics, and text tightly focus on that purpose.

Discard all extraneous or distracting material and regularly


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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Conversion Rates By Downselling…

You’re probably familiar with up-selling and cross-selling. Perhaps you even employ these profit boosting tactics in your marketing.

But how about downselling?

After reviewing and evaluating hundreds of websites, I would have to say that less than 1% of all online sellers are using this powerful conversion booster.

And, that’s too bad, because in every single instance where I have tested a strategic and related downsell offer, I’ve seen an improvement in conversion rates. Often a big one!

Also… Downselling is a great way to capture new customers that you would otherwise have lost.

So what is downselling?

Downselling is simply presenting a related, yet lower priced offer to prospective customers who pass on your main offer.

A few ideas for downsell offers include:

  • “¢ Offering a mini version or light version of your product.
  • “¢ Offering a digital only version of your physical information products.
  • “¢ Offer


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It looks like Seth Godin is looking for me…

Earlier today Seth Godin posted a all points bulletin on his blog (click here for the full post) looking for small companies or experts who specialize in evaluating and tweaking websites to optimize performance and conversion.

(I don’t know about you… But that sounds just like what I do.)

While most experts will tell you that you need to test and tweak your websites, few if any will tell you WHAT to tweak and HOW to test it.

But that is exactly what I give you in my Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluations.

Here’s exactly what Seth said:

If I want my car to go a bit faster, there’s a garage in town that will tweak it for me.

If I want my stereo to sound a little better, there’s a guy who will install cables and such and upgrade it.

There are more than


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