Everyone needs mentors…

Earlier this week, my friend and mentor Michel Fortin, sent me an outstanding complement/testimonial.

Here’s what Michel wrote:

When Eric Graham Speaks,
I Not Only Listen. I Take Notes.

fortin2.jpg“There are few people who fully understand the intricate process of converting more browsers into buyers, and the in’s and out’s of turning more people into profits.

Eric Graham is one such person. When he speaks, I not only listen. I take notes. I learn from Eric. Always. And if you want to learn how to take your web business to the next level and beyond, you should, too.”

-Michel Fortin,

I’m sure over the years I’ve taken far more notes from what Michel has said that he has taken from what I have said. But, I am deeply touched by his glowing endorsement none the less.

I’ve studied Michel’s work and considered him…


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James Brausch’s Advice On Hiring a Copywriter…

James D. BrauschMy friend (and one of my blog readers) James Brausch recently posted an outstanding recommendation on his blog for those who simply cannot afford to pay $15,000+ to have a top copywriter (like Michel Fortin) craft their website copy.

(And it’s not what you think…)

His recommendation is just so good I had to share it!

…You’ll understand WHY after you read it! 😉

You’ve got to read this ==> http://www.jamesbrausch.com/?p=414

(He also addresses the question of what to trust, your own testing data or world class copywriters.)

Here’s that link again:

Happy Testing!

Eric Graham,
“The Conversion Doctor”


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If you have something to SELL, Usability testing is NOT enough…

Following good usability “best practices” can go a long way towards improving conversion rates on your website.

However, as actively involved as I am in usability testing and the usability community, I often find myself at odds with many of the usability “Gurus” recommendations.

Particularly when these recommendations are aimed at encouraging ecommerce merchants to follow usability best practices simply for usability’s sake.

When selling online the objective is not just maximizing usability, the objective is maximizing sales and profits.

And higher sales and profits are achieved by focusing on maximizing conversion rates and visitor value.

A prime example is the popular “rule” thrown about by many usability gurus that “navigation should be consistent on every page of a website”.

This may be true for many types of sites, such as purely educational or informational sites. However, my extensive split and multivariate testing data has shown…


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The Federal Trade Commission wants to help YOU boost your online sales!

ftc-logo.gifOkay… Well, maybe the FTC doesn’t INTENTIONALLY want to help you sell more online.

But, if you follow a couple of their guidelines higher conversion rates should be a natural side effect.

Let me explain…

A document that all online merchants need to familiarize themselves with (or risk incurring the wrath of Uncle Sam) is the FTC’s “Dot Com Disclosures” publication.

Found here:

In this long and painfully boring document the FTC explains the “right way” to make claims and disclosures about your products or services.

I’ll do you a favor and sum up the parts that can actually HELP your sales efforts.

Two of the main points made are:

1. Advertising must be truthful and not misleading.

2. Advertisers must have (and show) evidence to back up their claims.

Following these two guidelines will not only help keep your tail out of legal trouble, but…


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I can improve the conversion rate of ANY website… Guaranteed! (…or I’ll pay YOU $250!)

I’ll Bet You $250 I Can Improve
Your Website’s Conversion Rates”…

Smart marketers and savvy business owners understand the profit boosting power of measuring, knowing and optimizing every step in their sales and conversion process.

Unless you’re continually improving your ability to persuade your visitors to buy, you’re losing ground. With the rapid changes in the eCommerce arena, you’re either growing or you’re dying”… “There just ain’t no third direction!”

The fact that you are even reading my blog tells me one important thing about you… You already understand even a small boost in your conversion rates will produce a huge boost in your income and profits. And… You just know, your website can sell more effectively with right changes here and the right tweaks there.

The question is, do you know which changes and tweaks you need to make?

To help website owners just like you…


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