Whatdayaknow… I just won a free cruise!

ship.jpgWell… If you read my “Give and You Shall Receive” post from yesterday, you found out that James Brausch was offering to pay the way for one of his blog readers to join him on a 3 day cruise to Mexico.

The only action required was to simply post to your blog and tell him why you should be the one he picks.

(Guess I should have titled the post “Blog and You Shall Receive!”)

Amazingly enough for the first few hours, I was the ONLY person (out of his 2,500+ readers each day) to even bother to post about the “contest”.

It actually took James posting a second time to get a few more entries. (And a couple of those were kinda’ scary if you ask me…)

So imagine my surprise when I got off the plane here in Minneapolis (I’m out of town conducting a…


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Success in Testing (or in life) is Based on ACTIONS!

action.jpgA question I’m frequently asked by my subscribers, blog readers and coaching clients is, “how many page views or unique visitors should my ad/page receive during a test before I can declare the winner?”

And, I’ve seen “gurus” throw out all kinds of numbers to answer these types of questions. In fact I was speaking at an online retailing event a few months ago when a well known web analytics expert (who I will not name, to protect the guilty), said “once a test reaches 5,000 page views you can be confident that your results are valid.”

Uhhg!! I wanted to barf!

I couldn’t believe this guy was paid $7,500 to total DECEIVE and MISLEAD the audience!

Fortunately I was the next speaker in the “line up” and was able to (tactfully) set the audience straight.

It’s not page views, it’s not unique visitors, its ACTIONS that determine the “winner”…


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What in the Heck is “Secondary Link Feedback”?! (And how can it help you sell more?)

links-fire.jpgLast week I shared some usability related split test results with you, showing the critical importance “link appearance” has on response rates.

The results of our link appearance tests were clear… Blue and underlined links convert the best.

However… I didn’t share the data for ALL of the link variations I tested during that campaign.

In addition to the “link appearance” test, I conducted several “link behavior” tests.

Link behavior simply refers to how links “behave” when the mouse hovers over them.

Two terms I coined a while back to describe link behavior are:

“Primary Link Feedback” and “Secondary Link Feedback”.

“Primary Link Feedback” is the mouse cursor changing from an “arrow” to a “pointing finger” when the mouse hovers over a link or clickable button.


“Secondary Link Feedback” occurs when there is ANY secondary indication that a link or button is clickable. This feedback can be…


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Why Do I Blog?

My friend and a brilliant business growth strategist, best-selling author and award-winning speaker, JP Maroney just “Tagged” me on his blog.

When I saw Michel Fortin get tagged a few days ago, I figured my time was coming.

So here it is…

Why Do I Blog?

1. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money!

Initially my motivations for starting a blog were pretty selfish. (Yes… I’m a greedy, money grubbing capitalist and proud of it!) I wanted to expand awareness about my consulting, speaking, copywriting and website evaluation services. Starting a blog was simply another marketing and publicity vehicle to generate leads, clients and revenue.

And looking back… It has fulfilled that “selfish” purpose exceptionally well. I can directly attribute several hundred thousand dollars worth of speaking engagements, usability testing projects, consulting clients and website evaluations to leads generated from this blog.

2. Build Awareness About Conversion


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Raise Your Price and Reduce Your Refunds!

When I’m conducting testing campaigns or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) projects for my clients, one of the (many) metrics I always try and track is refund rates.

As I’ve discussed before on this blog, refund rates that are too low can actually be a sign that you’re not “selling hard enough” and are leaving money on the table.

However, refund rates that are too high can indicate one of 7 different problems.

The 7 Main Reasons For High Refund Rates

1. Low Quality
The obvious problem a high refund rate indicates is potentially low product quality. If your refunds are high because of a low quality product the solution is simple.

Stop selling CRAP! If your product or service doesn’t add more value to the lives of your customer than the hard earned money they are paying you for it… You’re a thief! Stop it!



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