The DEATH of Teleseminars! (Long Live Webinars!)

jim-ed.jpgOkay… So perhaps teleseminars aren’t “dead”, but with everybody pronouncing “The Death” of this and “The Death” of that, I wanted to play too!

Seriously though… While teleseminars have been a highly effective way of producing content, selling products and building lists — with what seems like dozens of different teleseminars to listen to each day, their effectiveness is dropping off significantly.

It’s becoming harder and harder to get people to opt-in for telesminars, get them to actually CALL in and listen or even listen to the replay (even if they DO download it.)

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about… A TELESEMINAR that is happening today! 🙂

But more about that in a second…

As you may know, a few months ago I did a series of webinars with my friend


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The ULTIMATE Submit Button REVEALED! Putting all the Pieces Together…

puzzle.jpgIf you’ve been following my recent posts exposing the results I’ve observed from a few of my submit button testing rounds, you’re sure to love this final post in the series.

I’m going to bring all of the elements together and show you the submit button that smashed my initial control. (And the exact HTML and CSS code for doing it yourself!)

To recap the other post in this series…

Give Them Another Reason to Click!
(Providing “secondary link feedback”, such as a color change, can help users know that your link or button is “clickable”.)

You need to give your visitors the finger!
(Make sure your buttons provide “primary link feedback” and change the cursor arrow into a pointing finger.)

Size Does Matter!
(Bigger buttons often produce bigger response rates.)

Well today we are going to put all of these pieces together to create what I…


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Submit Button Usability Split Test Results: Size DOES Matter!

submit.jpgAs we found in the first two “Usability Related Split Test Results” articles, your link color and behavior can play a big part in your response and click though rates.

I also introduced the concept of Primary and Secondary link feedback. And we found that by providing BOTH primary and secondary link feedback, you have the greatest chance for maximizing your conversion rates.

In this article I want to take things one step further and share with you some test results on “submit button” usability and optimization.

Most people have never noticed this, but the “default” submit buttons created by standard <input type="submit"/> HTML tags DO NOT provide primary link feedback in most browsers. (The cursor arrow does not change to a pointer finger to indicate that the button is “clickable”.)

See for yourself:

There is usually a small degree of secondary link feedback in the form…


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The Rule of Three… The Rule of Three… The Rule of Three…

lawof3.jpgHumans have a tendency to think in threes. Psychologists have discovered that we can remember points or ideas best when presented in groups of 3. Usability testing and eye tracking studies show we can scan visual elements easier when they are in groups of 3.

Even in comedy it is widely known that things that come in threes are funnier. The first two parts in the comedic structure set up the pattern, creating tension and the third part breaks the pattern, releasing the tension (producing a twist or surprise that results in laughter.)

During my own online testing I’ve found that copywriting elements, such as bullets or questions often convert the best when presented in threes.

For upsells, often having 3 “packages”, Silver, Gold and Platinum, work best.

I’ve even seen price testing (for high ticket products) were a 3 payment option was tested against a 4 payment option…


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First This Comment Made Me Laugh! But Then it Made Me Think…

prove-it.jpgIf you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably seen that I won a free cruise from James Brausch.

Well, I’ve received several warm and pleasant emails and comments congratulating me (and to those who have sent them… Thanks!)

But one of the comments took me a bit by surprise.

It was posted by “Dave”, using the very creative (and obviously fake) email address:

Usually I just delete worthless comments left by people who provide fake contact information, but this one was just so absurd that it actually made me laugh out loud.

(Perhaps you’ll get a chuckle too…)

“Dave’s” comment in response to me winning James’s promotion was:

Apparently James’s oferr to sponsor someone on the cruise was just a popularity stunt for his blog. It was a scam to get more trackbacks, just like when he shut off comments.


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