How Often Do YOUR Customers Say WOW?

wow.gifIf you want to truly succeed in business long term you need to consistently over deliver.

You need to make your customers and clients say… WOW!

When you exceed customer expectations several wonderful thing happen in your business.

1. You reduce or even eliminate returns and refunds.
2. You increase the likelihood of repeat business and dramatically increase the lifetime value of each customer.
3. Your thrilled customers spread your marketing messages for you via word of mouth. (Which is the least expensive and most effective form of marketing you can employ.)
4. You receive an endless supply of fresh and powerful testimonials, making you better able to convert new and prospective customers.

So as you can see… By over delivering and “going for the WOW”, you improve all 3 of the main ways to improve your sales and profits, at the same time!

You boost lifetime…


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I Have The Coolest Toy in The World Sitting on My Desk! DON’T TOUCH! It’s Mine…

8ball.jpgDo you remember those “Magic 8 Ball” toys we had when we were kids?

You would ask it any question you could dream up, give it a little shake and WHAM! Out would pop the answer.

Man, those things were cool…

Well… Guess what? I’ve got something even better sitting on my desk.

I’ve got a “toy” so cool and powerful, you couldn’t pay me $100,000 to part with it.

I’ve only been playing with this toy for about a month now, but it has “popped out” answers so profound and so profitable I’m beginning to wonder what I ever did without it.fortin-notes.jpg

This toy is so valuable to me that I went out and bought a $150 Italian leather 3 ring binder to put the golden answers that keep popping out of my new favorite toy!


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Give Your Guarantees TEETH and Eat Filet Mignon More Often…


I live in Kansas City, and here we are privileged to have some of the BEST steakhouses in the country.

While my friend Michel Fortin is proud of his recent “conversion” to a vegetarian lifestyle, I’m a dyed in the wool carnivore. A proud meat eater!

I just LOVE a good high quality steak. (In fact I’m so picky about my cuts of beef, James Brausch referred to me on our recent cruise as a “Steak Snob“!)

Well, about a year ago I tested a single variable, on just one of my websites that increased sales by 5 figures per month. That’s a WHOLE LOT of Filet Mignon!

I’ll explain the exact variable in just a second…

When I consult with my clients or conduct website evaluations one of the areas I usually make several recommendations about is improving the websites…


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What in the Heck is a Blog Meme?!

jim-blog2.gifWell… I’m back from my cruise with James Brausch and I have to tell you it was fantastic! You have to join us next time.

(I’ll post more about the cruise later.)

But right now I want to share with you a short video that my good buddy, Jim Edwards posted while I was “at sea”.

Before I left for the cruise Jim and I recorded a quick webinar on a pretty cool (and viral) new way to drive new traffic and links to your sites called “Blog Memes“.


Because traffic quality plays such a big role in maximizing conversion rates, I’m always on the lookout for new and effective ways to drive quality traffic to my clients websites. Blog Memes is one of those “new ways” I’ve been testing out recently.

Jim had never heard of these things before so he…


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Webinar Call UPDATE! (Plus a $1,000 Promise…)


If you missed last night’s Teleseminar by Jim Edwards and Armand Morin, you missed an amazing call.

Armand was able to “extract” a ton of powerful webinar strategies out of Jim.

Like I told you in my last post, 2007 is The YEAR of the Webinar!

If you’re serious about building an online business, you MUST know everything you can about how to conduct your own, powerpacked webinars.

I’m so convinced that webinars are one of the best ways to convert subscribers and browsers into buyers, that my PRIMARY focus in expanding my own online businesses over the next two years will be conducting webinars. Conducting webianrs to CREATE products and conducting webinars to SELL products.


If you missed the call last night, there is still hope!

Armand is making the call available for a limited time on his replay line.

Click here and subscribe to get the


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