How Often Do YOUR Customers Say WOW?

wow.gifIf you want to truly succeed in business long term you need to consistently over deliver.

You need to make your customers and clients say… WOW!

When you exceed customer expectations several wonderful thing happen in your business.

1. You reduce or even eliminate returns and refunds.
2. You increase the likelihood of repeat business and dramatically increase the lifetime value of each customer.
3. Your thrilled customers spread your marketing messages for you via word of mouth. (Which is the least expensive and most effective form of marketing you can employ.)
4. You receive an endless supply of fresh and powerful testimonials, making you better able to convert new and prospective customers.

So as you can see… By over delivering and “going for the WOW”, you improve all 3 of the main ways to improve your sales and profits, at the same time!

You boost lifetime…


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Give Your Guarantees TEETH and Eat Filet Mignon More Often…


I live in Kansas City, and here we are privileged to have some of the BEST steakhouses in the country.

While my friend Michel Fortin is proud of his recent “conversion” to a vegetarian lifestyle, I’m a dyed in the wool carnivore. A proud meat eater!

I just LOVE a good high quality steak. (In fact I’m so picky about my cuts of beef, James Brausch referred to me on our recent cruise as a “Steak Snob“!)

Well, about a year ago I tested a single variable, on just one of my websites that increased sales by 5 figures per month. That’s a WHOLE LOT of Filet Mignon!

I’ll explain the exact variable in just a second…

When I consult with my clients or conduct website evaluations one of the areas I usually make several recommendations about is improving the websites…


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SPEAKING of Conversion…

microphone.jpgOne of the most effective (and profitable) ways I’ve found to build and expand my client base is via public speaking.

I’ve been a professional speaker for about 5 years now and I can tell you from experience there is no faster or better way to establish yourself as an expert or build your credibility in your marketplace than public speaking.

And, I can’t think of many activities that pay more “per hour”. I’ve been paid as much as $7,500 to deliver a 60 to 90 minute talk. (And that’s just the speaking fee. It doesn’t include “back of the room” product sales or new consulting, copywriting and coaching clients!)

Top “celebrity” speakers can command fees as high as $80,000+ for a one hour keynote.

Now, when you are just breaking into the field you’re not going to make 5 figures per event. But it is very common for a…


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The Rule of Three… The Rule of Three… The Rule of Three…

lawof3.jpgHumans have a tendency to think in threes. Psychologists have discovered that we can remember points or ideas best when presented in groups of 3. Usability testing and eye tracking studies show we can scan visual elements easier when they are in groups of 3.

Even in comedy it is widely known that things that come in threes are funnier. The first two parts in the comedic structure set up the pattern, creating tension and the third part breaks the pattern, releasing the tension (producing a twist or surprise that results in laughter.)

During my own online testing I’ve found that copywriting elements, such as bullets or questions often convert the best when presented in threes.

For upsells, often having 3 “packages”, Silver, Gold and Platinum, work best.

I’ve even seen price testing (for high ticket products) were a 3 payment option was tested against a 4 payment option…


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First This Comment Made Me Laugh! But Then it Made Me Think…

prove-it.jpgIf you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably seen that I won a free cruise from James Brausch.

Well, I’ve received several warm and pleasant emails and comments congratulating me (and to those who have sent them… Thanks!)

But one of the comments took me a bit by surprise.

It was posted by “Dave”, using the very creative (and obviously fake) email address:

Usually I just delete worthless comments left by people who provide fake contact information, but this one was just so absurd that it actually made me laugh out loud.

(Perhaps you’ll get a chuckle too…)

“Dave’s” comment in response to me winning James’s promotion was:

Apparently James’s oferr to sponsor someone on the cruise was just a popularity stunt for his blog. It was a scam to get more trackbacks, just like when he shut off comments.


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