I’ll Take MY Girls Over The Rich Jerk’s Girls Any Day of The Week…

erica-face.jpgWe recently had a family emergency that has helped me keep things in perspective..

My 3 year old daughter was playing with her big sisters and wound up getting a rather bad head injury.

In fact it was so bad that we had to take her to the hospital emergency room. She had a large gash in the top of her head that was so long and so deep I could actually see part of her skull. (Take it from me… As a father, if there is ANY part of your child you never want to see it’s their skull!)

Fortunately she is doing just fine (except for a few STAPLES in her head!)


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To Build Trust Online You Must FIRST Be Trustworthy!

trust-me.jpgOne of the core principles in my conversion rate optimization process is building trust with website visitors.

Usually in working with new clients, when I bring up the concept of online trust building, the questions I get are centered around logos and seals to add, copywriting changes to make and other trust building tactics.

And that’s fine… I have an overwhelming amount of test data to help identify the exact tweaks to make on your website to contribute to building trust with your visitors.

But, while the trust building tweaks and tactics are fine to an extent, the real fundamental way to build long-lasting trust online (or offline for that matter) can be summed up in two words…


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Is $34,825 Per Hour Really Possible?

microphone.jpgI charge $500 per hour for one-on-one consultation. And, as I mentioned last week, I’ll probably need to raise that fee soon (or end 1-on-1consulting altogether) because demand for my time and services is so high I have to turn away 90%+ of the new potential clients that inquire.

I can pick and choose the clients, websites and projects that I WANT to work on. Because honestly… I don’t NEED to accept anything simply for the money.

But as busy as I am at $500 an hour, there is one activity in my business that earns me more money per hour than any other single activity.

In fact, I’ve earned over $34,825 in a single hour from this activity. (And that’s nothing compared to what a few of my friends earn doing this. It’s not uncommon for a few of my friends like Armand Morin to earn over…


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What Do Webinars Have to Do With Conversion Rates? (You’ll be surprised!)

webinar.jpgIf you’ve read my blog lately you know that I’ve been doing a TON of webinars lately…

The 2 webinars i did with Michel Fortin were absolutely FANTASTIC! If you missed those, you should slap yourself… you missed out on something very special (and profitable.)

Well… Tonight (at 7:00 PM Eastern) I have another webinar that I am incredibly excited about with Jim Edwards.

Jim is going to give with us a behind the scenes peek into the exact system he has been using for over 6 months to generate over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in additional income and profits, just from webinars… (If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, you need some serious help…)


If you can only attend ONE webinar this year, tonight’s webinar is the one you MUST attend.

Why? (I’ll tell you in a minute…)

But, with all of my focus on webinars lately,…


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FREE Webinar, Shows YOU How to Host and Profit From Your OWN Webinars…

webinarkingcomlogo1.gifFor the past few months I’ve been testing something that has produced a massive jump in sales, conversions and profits for my business.

Because you’re a valued reader, I’m inviting you to a completely free Webinar I’m doing with Jim Edwards and Chris Zavadowski, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm Eastern.


If you had a chance to participate in the webinars I did with Michel Fortin, you already know the tremendous power webinars have to communicate with your audience.

(And, you already know that I can get experts to pack an absolute ton of content into a webinar when I interview them!)

After my first webinar with Michel, and I received many questions from viewers asking me HOW they could do webinars themselves.

Because of the massive interest you expressed in learning how to conduct (and profit from) your own webinars, I cornered Jim Edwards (the world’s…


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