It looks like Seth Godin is looking for me…

Earlier today Seth Godin posted a all points bulletin on his blog (click here for the full post) looking for small companies or experts who specialize in evaluating and tweaking websites to optimize performance and conversion.

(I don’t know about you… But that sounds just like what I do.)

While most experts will tell you that you need to test and tweak your websites, few if any will tell you WHAT to tweak and HOW to test it.

But that is exactly what I give you in my Conversion Booster Video Website Evaluations.

Here’s exactly what Seth said:

If I want my car to go a bit faster, there’s a garage in town that will tweak it for me.

If I want my stereo to sound a little better, there’s a guy who will install cables and such and upgrade it.

There are more than


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Double Opt-in is fine, but DOUBLE OPT-OUT?! Geeesh”…

To keep up to date on the latest techniques and information (and to spy on the conversion and marketing processes of others) I subscribe to a TON of newsletters, ezines and mailing lists.

Well, from time to time (to keep my inbox borderline manageable) I go through and unsubscribe from any lists that are not sending quality information.

I just got this response when I clicked the unsubscribe link in an email from one such list:

Your email address ‘’ has been submitted to be unsubscribed from the ‘webnetlist’ mailing list.

This unsubscribe command requires your confirmation that you want to be unsubscribed.

To confirm that you do want to unsubscribe, reply to this message so that the words “ok 4885157” appear somewhere on the subject line.

Make sure that your reply message is addressed to

You will receive notification that your confirmation has been received, and


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Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) “…an Absolutely Brilliant Marketer!

Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter

My daughters and I loved watching The Crocodile Hunter. Steve’s Passion and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation were unmatched. But in addition to being a masterful entertainer and educator. Steve Irwin was also a brilliant marketer.

Instinctively he knew that to spread his message of conservation, he needed to first grab his audience by the eyeballs and get their attention.

A skilled showman and communicator, he could make the most mundane animals appear deadly and interesting. Captivating his audience by building suspense and tension that kept them riveted to his message.

With his hyper-animated presentation, colorful language (he introduced the world to his very Aussie catch phrase "Crikey") and unwaveringly khaki wardrobe he created a consistent and memorable personal brand. He was his own, walking talking USP (unique selling proposition.)

While many wanabes and knock-offs tried to copy his adventurous style and antics none of them ever came close…


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