My free conversion rate boosting webinar replay comes down in just a couple of days.

Conversion Rate WebinarI just wanted to let you know that the replay of my
Conversion Rate Optimization webinar is going to be coming down in just a couple of days.

Like I mentioned I’m turning this into a product. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to head over to the link below and do it right now.

The response to this webinar has been phenomenal!

Here are just a couple of the comments other marketers have left on their blogs or set to their lists about the content I shared…

I just finished watching a killer webinar by Eric Graham aka “The Conversion Doctor.” It took me 3 days because the thing is over 2
hours long. I don’t watch many movies because they don’t hold my attention longer than 10 minutes but I was paying attention to this webinar every minute and took some notes.


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Link to Free “Conversion Rate Optimization” Webinar Recording (only for a limited time…)

Conversion Rate WebinarWOW! The feedback I am getting from last night’s SOLD OUT (we had 1,000 people on the call) Conversion Rate Optimization webinar has been fantastic!

But if you were not able to attend, no problem… I made sure to record the entire thing for you.

So even if you missed it you can view the entire webinar video at the link below.

But because I’m turning last night’s webinar into a paid product (yes… the content was THAT good) I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave the free recordings on my server.

So you’d better go watch the recording while you can!

Happy testing!

Eric Graham,
“The Conversion Doctor”

PS – That replay link again is:


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The Conversion Doctor’s Blog Is “Not Helpful”?

help.jpgThe other day I got an interesting comment from a new reader to my blog.

This reader named “Max” said:

Hi Eric. I heard a podcast that you were on and I signed up for your blog. You sounded like a very knowledgeable person but I have been subscribed to your blog for more than a week and I have found nothing helpful to the everyday reader.

I wish you would post more often with helpful tidbits and pointers to help conversion on websites. Something that could potentially be of value to me as a reader. After hearing you on that podcast I thought you would have a sweet blog, which I still think you can, but right now I wish for more.

Well… I do agree with Max, that I should post more often.

But to be fair, the reason I don’t post more often is because,…


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Can you boost your optin rates by 400% or more?

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