If you have something to SELL, Usability testing is NOT enough…

Following good usability “best practices” can go a long way towards improving conversion rates on your website.

However, as actively involved as I am in usability testing and the usability community, I often find myself at odds with many of the usability “Gurus” recommendations.

Particularly when these recommendations are aimed at encouraging ecommerce merchants to follow usability best practices simply for usability’s sake.

When selling online the objective is not just maximizing usability, the objective is maximizing sales and profits.

And higher sales and profits are achieved by focusing on maximizing conversion rates and visitor value.

A prime example is the popular “rule” thrown about by many usability gurus that “navigation should be consistent on every page of a website”.

This may be true for many types of sites, such as purely educational or informational sites. However, my extensive split and multivariate testing data has shown…


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I can improve the conversion rate of ANY website… Guaranteed! (…or I’ll pay YOU $250!)

I’ll Bet You $250 I Can Improve
Your Website’s Conversion Rates”…

Smart marketers and savvy business owners understand the profit boosting power of measuring, knowing and optimizing every step in their sales and conversion process.

Unless you’re continually improving your ability to persuade your visitors to buy, you’re losing ground. With the rapid changes in the eCommerce arena, you’re either growing or you’re dying”… “There just ain’t no third direction!”

The fact that you are even reading my blog tells me one important thing about you… You already understand even a small boost in your conversion rates will produce a huge boost in your income and profits. And… You just know, your website can sell more effectively with right changes here and the right tweaks there.

The question is, do you know which changes and tweaks you need to make?

To help website owners just like you…


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Checkout page split test results… (Product descriptions matter!)

If you’ve read my blog or newsletter for any length of time you know that I am a fanatical tester.

Yesterday the results of a test I’ve been running came in and I though I would share those results with you.

One of the variables I recently tested was the “product description” that appears on the checkout page for 1ShoppingCart.com based carts.

This was for a special promotion I did for one of my affiliates, offering his subscribers special Live (GotoMeeting based) 1-on-1 website evaluations and conversion rate improvement consultations for only $97…

The control simply said:
“Half Hour Consultation $97.00”.

The test version was more benefit focused:
“Live 30 Minute 1-on-1 Conversion Boosting Website Evaluation $97.00”

This was the only difference between the two versions. The salesletter copy and calls to action were identical. The only variable was the checkout page version visitors…


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How One Word Or Even One Letter Can Boost Conversion Rates By Over 400%!

While reviewing the data of one of my consulting clients Google Adwords campaigns I stumbled across a few hard to explain results that perfectly illustrate the very large effect small differences can have on conversion rates. […]

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