Webinar Call UPDATE! (Plus a $1,000 Promise…)


If you missed last night’s Teleseminar by Jim Edwards and Armand Morin, you missed an amazing call.

Armand was able to “extract” a ton of powerful webinar strategies out of Jim.

Like I told you in my last post, 2007 is The YEAR of the Webinar!

If you’re serious about building an online business, you MUST know everything you can about how to conduct your own, powerpacked webinars.

I’m so convinced that webinars are one of the best ways to convert subscribers and browsers into buyers, that my PRIMARY focus in expanding my own online businesses over the next two years will be conducting webinars. Conducting webianrs to CREATE products and conducting webinars to SELL products.


If you missed the call last night, there is still hope!

Armand is making the call available for a limited time on his replay line.

Click here and subscribe to get the


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The DEATH of Teleseminars! (Long Live Webinars!)

jim-ed.jpgOkay… So perhaps teleseminars aren’t “dead”, but with everybody pronouncing “The Death” of this and “The Death” of that, I wanted to play too!

Seriously though… While teleseminars have been a highly effective way of producing content, selling products and building lists — with what seems like dozens of different teleseminars to listen to each day, their effectiveness is dropping off significantly.

It’s becoming harder and harder to get people to opt-in for telesminars, get them to actually CALL in and listen or even listen to the replay (even if they DO download it.)

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about… A TELESEMINAR that is happening today! 🙂

But more about that in a second…

As you may know, a few months ago I did a series of webinars with my friend


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The ULTIMATE Submit Button REVEALED! Putting all the Pieces Together…

puzzle.jpgIf you’ve been following my recent posts exposing the results I’ve observed from a few of my submit button testing rounds, you’re sure to love this final post in the series.

I’m going to bring all of the elements together and show you the submit button that smashed my initial control. (And the exact HTML and CSS code for doing it yourself!)

To recap the other post in this series…

Give Them Another Reason to Click!
(Providing “secondary link feedback”, such as a color change, can help users know that your link or button is “clickable”.)

You need to give your visitors the finger!
(Make sure your buttons provide “primary link feedback” and change the cursor arrow into a pointing finger.)

Size Does Matter!
(Bigger buttons often produce bigger response rates.)

Well today we are going to put all of these pieces together to create what I…


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Do You NEED Higher Conversion Rates?

HIMH2.jpg“I NEED higher conversion rates!”

I hear that statement about a dozen times a day in emails and phone calls with prospective clients.

And I can certainly empathize with where they are coming from…

When you pay Google $5,000 to drive 10,000 visitors to your site and you only make 3 sales (of a $47 ebook), I’m sure you do feel like you NEED higher conversion rates!

When you spend a month recruiting high powered JV partners to do endorsed mailings for your “big launch” only to discover that your anemic copy and weak offer produced a six-cent visitor value… Your PARTNERS are going to tell you that you NEED higher conversion rates!

So when somebody comes along and tells you that “you don’t NEED anything”, “all of your NEEDS are already met”, it can be hard to swallow.

Well… That’s exactly what my friend James Brausch recently posted on…


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SPEAKING of Conversion…

microphone.jpgOne of the most effective (and profitable) ways I’ve found to build and expand my client base is via public speaking.

I’ve been a professional speaker for about 5 years now and I can tell you from experience there is no faster or better way to establish yourself as an expert or build your credibility in your marketplace than public speaking.

And, I can’t think of many activities that pay more “per hour”. I’ve been paid as much as $7,500 to deliver a 60 to 90 minute talk. (And that’s just the speaking fee. It doesn’t include “back of the room” product sales or new consulting, copywriting and coaching clients!)

Top “celebrity” speakers can command fees as high as $80,000+ for a one hour keynote.

Now, when you are just breaking into the field you’re not going to make 5 figures per event. But it is very common for a…


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