Headline Testing Secrets Webinar Comes Down in 24 Hours…

hlts5551.jpgOriginally I’d planned on taking my free, Headline Testing Secrets webinar on Monday. But over the weekend I had a ton of people who wanted to watch it but couldn’t because the video was viewed so many times it went over the bandwidth limit for that account.

You see… When I set the site up on my dedicated server I figured that the video would get around 2,000 views. Boy was I wrong!

We got slammed with over 8,000 views in under 7 days!

So when the site hit the bandwidth limit over the weekend, I didn’t know until Monday morning.

That’s why I’ve decided to extend the replay time a bit…

If you want to get one last chance to view the replay, or if you were one of those who got the error message over the weekend, I’m going to leave it up for only 24 more hours.…


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FREE Webinar Tonight: “Headline Testing Secrets Revealed”…

webinar.jpgTonight at 8:00 pm Eastern I’m conducting a special FREE Webinar where I am going to share some of my “Headline Testing Secrets” discovered over the past year.

Your headline can make or break the profitability of your entire salesletter or landing page.

I’ve seen as much as a 419% improvement in conversion rates, simply by testing a new headline.

And marketing legend Ted Nicholas has experienced as high as an 1,800% boost in response, simply by testing headlines.

In this power packed 60 minute LIVE Webinar I’ll share my latest and most surprising headline testing results.

Simply apply these tested and proven findings to YOUR headlines and convert a much higher percentage of your visitors into buyers, almost overnight!

Want to know…

  • What LENGTH headlines are converting best?
  • What COLOR worked best in 2007? (And I’ll bet it will do great this year


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My free conversion rate boosting webinar replay comes down in just a couple of days.

Conversion Rate WebinarI just wanted to let you know that the replay of my
Conversion Rate Optimization webinar is going to be coming down in just a couple of days.

Like I mentioned I’m turning this into a product. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to head over to the link below and do it right now.


The response to this webinar has been phenomenal!

Here are just a couple of the comments other marketers have left on their blogs or set to their lists about the content I shared…

I just finished watching a killer webinar by Eric Graham aka “The Conversion Doctor.” It took me 3 days because the thing is over 2
hours long. I don’t watch many movies because they don’t hold my attention longer than 10 minutes but I was paying attention to this webinar every minute and took some notes.


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Link to Free “Conversion Rate Optimization” Webinar Recording (only for a limited time…)

Conversion Rate WebinarWOW! The feedback I am getting from last night’s SOLD OUT (we had 1,000 people on the call) Conversion Rate Optimization webinar has been fantastic!

But if you were not able to attend, no problem… I made sure to record the entire thing for you.

So even if you missed it you can view the entire webinar video at the link below.


But because I’m turning last night’s webinar into a paid product (yes… the content was THAT good) I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave the free recordings on my server.

So you’d better go watch the recording while you can!

Happy testing!

Eric Graham,
“The Conversion Doctor”

PS – That replay link again is:


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Manage Your Swipe Files Fast and Easy…

swipemanager.jpgMy buddy Michel Fortin just announced an update to his fantastic ScribeJuice software.

As a busy copywriter myself, there are tons of features in this massive suite of powerful programs that save me time and effort, but one of the features I’m the most excited about is the “ScribeJuice SwipeManager”.

To say that this puts your swipe file on steroids is an understatement.

Every accomplished master copywriter keeps a “swipe file” to help them write better copy, faster. Online, it can include more than just text. There are colors, layouts, styles, images, and even javascripts you can study and model.

The SwipeManager makes it easy for you to swipe proven sales letters so you can rip them apart and use the best parts to guide you in your own sales copy.

You can also “tag” different elements of those salesletters to easily find what you need. For example,…


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