The Conversion Doctor Goes to The Big Seminar…

eric-armand-250.jpgLast week/weekend I had the chance to attend Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 9 in Atlanta.

It was a fantastic event, the speakers were great and the food was the best “hotel/convention” food I’ve ever eaten. Seriously!

Armand knows how to put on one heck of a show.

I also had a chance to meet, network and share ideas with some of the top online marketers in the world.

And I was pleasantly surprised on a couple of occasions when Armand mentioned some of my test results and from the stage. (When I finally had a chance to speak with him later, Armand told me that he is actually a regular reader of this blog! So… Hi Armand! :-))

Of course I also


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Michel Fortin Did It Again! (But this time we didn’t break the webinar…)

michel-white.jpgWOW! That’s all I can say… WOW!

Well… Okay, I can say more than that…

If you missed Part 2 of our webinar, you missed something very special.

I thought Michel over-delivered on the first webinar (and he DID) but WOW… This one ROCKED!

There were a few points during the webinar where I was so busy taking notes myself I almost forgot to advance the PowerPoint slides.

(And I NEVER take notes during my own webinars, but a few things Michel said had me diving across the room for the nearest pen and paper.)

Don’t even get me started on


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Michel Fortin Webinar Update! (It just keeps getting better…)

healyguarantee_new_150x118.jpgAs you know in just a couple of hours, Michel Fortin and I will be conducting “Part 2” of our Michel Fortin’s 7 Step Copywriting Process webinar.

The response from the first one has been overwhelming!

Here are a couple of comments we received:

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

“I’ve listened to numerous lessons on copywriting from some marvelous copywriters and this is probably the best.

David Garfinkel is known as the greatest copywriting teacher. That teleseminar puts Michel right up there on top of the copywriting teaching mountain with David.”

Robert Lehrer

One of the best interviews
I’ve ever heard you do.

“I gotta tell you Michel, this one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard you do… the visual portion really made a big difference as well.

Anyone who wasn’t on the call missed out


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Michel Fortin Round #2… (And this time we get an HOUR of Q & A!)

eric-michel-300w.jpgOn Tuesday, April 24th, Michel Fortin and I held a special webinar…

It was originally only going to be 60 to 90 minutes, but we wound up going for a full TWO HOURS! (And then Gotowebinar pulled the plug on us!)


We are going to be holding a special follow up, “Part 2” call to finish the webinar on Thursday at 7:00 PM Eastern.

PLUS… Michel has offered to do an entire hour of Q & A!

The webinar is limited to only the first 500 (actually 497, because Michel, my assistant and I take up 3 lines.)

And… We already have over 400 people on the notification list for the webinar, so this one is going to fill up FAST.

Click the link below to get full details and lock in your limited spot:


There is simply no other way to get an…


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WOW! (And oops…) Michel shared so much great content we BROKE!

oops.jpgWell guys…

For those of you who were on the call, I’m not quite sure what happened there at the end.

My guess is that because we were going so long we bumped up against some kind of time limit. (The webinar was originally scheduled for 90 min, and it looks like the audio dropped out around the 2 hour point.)

But… MAN! Was Michel on fire or what?!

FANTASTIC content!

And the good news is…

To make up for the “Ooops” we are going to have a Part 2 Webinar, and Michel has offered to do a FULL HOUR of Q&A!

Talk about overdelivering!


To get on the notification list and be the first in line for “Part 2” and the full hour Q&A, simply sign up at the link below:



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