How to Double Your Sales Volume (By improving only by 2.5%…)

Double Sales in 2013I was recently talking with a friend of mine on Facebook, and helping her figure out how to double her sales in 2013, and I thought I’d share the advice I gave her… (Jut in case YOU want to double yours sales this year too!)

Here is what I told her:

To double your business in 2013, we need to focus on 3 main things (at the same time we are putting the systems and procedures in place to handle the growth.)

There are only 3 ways to grow a business:

1. Increase the number of leads (or traffic) you are getting.
2. Increase the conversion/response rate you have with those leads/visitors.
3. Increase the amount of money each buyer spends in each transaction, or increase their frequency of purchase.

That’s it… There are really NO other ways to grow your business. All activities you do should focus on those 3 areas.

While I don’t really sell to or teach in the “Internet Marketing” community any more (I spend 90% of my DOING this stuff, and only 10% “teaching” it), I have a small, hand-picked group of clients that I still do personal 1-on-1 coaching with, and my main focus with them is in these 3 areas.

This is how I can offer new members to my Platinum coaching program what I think is the strongest (and gutsiest) guarantee I’ve ever seen anybody offer.

I guarantee them that I will double their sales in their first 12 months working with me, or I’ll work with them for 12 more month free!

And because each of my Platinum’s gets a LOT of my time (minimum of 2 hour+ personal calls each month, unlimited email access AND 3 full day one-on-one visits to their location each year, plus a lot more), that extra free year would cost me a TON of my time and money to pay out!

But my secret is, this has NEVER been a problem for me to hit because my goal when working with them is to shoot for doubling them in all 3 areas at the same time.

So we focus on:
Doubling traffic and leads
Doubling conversion rates
Doubling lifetime customer value

A “win” in even one of these areas, gets me off the hook for the guarantee, and in most case we hit or exceed the target in all 3 areas!

(My most successful Platinum to date came to me earning $30,000 per month. At the end of 12 months I had him up to $3,000,000+ per month!)

Most people trying to grow their business only focus on 1 of the 3 areas. (Usually if they are “online” it’s just getting more traffic.)

But if you focus on all 3 areas this year, the effect compounds.

A 100% boost in all 3 areas is not a 300% increase, it’s a 800% boost!


If you are currently making $20,000 per month with the following numbers:

20,000 visitors
1% Conversion Rate (20k visitors x 1% CR = 200 sales)
$100 average sale (200 sales x $100 each = $20,000)

If you double each:
40,000 visitors
2% conversion rate (40k visitors x 2% CR = 800 sales)
$200 average sale (800 sales x $200 = $160,000 per month!)

So because of this compounding effect, if you want to double in 2013, all you need is a 25% to 30% boost in each of these 3 areas.

That breaks down to just a 2.5% improvement each month (30% / 12 months).

So if you want to double sales, simply work each month to:
Boost traffic by 2.5%
Boost conversion by 2.5%
Boost average sale/repeat sales by 2.5%

Crazy easy goal to hit when you break it down like that!

Of course if you want specific recommendations in all 3 areas to hit those targets, as you move forward let me know! 😉

You rock! Kick butt (2.5% at a time) in 2013!


Book Recomendation: Change-Friendly Leadership by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan

Change-Friedly LeadershipI rarely recommend products or books on my blog, but after reading it I couldn’t let it go without letting you know about it!

As you’ve probably guessed by the title of my post, the name of the book is:

“Change-Friendly Leadership” by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan

We live in a moment of history when change is so fast-paced that we sometimes see the present only when it’s already starting to disappear.

And such a time requires a special kind of leadership.

Here’s some of what Stephen M.R. Covey said in the book’s foreword:

“A truly splendid book … highly relevant, tremendously insightful, remarkably accessible. Rodger deeply understands the change process and how difficult it is for people and organizations to manage change. This profound understanding gives him an insightful perspective into how to solve it, i.e., ‘how to engage people’s heads, hearts, and hopes.’ Rodger has created a


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Hackersafe Logo and McAffe Secure Seal Test Results Revisited (Does it still help?)

Hacker Sfae Logo

Hacker Safe LogoBecause I was one of the first people to do any serious split and multivariate testing of the Hacker Safe Logo years ago, I’m asked all the time if displaying the seal still boosts conversion rates.

For a while I was reluctant to share some of my later testing results, because Hacker Safe was bought out by McAfee a couple years ago and they changed the logo from being the “Hacker Safe Seal” to the “McAfee Secure Seal”.

My early testing after this change showed a fairly big drop in the conversion boost produced by using the logo/seal on most sites tested.

Don’t get me wrong, even the “McAfee Secure” version still out performed having NO security seal or logo, but the big gains I had seen with the Hacker Safe version had dropped off.

There were a couple reasons for this…

First, the…


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Here is The First and Most Important Step in Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why am I talking about SEO on a “Conversion Blog’?

What many of my readers may be surprised to find out about me is that the whole “Conversion Doctor” brand, represents only a small fraction of my online income.

I spend 90% of my time actually DOING this stuff and only 10% of my time TEACHING it (as you can tell by the few times I’ve posted in the last 6 months.)

So because I sell real-world products in real-world markets, unlike many of the other so-called “guru’s” who have never made a dime selling anything other than “how to make money online” products, I’ve actually had to get good at driving REAL traffic.

(The dirty secret about many “guru’s” is that the ONLY traffic source they have or know how to build is 100% dependent on big, multi-JV partner launches.)

Because of this, I’ve continually stayed on the cutting…


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Are You a Part of The One Act Revolution?

A friend of mine recently posted a powerful, inspiring video.

(Nothing for sale… Just good ‘ol inspiration!)

But before you watch it…

I want to share a powerful, true story. I hope it inspires you, brightens the remainder of your day, then illuminates the rest of your holiday season.

It’s the story of a young man, Rick Hoyt, born in 1971. Rick’s suffering started at birth. Lack of oxygen left him a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Even though his parents were encouraged by experts to institutionalize him, they refused.

Trust me, this story gets better.

Rick couldn’t walk or speak, but his eyes would follow them around the room. They knew they were “reaching” him. They were determined he would someday communicate with them. It was years before a group of engineers from Tufts University built a computer that allowed Rick to do just that!

His first words were…


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